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The shadow stayed in the dark, watching with flaming eyes the upper-class and medium-class people walking happily and haughtily in the streets, the women's fans open, while the jewels jingled and the men's laugh were heard everywhere.

Not that somebody cared

'This corruptible city...' it thought '... raises the foreigners and lets its sons and daughters in the mud...'

Moving from the wall, the shadow stood up slowly, looking at its companions, miserable in every way, sitting in the dirt and in their excrements. It was a horrible sight. The shadow walked in the street, trying to clean its face with a sleeve, only dirting it more. The sun enlightened its features and so, we find out that 'it' was a girl covered by a dark and ripped cloak.

She didn't realized she was in the middle of a street until she heard far away a yell, the sound of a carriage arriving, people shifting... The screech of wheels stopping abruptly startled her a bit. "You stupid bitch! Move out of the way immediately!"

The girl started talking with a feeble voice that grew in intensity. "Why... should I move? You can kill me, you know? So many of you have already murdered many of my friends and mates... But it's better the death than live in a city like this!"

The guard who drove the carriage was taken aback. "You idiot git! This is the carriage of our Empereor's youngest son! I'll tell you once again... move before I have to kill you!"

"Stop." said a calm voice, while a hand elegantly stretched out of the carriage's window. A very handsome young man, with long black hair and mischievous violet eyes got out the carriage.

The guard's eyes widened in surprise. "Inuyasha-sama!" The people around them began murmuring.

Violet eyes were laughing, while there was a grin across the prince's face. "Take this girl to the castle... I'll see what to do with her there." The above-mentioned girl, who hadn't been fooled by his good looks, now had a gaping mouth and wide stunned eyes. "Wait!" she exclaimed, "You wouldn't dare! You can't do this!" she yelled angrily. She tried to escape, but four guards stilled her grabbing her arms.

"Oh... I can do this..." Inuyasha smirked "Did you forget? I'm the Empereor's son... So stop struggling and calm down." Then, with a serious look on his face, he told his soldiers "Don't hurt her." "As you wish, Inuyasha-sama."

The girl still fought and screamed, but the prince just ignored her and sat in front of his friend and advisor, Miroku, catching the look he was giving him. "I found the wench interesting, that's why I want her to come at the castle..." "Sure Inuyasha," "Shut up, lecher." "I'm not the one seducing innocent girls and then dumping them. I have only one woman in mind." "Yeah, yeah, I know... your dear Sango is the only girl who really won your affections... But you're still a lecher, don't try to hide it." "I love her... you know I haven't groped any girl but her for a long time." "Oh, she's soooo happy about it." Inuyasha smirked. "You know, your parents won't be too pleased by your choice... She's a servant." "Better than a homeless girl." replied dryly Miroku.

Arrived at the castle, the girl was brought in a huge bathroom, where three servants scrubbed her skin from the dirt and washed her hair: even before she realized it, she found herself all clean and dressed in a plain, blue kimono with sakura flowers on it. Then she was led in a beautiful, rich room: Inuyasha was there, facing one of the big windows, his back to her.

"So... what's your name?" he asked simply.

She frowned. "Don't you know it's impolite not to stare at someone when you're talking to them?" He was amazed by her determination, proud and fearless behavior. So, he turned to face her. He almost chocked: before him there was a goddess with irritated blue eyes, long and shiny black hair and a body... that stimulated his little 'Inuyasha' between his legs.

He neared her and smirked when he saw her stepping back. "So... now can you tell me what your name is?" She was nervous: she didn't like the look in his eyes one bit. "I'm... Kagome." "Kagome... what a beautiful name." he flirted, now a breath apart from her. Inuyasha towered over the girl, catching her between the wall of the room behind her and himself. The prince loved the surprised and afraid look she had across her face: it made her only more alluring.

In a heartbeat he kissed her on the lips: Kagome just stayed here, shocked, letting him devouring her lips, his tongue inside her mouth. Inuyasha grabbed her wrists, then moved his hands up her arms and circled her waist, crushing her to him. He was totally fascinated by her taste and... he wanted more. Even if she was unresponsive, he could feel her shivers of pleasure.

Kagome couldn't believe the feelings racing trought her: his tongue was warm ad stroked lovingly her own. 'Wait... What the hell an I doing? Kissing... NOT, BEING KISSED by a very hot prince who thinks he can do what he wants...' She bit his tongue and slapped him, moving away from his pained figure. "How dare you!" She yelled, so angry that she had a flaming aura around her. Inuyasha stared at her, atonished and helpless, holding his red cheek. Now that she was furious, Kagome was absolutely gorgeous and hot: her eyes flamed with rage, the mouth in a thin line, while her hands clenched in fists.

And now he wanted her more than ever.

He was on his feet in a second, grabbing again her wrists to still her: then, violently, he pushed her against the wall, kissing the girl like there was no tomorrow.

Kagome was stunned and a bit afraid of his strenght. Inuyasha was strong, really strong: she couldn't free herself, even struggling and fighting against his hold. His tongue once again entered her mouth, more agressively this time. No, this time he wasn't going to be gentle.

Taking her wrists in one hand, he stroked her raven mane, dragging is free hand down her back to her bottom: there he squeezed, loving the feel of the young and soft flesh under the kimono. Inuyasha took his mouth from hers and trailed hot kisses down her neck. "Stop..." she pleaded. "Please..." she was crying, tears falling down her cheeks to the floor.

He noticed that: so, shocked, he stopped and looked at her startled. 'I didn't want to hurt her.' he thought. "Shhh... calm down Kagome... " He tried to comfort her, letting go of her wrists and hugging her to him, stroking her back. With his sleeve he dried her tears. 'Why do I care? Why I'm comforting her?' He couldn't understand the sudden protectiveness he felt towards this strange girl.

He released her and went to the door: he opened it and called in a loud voice. "Sango!" A girl a bit older than Kagome arrived immediately. "You called, Inuyasha-sama?" "Take Kagome and bring her to the blue room." Sango nodded and watched Kagome walking towards her, with a curious look on her face.

The prince stared at the two girls going away, silently blaming himself: he was the one who caused Kagome's tears. 'But why do I care?' he wondered.

To be continued

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