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Chapter Five: A Last Recall (Final Chapter)

We all rushed to the gate and waited for the mafia to start fighting. Of course, they did and we went on defense for a while. Belle flew up onto the roof and shot some water at 'em as I did the same with fire. Gambit, Piotr, and Sabertooth were on defense. Suddenly, a scream from Belle broke my concentration. I turned around just enough to see her and noticed she had been shot in the leg. She blinked several times then fell from the roof. I raced over, ignoring the mafia firing their shots and keep her off of the ground. Belle keep herself in a fetal position in my arms, forcing herself to not whine. I kissed her lightly and saw Remy coming over to us. He seemed devastated almost as much as I did for some reason.

"It's gonna be okay." I said.

Belle opened her eyes and turned then screamed again. My eyes moved away from hers as a mafia member snatched her from my arms and leapt back farther than I've seen anyway. I looked down and noticed a blood trailing from Belle as the man held her tight. She was now knocked out cold, not realizing what was happening. I went over, hopin' ta pop 'im one. Then suddenly, he removed something out of his pocket and slammed it against the ground. Smoke of different colors swelled up. The only last words I heard through our coughing was: "I'll see y' soon, Remy."


Since two hours ago, I've still been wondering where Belle was. Or who that guy was and how did he know Remy. Or even why Remy seemed WAY too attached ta Belle. Removing my thoughts for the moment, I focused on the lighter I've been cradling in my hands. Rogue and the othas have been searching for a while now, and Magneto's still hell-bent on gettin' hold on the mafia then get Belle back. The felt something warm slide down my face as I threw the lighter towards the wall, making a hole. I could neva get this situation offa my mind. Remy hasn't really said anything besides the messages. Rogue's been a great help. And well, Sabertooth is a different story. But the question was, would I eva see Belle again?

**************** (After Two Months)

For two months straight, Pyro has never seen Belle. The acolytes, X- Men, and brotherhood have tried but there were no signs. Magneto and Professor Xavier managed to get the mafia taken in, but they revealed to them that never stole a young girl with chocolate brown hair and olive green eyes. After Magneto came back, Remy went off to Louisiana for a trip to his family and didn't return until 4 months later, seeming happier than usual. But why?

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