A Birthday Wish

by: alternativelyspliced

Disclaimer: All you recognize does not belong to me, but to JKR and those relevant associates of hers. I also mean no disrespect to her characters or the Harry Potter universe. I have been bewitched by this world and just want to play for a while. J

The Phantom of the Opera is also not mine… just thought I'd let you know in case you were confused.

Warning: Spoilers for OotP (Book 5) and all others previous. This is my denial taking shape as a story.

The Phantom of the Opera

Wishing You Were Somehow Here Again

You were once
my one companion ...
you were all
that mattered ...
You were once
a friend and father -
then my world
was shattered ...

Wishing you were
somehow here again ...
wishing you were
somehow near ...
Sometimes it seemed
if I just dreamed,
somehow you would
be here ...

Wishing I could
hear your voice again ...
knowing that I
never would ...
Dreaming of you
won't help me to do
all that you dreamed
I could ...

Passing bells
and sculpted angels,
cold and monumental,
seem, for you,
the wrong companions -
you were warm and gentle ...

Too many years
fighting back tears ...
Why can't the past
just die ...?

Wishing you were
somehow here again ...
knowing we must
say goodbye ...
Try to forgive ...
teach me to live ...
give me the strength
to try ...

No more memories,
no more silent tears ...
No more gazing across
the wasted years ...
Help me say

Chapter 1:

The black haired boy looked over the four owls that had just flown thought the window and landed on his bed. He knew they carried birthday gifts for him, but Harry Potter was unusual in the fact that he never looked forward to his birthday, and that was never as true as this year. His recently gained, and lost, godfather was occupying his mind this night like so many others. With a sigh he decided to open his gifts. His friends did care for him, after all; he just had to keep reminding himself of that fact.

The snowy owl, his own, was carrying a package from Hermione, one of his two best friends. Pig, Ron's owl, managed with a surprisingly large package for the minute owl; his enthusiasm seemed to make up for the lack of size. A tawny, clearly Hogwart's owl, was from Hagrid. The last was a scruffy looking owl Harry recognized as Remus Lupin's. He'd gotten used to that one over the summer.

He opened Ron's first, knowing there would be food included. Despite the Order of the Phoenix's warning at the end of last term, the Dursleys treatment had been horrible at best. Harry hadn't reported it thus far, because he honestly just didn't care anymore. Inside Harry found meat pies and other edible treats from Mrs. Weasley. Ron gave him an excellent model quidditch set 'With realistic movement!' if he could use his want. He supposed it would be fun during the school year. The letter included read:

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday, mate! I know you can't fully enjoy my gift right now, but it'll be great for practices. I know you'll be back on the team, and maybe even the captain! Mum sent you some food in case the muggles didn't listen to the warning. I told her she was daft to think they wouldn't listen. I've got gnome duty for two weeks… Hope to hear from you soon! We'll get you out when we can.


Next he opened Hagrid's. It was a pair of new, reinforced, dragonhide gloves with a matching dragonhide safety apron. There was also a package of owl treats for Hedwig. He read the very short note:

Happy Birthday, Harry!

Just wait'll you see what I've got planned for class this year! –Hagrid

That didn't sound very good. The more exciting Hagrid thought something was, usually translated into more dangerous the creature.

Next he opened Hermione's gift. It was a small cake with sixteen muggle candles and a matchbox.

Dear Harry,

Happy Birthday, and I do hope that you're doing well. I've included candles and matches so you can make a birthday wish. Be careful and see you soon, hopefully!

~Love from, Hermione

Harry was slightly surprised at the lack of books involved in her gift and laughed at the thought of her shocked face if he told her so.

The last was just a rather large envelope from Remus Lupin. Inside was a letter, a picture, and a key. The picture was of Harry and Sirius during Christmas the previous year. Harry's eyes were stinging badly, but he choked back the threatening tears so he could read the letter.

Dear Harry,

I hope your birthday is going well, although I'm sure it's no more than an hour into it by now. You should go to bed earlier! Just kidding, stay up, it's summer! Anyway, I've sent you the picture because Sirius wanted to give it to you. I don't want to get you down, but I'm positive you've already been thinking about him tonight, so I thought the picture may actually help a bit. I know it's been terrible for you this past month or so, and I just want to say again that I'm here for you. I won't pretend to understand your loss; I know it's different from mine, but I want you to know I'll listen or talk or just sit with you if you need. Right, now the key is for Sirius's Gringotts vault. Whenever you're ready, I'll take you. There's no hurry for this to happen, just tell me when you want to go. As for your gift from me, I welcome you to come stay with me for the remainder of the summer (except some time at the Burros, of course). If you do not wish to accept this gift, I won't be offended, but I'll find something else to give you instead. Write back with your decision tomorrow or when you're ready.

~Love, Remus

Harry stared at the picture for a long while. When two o'clock in the morning rolled around Harry decided to set up his cake and candles. He made them in the shape of an 'S' and lit them. He closed his eyes tightly and concentrated with everything he had left and thought, "I wish Sirius was alive and free." He repeated this over and over in his head as he opened his eyes and blew out tall the candles in one breath. He ate a very small piece of cake and went to bed. In the morning the Dursleys wouldn't care if it's his birthday or not, he still had chores to do.

After a rough night of terrible nightmares and little sleep, Harry woke up and headed for the kitchen to make breakfast. Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon were already there and grumbled orders for eggs and bacon. Dudley would be down soon, judging from the rolls of thunder overhead. Harry put two frying pans on the stove and began preparing the fried eggs and bacon while his uncle read the paper and his aunt complained about several world issues that all managed to be Harry's fault in some way or another.

All of a sudden, there was a sheik and a cry of "Vermin!" from aunt Petunia. She stood on her chair and looked wildly about the room.

Vernon, who took a minute to catch on, shouted, "Boy! Kill that thing and clean the house! We aren't going to stand for your second rate cleaning when it leads to an infestation!"

Harry, in the meanwhile, grabbed the nearest pan and banged it over the head of a rat. A very familiar looking rat. Impossible. Death eaters can't get near me here. Dumbledore said… wait, Dumbledore! I have to do something. Harry left, with his aunt and uncle still yelling and screaming hysterically at him and made his way to his bedroom with the unconscious ran dangling from his hand by the tail. Once inside he threw the rat into Hedwig's cage and closed it. Hedwig eyed him disapprovingly from the window sill. Harry knew that almost all owl cages had unbreakable charms on them already, so he wouldn't have to use magic, yet, to contain the rat. He'd found this bit of information out in his second year after and eventful trip in a flying car, when Hedwig's cage should have been broken many times. Harry locked the cage with a metal coat hanger (sure the rat couldn't chew through it) and tried to figure out what he could write to Dumbledore without giving much away.

Before he got the cover off the ink well, there was another scream downstairs. Prepared for the wost, Harry grabbed his wand and headed out the door. His oversized cousin was standing, petrified, at the top of the stairs. Harry was about to ask if Dudley knew what was going on when a large, shaggy, black dog ran up the stairs and bowled him over. The dog ran straight into Harry's room. In shock Harry followed. There, next to the caged rat, was a most familiar looking dog. After convincing himself for a few moments that it was just a stray, the dog changed form and was replace by a man. All thoughts vanished from his head as Harry fainted and the world went black.