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An 8 year old Serenity sat on a cloud stroking a black cat that her mother had brought her from the Moon. The black cat held a birthmark of the moon on her forehead, as her mother had called it. Her mother had apologized for not being able to come visit her in person and so sent her this cat as a gift and a friend of the moon she came from, reminding her that she had some place that she would one day be welcomed back to. The cat was larger than earth cats; it was as tall as Serenity. The Goddess had called it a panther, and together they had named it Luna, seeing as she had been born on the Moon.

"Luna, you have been a great friend, making friends here has been difficult. They tell me I am far too young to be doing the things they are doing, and they are not much older than I am. .


"Goddess?" Serenity called as she entered the highest of all female's chambers, in heaven.

"Yes child?" The Goddess spoke as the little child noticed her; she was only 6 years old.

"I was told by Raven, that you wished to see me!"

"Ah, yes indeed, your mother sent you a gift!" The child frowned.

"Mama was supposed to come visit." Serenity began to pout.

"Young child of the Moon, you are too young to understand what it is your mother is going through, but she cannot leave the moon at the present time, she longs to visit you. She misses you terribly!"

"Then why can I not go to the Moon? She forbids my return, is she saddened by me?" Serenity asked as a child would.

"Your mother is very proud of your progress here; you have exceeded much of the other students that are older than you. You are doing very well and are becoming a very fine lady. Trust me when I say that your mother loves you deeply. I wish I could help you understand more, but I do not know exactly what you mother is facing." Spoke the Goddess.

She recalled the garbled connection and the sounds of fighting going on in the back ground. The queen had said that through all efforts she was still unable to locate the enemy's stronghold, but felt that they were coming closer with each passing day. She apologized for not being able to leave, but she would send someone in her place to help ease the loneliness. She had hoped that this animal of the moon kingdom would please the young princess.

"What has my mother brought? I wish to see." Serenity said cheerfully. The Goddess chuckled at the girls' innocence. Children truly had no problem expressing their emotions, if only adults could do the same.

"Here it is!" The Goddess said happily as she held out her hands, for the girl to see. Serena looked into the Goddess beautiful hands and gasped in surprise.

"She brought me a hug?" Serenity wrapped her arms around the goddess and the Goddess returned the gesture, slightly surprised. The Goddess removed her hands from the child and pulled away. A child that was happy for a hug, she truly was please easily.

"That is only one of the gifts, the other is." She stopped held out her hands yet again and a large white orb appeared between them. The white light slowly faded away leaving a black figure that resembled that of a, rather large cat. She then added, "This majestic creature is from the moon, on Earth it is known as a black panther. She has left you up to name it. The background of this feline that I know is that it is a night creature most often seen under the full moon."

"Luna! Mom said she had a black cat named Luna when she was a child. I wish for this one to be named something that mom would like."

"Yes, I believe she had a most remarkable pet named Luna" Replied the Goddess forcing a smile. The advisor to the Queen was also named Luna, and the Goddess doubted that she had ever been a cat. Children could mix things up so easily.

"Mommy told me about the moon, before she had to go back. I just wish mom would tell me why I am not allowed to be on the moon with her. Mom is after all there and I just want to be with her." She said honestly.

"You know quite a bit, but are you sure you wish to name her Luna?"

"Yes, you said that she was found under the full moon on Earth and she is from the Moon."

"I did say something like that; okay let it be known that, this Black Panther is known as Luna!"

"Shall I grant her wings?" Added the Goddess.

"Would you?" Serenity asked beaming with happiness

"Very well!" The Goddess said smiling. She walked over to Luna and placed her hands over her and said, "I Grant thee wings to fly!" Black wings began to form on Luna's body, when they had completely formed the tips turned as white as Serenity's. Serenity jumped up and hugged the Goddess. The goddess was slightly shocked, she had only been kidding, and she had never truly expected the creature to spout wings.

"Thank-you Goddess, they are beautiful, will you tell my mother that I love her and Luna?" Serenity requested.

"Of course I will return the message when next I am able to speak to the queen." The Goddess spoke, covering her mouth quickly.

"Queen? Mom has to have the queen's permission to speak with you?" She asked.

