Atop a cliff above the endless sea was a small cave. Casandra sat in the darkness, she was 30 years old. The woman sat facing the mouth of the cave. Casandra watched the dark sky outside the cave and cringed as thunder rumbled. A few moments after the thunder blazes of lightning lit the sky. He would find her, there was no location in which she could hide. Hiding only prevented the inevitable for a while longer. It only gave her the slightest more time with her young infant.

Thunder rumbled again. She had been counting since the last clap and 3 seconds had passed, the storm was upon them. She cooed to her child that seemed to sleep through the loud thunder and the ever growing sound of the rain hitting the rock, as it went from rain to hail and back to rain. She was listening intently and was startled by a flap of wings. Her head shot to the front of the cave as the wings ruffled and fell from her sight behind creatures back.

A figure stood in the mouth of the cave dripping water. His cloths clung to his masculine body, showing her his strength. She would be unable to fight him if she tried. She brought the baby closer to her body. She knew that it wouldn't do much good, but what kind of mother would she be if she didn't try and protect the last thing that her husband and her had made together.

"My dear Casandra, you truly were hard to find." Spoke a masculine voice that she did not recognize. She shivered, partially from the cold wind and partially from fear, as she watched him march slowly closer.

"Your husband, was most unwilling to give me your whereabouts, but no matter in the end I retrieved your location from him." The creature spoke evenly. That was their way, they didn't use tones, or if they did it was hardly noticeable. They were a race of creatures that held no notion of emotion. Emotions were nothing short of a weakness to them. He continued slowly forward. She had nowhere to go and so clutched her baby to her for dear life.

"I won't let you take him! Dorian will not become one of you!" She cried in desperation.

A hand wrapped around her throat so quickly that she felt herself suffocating within moments. She clung to the thought of protecting Dorian and not dropping him. After what seemed like hours she felt the world swaying and her arms becoming limp. She was losing consciousness and try as she may, she would not be able to hold on to her son if the darkness over took her. But without air there was nothing she could do to prevent the inevitable. The darkness began to overcome her more rapidly now and her struggle continued, but she knew she would fail. After a few moments the deamon lifted her from her stoop and help her agonizingly in the air. She managed to hold on to her child for one more brief moment. She chocked for air but the deamon just smiled at her, her death he would enjoy.

"You know very well that your kind is much weaker than my kind. You have outlived most of your species; even your husband could not hold his breath for this long." He spoke sneering. As if heaven had answered her prayers, he released her. She crashed to the floor of the cave in pain, but was alive.

"Your child, will be well taken care of, sadly the same cannot be said for you" Voiced the creature as he walked toward the mouth of the cave.

She sucked air back into her lungs, but knew he still had the advantage over her. She trusted that his threat had not been an idle one. Her life was spared for the moment, but how long that moment would last she did not know. She forced herself to rise from the cavern floor. She winced in pain, but managed to get to her knees, only to fall to the ground once more. One of her legs had broken upon impact with the floor of the cave. She pushed herself up to her knees again, but dispersed her weight, so she wouldn't fall again. From here she began to crawl toward the entrance.

She watched as the figure began walking toward the mouth of the cave. Her child was about to be lost. She couldn't accept this. She knew her husband was dead because of their son, and that drove on her determination. She began to crawl faster, but feared it wouldn't be fast enough.

"Mortor, return Dorian!" She begged. He stopped and turned his head to look at her from the corner of his eye.

"I'm amazed you can still move. I intentionally dropped you to break your bones. How you earth women do surprise me, occasionally. You remind me of a sow when her piglets are in danger." He drawled turning toward her, "But then I never did like the porcine variety."

"Mortor!" Casandra screamed in fright as he raised his right hand in the air.

"Cease calling my name, it will not save your life. The child will be converted! But don't worry you won't live long enough to regret your marriage choice." Mortor walked to the mouth of the cave and held the child out into the rain. The child began to cry as the rain penetrated his blanket. Mortor lowered the child and brought him back into the cave and smiled at the crying boy.

"By order of the Dragon clan, I grant thee wings!" Mortor chanted. He watched at the child's cry became a scream of pain. His smile widened as wings began to sprout from the child's back. Mortor changed his hold on the child. He now held the child at his arms pits. The wings sprouted on his back slowly. They were small, but bat like and spanned twice the length of the child. They were strong and the color of the night sky.

"Dorian!" Casandra cried as she moved to her feet. She stumbled several times, but managed to stay upright. The pain shooting up her body as the bones in her leg shattered even more. She took a few steps toward the now scowling deamon, but faltered and fell harshly to the ground once more. She spat out the murky water she had swallowed upon impact with stone at the mouth of the cave. She watched as Motor's feet disspeared from her sight. She heard his wings overhead and knew her time was spent. Her struggled only increased his joy, but she still had to try and retrieve her child from the deamon spawn. Her husband had not been like that of the rest of his clan, he had been kind, had opened to emotion and loved her. Tears sprang to her eyes as she thought of living without him.

