by Laura-chan

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Yukata: summer kimono.

Kami-sama: God/ Oh my God!


'He has wonderful eyes'

It was true: Inuyasha's eyes were a wonderful violet shade, a strange color, but so beautiful that it reminded her of flowers, violets and lilacs...

And in that moment she was in the perfect position from which she could admire his dark orbs.

His calloused hand was caressing gently her lower back, just over her behind, while the soft spring zephyr moved through their hair. "Are you comfortable?" he asked, amusement barely hidden in his voice, a smile across his face.

Kagome giggled, her cheeks assuming an adorable rose color.

It had been so sudden.

They were talking when he began tickling her, earning little screeches from the girl near him: his quick hands moved from her sides, to her armpits and her neck: but she wasn't going down without a fight.

Hands shot out and began touching him softly, the barest of touch, but making him laugh, he being very ticklish.

The fight went on for a few minutes when they stopped, out of breath, smiling, Kagome over Inuyasha, legs intertwined.

So, there they are!

"So..." Inuyasha asked "...are you going to stay like this forever?" "I might" she answered, a smug smile on her face "I'm comfortable and I have a soft pillow in which I can cuddle... what can I want more?" :AN: A Lucano- ok, it's a stupid Italian advertisement where someone asks: 'What do you want more from life?' and someone else answers 'A Lucano!', which is a drink... - stupid sense of humor:

The prince smirked, eyes glittering. "Maybe... a kiss." Her face flamed "A-a-a kiss?" Kagome reared back, suddenly self-conscious, but he was too fast and grabbed her wrist, tugging her back over him. She gasped, but the sound was drowned by a pair of lips that covered her own.

She sighed as he kissed her, first softly, then with growing passion, the hand on her wrist moving to hold her head to him and the other one wrapping around her waist.

She moaned when he pushed his tongue in her mouth, playing with hers, saliva mixing in their hand around her waist moved to grab her ass, squeezing it, caressing it as his mouth moved to kiss her white neck and shoulder.

Involuntarily she grounded her hips into his, making him pause in his kisses, head thrown back as arousal shot between his legs.

The hand on her ass continued to stroke and squeeze, earning a deep moan and a cry from the girl, who was now moving franticly her hips; his control was slipping away and he let go of her hair to grab her breast, pinching the nipple through the yukata she wore. She almost screamed.

A voice interrupted their heated making out.

"Inuyasha-sama! INUYASHA-SAMA! Where are you?"

Hearing Miroku's voice, they parted immediately, eyes wide, mouth open while trying to breath, chest heaving.

'Oh, KAMI-SAMA! What... what the heck happened? I... I did NOT grounded my hips in his... oh no, I did! Oh, Kami-sama, help me regain my sanity before this too-handsome-for-his-own-good-prince take my virginity! '

'Oh this wasn't good... Thank you Miroku for once! I would have taken her now and here if you hadn't come!'

Inuyasha took a deep breath and called in a loud voice. "I'm here Miroku"

Said man came running. "Have you got an idea about how long I searched for you?" The prince sweatdropped, smiling sheepishly. "Ehm... no" "Well, too long. Your brother is arriving at the Palace and the messanger said that he has... a guest with him." Inuyasha arched an eyebrow "A guest?" "The man said it's a little girl: so, I ordered to prepare a chamber in Sesshoumaru's wing of the Palace, near his room to be exact."

"A little girl..." Now Inuyasha had both his eyebrows raised, eyes open in surprise. "He's become a pedophile?" Miroku and Kagome both choked.

"Well..." Miroku answered, a sweatdrop on his forehead "I don't think so: maybe is one of the children that remained parentless after their village's destruction... But it's strange for him to have taken a little child with him."

"I agree" the prince just nodded, "Well, when he's going to arrive?" "In about 10 minutes... I lost time searching around for you."

"Well... come Kagome: at least you'll get to see Sesshoumaru." Inuyasha said, standing up and extending his hand towards her.

The girl watched it with hesitation: she wasn't going to lie to herself, she was scared and nervous about meeting the Crown Prince. She had heard ... things about him, about how much cruel and stoic and glacial he was. No, she wasn't in a hurry to meet Sesshoumaru.

But Inuyasha was waiting for her to take his hand and she no longer hesitated and went forward to lean her hand over his.

Ruby eyes opened almost instantly as a knock on the door was heard: sound of clothes shifting and a moment later the woman was seated on her bed, a long and beautiful sleeping kimono around her.

"Who is it?" she asked, taking a silver brush and brushing with it her long hair, that had tangled in her agitated sleep.

"Your humble servant, My Lady." A voice on the other side of the door answered.

"I'm not decent: tell me what you have to said and then go away." She snapped, hating to be awaken, especially after an almost sleepless night.

"Mistress, your father announced that he's going to come over tonight; he expect you to be at dinner to welcome him back."

Kagura groaned inwardly: why her bastard of a father couldn't stay away some more weeks?

She smiled weakly: her cousin will be surely glad he was coming back.

"I'll be there: now go away and let me rest. Send my maids around mid-day." "It will be done, My Lady." The fading sound of feet going away was a relief for her, too tired to worry about that evening.

If her father and her cousin decided to go on with that stupid project of theirs, it was going to be a long time before she could rest in peace.

Dark eyes watched as two dozen of Royal Guards moved to form two lines at the sides of the prince and his soldiers: finally, he was back home.

He wasn't going to admit it to anyone but himself, but that month in the countryside, searching for those bandits, had completely exhausted him.

He glanced down at the little girl seated before him in the saddle: she was dirty, but not starving anymore since he had given her some meat to eat, and some hours before she had fell asleep, her dark head leaning back against his stomach.

The horns blew as the harald's voice announced the arrival of 'Sesshoumaru Mikoto, First Prince to the house of Takahashi'. Kami-sama, how annoying! He wanted nothing more than bathe and relax but the people around him were noisy and didn't let him retire.

Leaving his beautiful black horse to a stable boy, he went inside the palace, always followed by men and ladies of the court: he was on the verge of shouting when he caught a glimpse of his brother, coming towards him.

"Hello brother." He said, nodding his head in his direction. "Welcome back home." Inuyasha said, relieved that he wouldn't have that much work to do. Then, his eyes turned to the little girl in his brother's arms.

"So, this is the child you picked up, ne?" "She was with those bandits: apparently, they wanted to sell her." Inuyasha grimaced, but said nothing.

Behind him a gasp was heard.


(To Be Continued)

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