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A/N: This is a poem about Koga and Kagome. He's mourning because Kagome choose Inyuaha instead of him. I think that Koga and Kagome would make a good couple, but it wasn't meant to be. If you read this please review.

The Call Of The Wild

She was beautiful.

She had power.

I wanted to make her my woman.

But there was someone else.

She chose him over me.

But he was lower than me.

She chose the underdog.

I was left out in the rain.

While they enjoyed the shelter of the cave.

I wouldn't treat her like a jerk.

He does.

Why does she keep forgiving him?

She could turn to me and be happy.

If she just gives me a chance.

I wouldn't trot all over her like he does.

She doesn't answer the call of the wild.

She remains with the mutt.

I could make her happy.