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Chapter 10: Pinned

Even though it had been one night in the Aboveground, it had been eight years and three days in the Underground since Nicolle was brought there. She had grown accustomed to her new life in the Underground, forgetting her mother; her whole life in the Aboveground has now vanished. The only thing that she focused on now was her life with the King, acting as his daughter. Though she never really called him father she just referred to him as Sire.

Jareth walked into the castle carrying Sarah in his arms. The goblins were watching like the, Fodders- little is know about this goblin beyond its role as an offensive weapon and teapot. And the Sneeks and Skuells- these are two of the most evil-hearted villains you are likely to come across in the Labyrinth, Sneeks and Skuells have lived as bandits for many years on the edge of the Great Howling Gulf. But today they came to the castle to discuss matters of Gruempy- one of the Snatter Goblins that lives deep in the crevices of the Labyrinth's brickwork. The Snatter Goblins have been annoying the Skuells and Sneeks, because of their Snatter dancing; which is a favorite goblin activity. it involves scampering out of the Labyrinth's brickwork when the moon shines and then scampering back in again with a cry of "Snatterers of the World! Voice your doubts!"

But to continue with the story, Jareth walked past these goblins, as they glared at the limp figure he was holding. As he was holding her, her gray hair was slowly changing to the dark luscious brown it once was. And the wrinkles that once covered her body and face were smoothing away to reveal skin as smooth and soft as silk. Her arthritic hands now back to their youthful form. Jareth continued walking down the hall as the Goblins followed a safe distance away. He brought Sarah to his chamber laying her on the bed. Nicolle soon ran in as he was doing so.

"Sire! What is going on? Who is that girl?" Nicolle asked standing in the doorway waiting to be allowed to enter his chamber. He waved her in as she came closer he spoke.

"She is a girl that I knew a long time ago."

"So why is she here Sire?"

"She has called upon me to help her."

"You mean to take her younger sibling away?"

"No Nicolle not this time there is no, sibling that I am taking away." He turned and looked at her, after smoothing out Sarah's now long and flowing gown that she wore, which replaced her dress from earlier. Nicolle took a good look at her and saw her neck was sliced open. She stepped back.

"Sire, what in my Majesty's name happened here? Why is she bleeding?"

"Nicolle is there not something that you should be doing? I do not want you to see her looking like this. Please leave."

"Yes Sire." She bowed to him before turning around and leaving the chamber. Jareth sat down next to Sarah and pulled off his glove taking her hand in his. With his other hand he stoked her cheek. He tilted his head down and allowed a tear to fall on her lip. He leaned down and kissed her lips softly smudging the tear. He then heard noise from outside the room. He turned and looked to see the Goblins standing there with Nicolle by their side.

"What did I say?! And take these idiots with you…now!" He yelled getting up and slamming his chamber door shut.

"Come on you guys." Nicolle stated taking on of the Goblin's hand and turning to walk away. "This is so unfair! And I have never seen him like this before I wonder what is going on." A bunch of Goblins were talking to each other as they were walking away. And Nicolle could pick up a few sentences that they were saying.

"I can't believe that she is here, after all of these years she is here."

"I don't see why he brought her here to begin with she is trouble I know it."

"Bec, what are they talking about?" Nicolle asked on of the Goblins who she was walking with.

"Do you not know who they are talking about?"

"The girl I would assume."


"So what is so special about her?"

"I dare not tell you, for Master might get upset that I say anything. It, be best that you take it up with him, hummm?"

"Well alright then I think I will."

"Oh but one thing, do not mention you heard them Goblins talking."

"Why not...? And if not then how shall I come about asking him. He will ask where I got the information."

"That is for you to figure out, I do not want to get too involved, the Bog or Eternal Stench is not far from here and I would not like to see it any time soon."

"Okay Bec I promise I will not say anything."

"Good." And Bec scurried away.

Jareth walked into the wash chamber and grabbed a basin filled with warm water. He also took a cloth dipping it into the basin of water. He rung it out and placed it on Sarah's neck. He gently dabbed her neck whipping away the dry blood. He also took a liquid and forced it down her throat. It smelt terrible but if it was going to help Jareth would do anything. He also figured that she was not going to taste it till later because she was not awake. This liquid was going to help heal the wound, and stop the bleeding.

