(Working Title)

Pairing: Link x Sheik

Part: 1/?

Warnings: I don't own Zelda or any of the characters, so there. Oh to all of you wackoes out there who have a problem with yaoi, get out of here and don't tell me Sheik is a guy. I wrote this fic for the specific purpose of putting Link and Sheik together in an original yaoi fanfic (not too much like a lot of get-together fics of this pairing). Thus the yaoi part. Enjoy!

The blond hero rested in the corner of the forgotten and reminiscent. By the window, he stared through the last few years into the eyes of the small, unending Saria, smiling and quiet. Feeling like a near-dead cat in the rain, Link tried to find the open sky in his tree house. Try as he might to search for it, all he found were the eyes of an imaginary love. Tall, lithe, obedient, and wise, this young man crawled across his ceiling, mimicking ministrations of affection. He laughed at himself, holding his sides for fear that his insides would spill forth. "How could I be so immature, to think he could replace the missing elements in me?"

He sat up and held himself. "How could I be so immature?" Slouching into his shoes, he spilt into the day hours after its arrival.

Running between the grains of the day it occurred to him he was heading back to the Temple of Time he visited many days since the end of it all, with a fist full of flowers and grief. He threw them to the grassy plain in settled anger at himself. "Maybe the day will come when I forget you, but it won't be until I die." With this he reclaimed the flowers and paced toward the Temple amidst fog and desperation.