"Yes, the queen is the only one with the ability to communicate with earth. I will forward your message when next I speak with her." The Goddess covered quickly.

"Thank you Goddess, I am grateful to you! Now come on Luna I have a lot to teach you!" With that the child left the room carrying a cat in her arms.

The goddess watched her leave, she was forbidden from telling the young child that she was a princess, due to Selenity being concerned that her child would begin giving orders and demanding to be returned to the moon. Serenity was to be raised as a lady, getting the necessary lessons for a queen, but to be disguised as what a lady would need to know. She disliked having to lie, it was not in her nature and difficult for her to accomplish.

She thought about the child and her pure innocence. How was it that an angel brought to us from the outside world can have the purity of the white wings, when everyone else, excluding certain angels, my husband, and myself have the Silver wings we all worked so hard to obtain? No only that, but that midnight black panther has the tips of the purity! It is all to wonder, although I have never seen another angel who can actually fit those beautiful rare wings either, maybe she is the purest of all humans and angels? I'm glad that the young one managed to maintain the beauty and purity.' She smiled slightly and watched the girl till she could no longer be seen.

End of flash back

"That was a great day, now we have to go to the angel meeting." Serenity said. They flew to the council hall and walked inside and sat in the last row. Most angels feared Luna, because of her size and the fact that most angels did not have pets; they preferred them to live on Earth below. Animals never stayed in the clouds long, they were too innocent, everyone said. But Luna chose to stay with Serenity; she had asked Luna why she didn't wish to go to Earth. Each time the panther looked at her and shook her head and then would cuddle up next to Serenity guaranteeing her that she would always be there.

Serenity watched as everyone entered and left her sitting on the bench alone with Luna. But then there was an angel sitting in the row across from her all alone. Her wings were the color of the night sky down on earth. She tended to avoid other angels and kept to herself. Serenity was a bit fearful of her.

The gavel hit the podium silencing the hall, signaling that the meeting was about to start.

"The reason for today's meeting is to select the angels that have been born to be guardians. It is time for those that have been chosen to ascend to their task and be granted what they have been training for. They have longed for this day and have earned it." Spoke Guard. The angel appoint by the God of the clouds as the one to determine who had the right to do the bidding that was required by the God and Goddess. Of all the angels he was the only angel that held deep brown wing, brown hair and eyes to match. He wore armor that distinguished him as a guardian to that of the God, one of the few that would meet with God and the Goddess when needed. He was held as third to them.

Another Angel Stood from his seat, he had flaming red hair and Blood-velvet colored wings, his eyes were of a golden orange color and flickered with anger. He wore a red robe and had a ruby around his neck.

"We are not here to discuss that, we are here to discuss..." He began to say, but was cut off as a wave of water drenched him.

"Silence! We still have a few years and we have yet to find the right angel, now take your seat and let us do what we must." Said and angel now floating above the rest, she had long draping sky blue hair, deep navy blue wings, and shining sea-blue eyes. She was a tad short reaching to the height of 4'9" tall. She held grace and beauty as well as knowledge that most did not.

"Please Aqua, spare us the water works!" Said the fire angel, as water dripped from his hair and clothing. Aqua glared at the angel she had almost drowned and slowly glided to the ground.

"Well then, Inferno, please spare us your fiery temper." Aqua commanded. As soon as Inferno's face turned in to that of an angry one she turned around and headed to her seat.

"Both of you take your seats, I am the one who decides what will and will not be discussed. This meeting is to determine who will take the places of the one's going to Earth. The counsel has decided that they are ready and it is time to train new tutelages. If you would take your seat, you may even be chosen!" Guard regarded Inferno with a warning look.

Inferno sat down and glowered in anger, evaporating the water he had been drenched in. Like Aqua he could control the element fire, she controlled water.

"Well, let's continue, shall we?" Guard paused and looked from Aqua to Inferno, until they shook their heads, to say he could continue. "Ahem! Any angel who has wings other then the color silver, please stand." Everyone looked around the audience, but somehow missed Serena. Serena along with 10 other people rose. "Ah, 10 have stood and they all have different colored wings, please step up here." He requested. Serena walked into the aisle and headed toward the podium, that caught everyone's attention, considering, there was a panther beside her. They all cowered in their seats. She knew not why they feared her companion, Luna had never even tried to hurt them, she stayed by Serenity's side.

