When Friends Say Goodbye

By AquaMoon

Disclaimer: I bring horror to Legend of Zelda fanfics! How could a person like me, own such a great game!?

A/N: No, it's not romance. It focuses on Mido and Saria's FRIENDSHIP. Also, I wrote this a while ago so I don't remember how stupid I was…

The sky was foggy and the sun was barely visible, as usual. Almost seven years have past since Link left the forest. Since then, Mido and Saria became closer and Mido started to show a little bit of a softer side to him, instead of his 'bossy butt-head' personality. But as much as Mido wished, he knew that he could never replace Link when it came to Saria's feelings.

Saria ran towards Mido's house. She knocked on the wooden door and Mido answered it. "Good morning!" Saria said and smiled. Mido yawned, "Saria? What are you doing here?" Then he mumbled, "Not that I mind…" "What?" Saria asked, not hearing what Mido said in that last part. "Oh, nothing!" the freckle faced boy grinned. The emerald green clothed girl's face saddened. "Mido," she said, "the forest spirits ave summoned me. As one of the sages, I must go." "So, you'll just go and come back!" Mido commented. Saria looked down and said, "It's not that simple. I'm one of the seven sages that were born to protect the Sacred Realm of Hyrule." Mido was sort of confused. "Yeah…and?" "Mido…I have a feeling that I may never see you again…" Saria said with very sad eyes. Mido's heart was starting to break. He was trying to fight back the tears that were threatening to burst out. "No! You can't! You don't have to go! You can't or we'll miss you too much." he shouted. "Mido, if I don't go, the outside world and the forest will be destroyed. But…please promise me something." she calmly said. "What? Anything. I'll do it." Mido sobbed. "I know that Link will come back someday. Promise me you will tell him my true feelings for him." Saria said. 'Damn! She's turning this into another, 'I love Link' thing!' Mido thought, 'What about my feelings? Yeah, what about them!?' Saria hugged Mido and started to leave. "I must go. Goodbye!" she said. "Saria, wait!" Saria turned around. Mido started studdering, "I-I love you!" Saria looked into the depressed Kokiri's eyes. She did not return his feelings, but looked at him sympathetically and said, "I must go. Please keep your promise." And with tears in both of their eyes, Saria left, never to return again.