Casandra curled her right hand into a fist and beat it against the slick rock. She would not stop until all the life was removed from her. Dorian was her life and she meant to get him back. She shoved her face out of the puddle and proceeded to roll over on her back. Each try brought about more pain from her leg, but after three tries she managed to hit the ground on her back. She started up into the overcast sky at Mortor holding her son in the rain.

Mortor was bathed in the rain and stared at her with glee in his eyes. The woman on the stone was afraid for her life and that of the child he held in his hands. What wonderful feelings earthlings could bring him. What a life he had chosen, one that had satisfied him from the very beginning. Retrieving the ones that would make the perfect deamons. Then killing the only people in the world that could expose the world he resided in. But then the human race was not into believing deamons lived among them. Very few could see the wings that were on their backs. And generally the ones that could were sent to institutions to keep them out of the public for fear they would hurt other people.

He held the child in one hand and she cringed as the wings of the dammed appeared from the back of her child. It had been true he was the child that would destroy the world. She wrapped her arms around her and let the tears fall from her eyes. She never took here eyes off her child. He was crying and she couldn't go to him. She reached toward him, knowing it would do no good.

The deamon before her held a hand up and a ball of fire appeared in his hand. It steamed as the rain fell on it, but it did not extinguish. She returned her gaze to her son. She would die proud. She held her head up in defiance. A smile appeared on the daemon's face, something that looked to be strain for him. She waited as she saw the fire ball being thrown. As the fire ball headed toward her, tears leaked from her eyes, but she would not close them.

She blinked as the fireball was mere inches from her face. When her eyes opened she was lying on something soft and there was nothing but bight whiteness that she could see.

"Where am I?" She asked not recognizing the place. She must have not felt the ending blow. Although she had been told buring to death was a very painful experience, but then she doubted it had ever been from a deamon.

"Limbo is the closest word that you would understand!" Replied a male voice that sounded soothing.

"Who are you?" She asked. Not daring to move.

"Wryn! I am your guardian angel!" He replied

"So I died. At least I tried to save my son." She sighed feeling defeated.

"You are not dead! You cannot die, not while I am alive anyway. I am your protector. I only wish I could have found your location faster than I did. I may have been able to prevent your injuries." He spoke, with sadness in his voice.

"If I am not dead, then why am I here?" She questioned. She still lay on her back and had no idea as to what her guardian angel, as he called himself, looked like. But she also knew that her child was lost to her now. She did not want to live without him.

"I had to save you from death of course, and since I did not know your exact location, this is the only place that I can transport you to without touching you." He sounded as if he didn't truly know the answer to her question.

"Casandra, why have you not gotten up?" He asked.

"My left leg is broken, Wryn! Mortor broke my leg and was on the verge of killing me when I was transported here. I have done quite a bit of damage to the leg trying to stand on it." Casandra reviled.

"I have healed it for you. It is one of the few gifts that I posses." He spoke.

Casandra tested her leg and felt a slight pain and stiffness, but her previous pain was gone. The bones were not broken any longer.

"Thank you Wryn for saving my life!" She said sitting up.

"It is my duty my lady!" Wryn replied.

"I only wish you could have saved my son, instead of me."

"But Casandra, you are very important to the world, I could not have let you die. I am your guardian angel, not young Dorian's"

"My son was the most important thing in my life, so was my husband. Now they are both gone and my life is nothing without them"

"You are queen; you can't be hard on yourself. You did more than a lot of women have done faced with the creature you fought. He is the vilest creature that roams this world. He lives to steal children and kill their parents. You are the only parent that has ever survived his brutal attack, but then you are the first parent to have actually tried and fight for her child."

"He was my life!" She growled at the man that stood next to her. "He is also the one that will destroy this world" She sighed feeling defeated.


"Don't patronize me Wryn; I foresaw this event, not you, but his being taken as well as my husband's death. In fact I foresaw my own death."

"You are a seer, my lady?" Surprise struck in his voice.

"As has been every woman in my family. The gift of sight is passed from mother to daughter. Unfortunately I will be the final seer, unless by the gift of the gods I am pregnant again."

"Casandra, if your vision didn't come true, that is of your death, is it possible that your vision of your son may be wrong?" Asked Wryn with hope.

"My visions are not fool proof, while only a few have been wrong, most are dead on. I can only hope that my son, when granted his angel, will not kill her."

"At what age does your son receive his angel?"

"I only see a boy, his age is not known to me, but he is a boy and he is easily swayed by his mentor. I am not sure what the guardian is to him, but he is important to the boy that I know."

"Cansadra, we will do our best to change the future you saw for your son." Wryn promised.

Casandra turned to him and looked at him with reverence, "You'd do best not to interfere with fate, and it may deal you a sour hand if you deny the fates what they wish."

Okay here is the first installment of the revamped Angel and Deamon