An Angel with Gold wings, silver hair and golden eyes stood and walked over to the young child before she reached the podium.

"How did you get here little one? Theses meetings are only for Angels." Asked the silver eyed Angel.

"I am an angel!" Serenity stated innocently.

"Show me your wings please, I can not see them." She pleaded. Serenity closed her eyes and her white wings lifted up from their place against her matching dress. The whole crowd stared wide-eyed at the young child, who held the pure white wings. "What is your name, young one?" The angel with Gold wings requested. Luna nudged her hand. "And your beautiful friend?" She added smiling.

"I'm Serena and this is Luna. What's your name?" Serenity asked.

"I am called, Rein; I am the angel of Rebirth." Stated Rein.

"Nice to meet you Rein!" Serenity said joyfully. An angel with Navy blue wings stood and walked over to the child.

"And I am Demyse, her husband and the Angel of Death." He stated.

"Nice to meet you; Demyse!" Serena said happily, jumping up and placing her arms around Rein, then around Demyse in hugs. "I have two more friends now Luna, not just you!" Rein and Demyse frowned when Serena said that. An innocent child that did not understand what was occurring and yet here she was. She was far too young to be getting this burden.

But this young angel would not be here if she had not passed the tasks that were required of guardian angels. Poor young one.

"How about Rein and I take you up front now?" Luna followed closely behind Serenity.

"Okay!" Serenity beamed. They walked up to the podium with all eyes on them. Rein looked at all the other Angels standing on stage and decided to leave the child next to the angel with the ice-blue colored wings, Short frost colored hair and deep frozen blue eyes. She was about 5'3" tall and smiled down at the sweet little girl

"Watch her please?" Asked Rein. The

"Of course, no one says no to you and she's adorable with those pigtails." The Frosty haired girl said.

"My mommy said she loved this hairstyle, so I keep it this way, she lives on the Moon with my Papa." The ice-blue winged Angel bent down to look at Serenity.

"Well, that's sweet of you to do that for your mom, Serenity. But people don't live on the Moon anymore."

"My mommy does!" Serenity said.

"Iciy, please, the child speaks the truth that is all that is required of you to know; now we need to continue!" Spoke the Goddess from her seat.

"Yes, Goddess!" Iciy spoke bowing her head in respect.

"What's your name?" Serenity asked.

"Oh, my name is Iciy." She replied smiling sweetly at the young girl.

"It fits; you wings are the color of Ice." Serenity giggled.

"That's true." She paused and looked around and noticed everyone was waiting and continued, "Can we talk after this?" Serenity shook her head yes and stood next to Iciy. Iciy shook her head yes to Guard. Guard turned to everyone.

"These angels here will be our next guardian angels." He turned and faced the group of colored winged angels and stated, "When I point to you, say your name and wing color." They all shook their heads yes.

He pointed to the first one in line.

"My name is Breeze and my wing color is pink. I have the power to control the wind, it's fun" she spoke and a breeze broke through the crowded building.

"I am Iciy and my wing color is Ice-Blue. I have the ability to form ice from water, it comes in handy actually."

"Rage, Red! Fire is a pleasant thing to have in the cold that comes with Ice." Iciy stared at the guy that stood next to her and frowned, she wasn't sure if he was insulting her or not.

"Algae, Green! I have the ability to help things grow"

"I'm Harmony and my wings are a pale purple. I have the ability to help people with music and artist's things; I guess I have a muse power."

"Combat, Grey! I am an excellent strategist and guide to those that need it. "

"I'm Sentry, tan! I have a strong sense of responsibility and can help people to become strong leaders."

"I'm Helia and my wings are Golden. I have the ability to shine light when it is needed in darkness. "

"I'm Hotaru and my wings are black. My ability is unknown, but I have the privilege to try and be of help. "

"I'm Serenity and my wings are as white as the clouds. I have no power that I am aware of, but am happy that I have a chance to help everyone. "She giggled and smiled happily. Luna kept her distance from the people but stayed in close vicinity to the child she had sworn to protect. .

"These are the new guardian angels, show them respect and friendship!"

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