"You are not going to die, not today." Jareth whispered to Sarah quietly, while dabbing the wound with the cloth. He heard a knock at the door. He rolled his eyes and got up to open it, Nicolle was standing in the doorway.

"Sire I have come to talk with you."

"Nicolle right now is not a good time to do that can't you, see that I am busy?"

"Yes, and I am sorry, then I will come back later. But is there anything that I could do for you at this moment." Nicolle asked gazing at him eagerly. He sighed and waved her in.

"Alright you can come in, but you have to promise not to get in the way."

"I promise."

"Good." And she walked in after him. He sat back down on the bed and stroked Sarah's hair. Nicolle just stood in the corner.

"So what would you like me to do, Sire?" She looked to him innocently.

"You know what, I have to do some things, I want you to say here and keep her company. But do not touch her. Understand!"

"Yes." Nicolle answered, a bit frightened because he used such a tone that she had not heard before.

"I will be with you later love." He whispered, into Sarah's ear, than got up from the bed and walk to Nicolle. "I mean it Nicolle do not go near her, just say here and watch her, if she should move I want you to tell me with this." And he handed her a crystal. "Just think of what you want to tell me and I will see it in my own crystal, understand."


"Good." And he walked out of the room.

Nicolle sat down in a chair on the corner of the room looking at Sarah.

"So who are you?" She inquired to the still figure. "Why would Sire be so into you?" She knew that the figure would not be able to answer, but her asking the questions was more like thinking aloud. "I want you know what you are doing here and why the Goblins were talking about you." Hours past and nothing was happening. Nicolle was beginning to regret asking if there was anything that she could do. She was hoping that it would be something exciting and not just sitting there to look at a limp body. Jareth walked in finally, looking to see Nicolle asleep in the chair. He rolled his eyes at her. Then he heard a sound coming from the behind him. He looked to see Sarah moving her arms, and breathing uneasy as though she was having a bad dream. He hit Nicolle to awake her up.

"Why, did you not tell me that she was moving?!"

"She is?"

"Yes look" and he grabbed her arm and pulled her up from the chair and pushed her toward the bed. Nicolle looked to see Sarah moving around in the bed."

"I'm sorry I did not know."

"Because you were sleeping Nicolle, sleeping, you asked if you could help me, and I was hesitant at first. But I let you and you fall asleep on me."

"I'm sorry Sire."

"How could you do this?"

"I said I'm sorry!" Nicolle cried hitting him in the chest and running out of the room.

"Good go I do not want to look at you right now."

"I hate you!" Nicolle yelled back." But Jareth just shrugged it off, taking a seat on the bed. He grabbed her arms and pinned them down to the bed. Sarah's eyes shot open, with a look of fear in her expression. And her body started squirming about. He climbed on the bed and pinned her in between his legs to keep her in place. Then she broke out in to wicked cries, screaming so loud that the windows cracked and shattered to the floor. Gusts of wind blew into the chamber. But Jareth would not move. He knew that Sarah was not awake but this was just a recovering process that she was going to have to go through. And he was going to be there through the whole thing. Nicolle even came running to the chamber and knocked on the door to see if everything was okay, but he would just tell her to go.

Sarah's body started breaking out in red lumps and green emission oozed from the sores on her chest. Jareth conjured shackles to hold her down as he ripped open her gown to reveal her chest. He grabbed another potion and poured it over the sores. They bubbles and white clouds of smoke rose from her skin as it hit the lesions.

"Come on Sarah you can fight through this!" He yelled. Hours passed and she finally calmed down, as was resting easy. Jareth was now pacing the room, not taking his eyes off of her. Every little move that she made he would run by her side and check to see if everything was okay. The only thing that he was really worried about was the next ten and a half weeks of having to keep her pinned down and cleaning her abrasions. Then if…she lives through this experience then everything will be okay, and he can continue on what he has tried to do for years.