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~*~*~*~*~ Chapter one ~*~*~

I'm sure that the heart I left behind still lies hidden in the heart of the deep, deep forest.

Exhausted, without the strength to search people vanish into the infinite darkness.

If it's so small, I wonder if I can see it even now?

As we live on, we lose a little bit more. Shrouded in falsehoods and lies, we stand frozen to the spot, unable to cry out

The days pass by and change, without us even realizing how blue the sky really is.

Overcoming that made-up scheme, we live the present, and our rusted hearts begin to beat again!

If we can find the rhythm of time, we can fly once again

We live our lives wandering to the ends of the earth. Believing (in you?), now I begin my journey with you, in search of the light.

As we live on, we lose a little bit more. Shrouded in falsehoods and lies, we stand frozen to the spot, unable to cry out

We live our lives wandering to the ends of the earth. Closing off the way back, we walk on for eternity.

We live our lives standing frozen to the spot, unable to cry out, for eternity...

A bored Kagome flopped onto her bed. Her black hair spread onto the light covers underneath her, She had her green and white school uniform. Her Blue eyes looked sleepily up at the sealing. She slowly closed her eyes and drifted off into a dream as the radio played softly.

Hours had gone by till Kagome's alarm clock went off and Kagome almost jumped into the air.

"Neh! Neh!" She looked around then to her alarm clock and smiled sheepishly.

"Oh no I'm late! Inu-Yasha's going to kill me!" She frowned at the thought of the hanyou. She rushed herself and grabbed her bag and put everything that would be needed. She ran down stairs to her surprise the lights in the house where off and no one was around she looked at a clock and it WAS late. After a while she decided that she had to go so she sneaked through the house and to the door and slipped through.

Once she was outside she didn't have to worry as much. She moved a hand to her hair and ran her fingers through it.

'I should have left a note but I guess its ok mom will know where I am.' Kagome slightly smiled as she headed over to the well she looked at the sacred tree for a while then walked again.

'I am now so use to having to travel between worlds and not being able to be a normal school girl.'

Once she reached the doors to where the well was she opened it silently trying not to let it creak to much. 'I didn't know how creepy it was at night.' A shiver spread through Kagome's body as she went down the stairs to the well she looked inside and then she sat on the side swinging her legs over the side and jumped in. The familiar blue warm light wrapped around Kagome pulling her into another time.

Soon her feet felt firm ground and she looked up. There was no longer a wooden roof but now the night sky. Kagome climbed out of the well and was greeted by a slightly cold breeze.

'Its kinda cold it is very nice here.' As she thought this she looked up to the stars which if you where in Tokyo you could not see very well. The lights from the city mostly ruined the view. When she was out of the well she looked at the sky for a while.

"I wonder how everyone is." Kagome said softly and started to walk she decided to take a short cut through the forest. She looked around loving the smell and soft sounds around her the stars and moon lighting where she was going.

She stopped when she heard two familiar voices one was male the other was female. Kagome hid behind a tree and looked to see whom it was. Her blue eyes widened in shock it was Inu-Yasha and in his arms was Kikyu. Kagome raised a trembling hand to her lips and turned so her back would be against the tree. Kagome looked at the ground through watery eyes.

'Inu-Yasha still loves Kikyu.' the thought made her cry even harder. She moved silently away not wanting to see anymore they hadn't heard her and that was a good thing.

She dragged her feet slightly. 'I'm acting like such a child.' she kept walking not really paying attention to where she was going till she stumbled onto something small a soft when she looked it was a young girl.

"NEH! Gomen!" Kagome moved over to the small girl and helped her.

"Rin's hurt." The little girl looked at Kagome with big eyes. She pointed to her leg which had cut all over it. Kagome smiled sweetly at the young girl and moved the stray strands of black hair that where on the young girls face. Rin had on a little orange kimono on with her black hair that came a little past her shoulders but some of it was put into a ponytail to the side.

"Poor thing." Kagome moved Rin over to her own lap and took her yellow backpack off and looked through it for a moment till she found what she was looking for.

"Is your name Rin?" Kagome asked the girl sweetly.

"Hai! Rin is Rin." Rin gave Kagome a large kawaii grin.

"And my name is Kagome."

"Is Kagome going to help Rin?"

Kagome nodded and started to help clean up Rin's cuts and once she was done she smiled at Rin.

"There Rin! I finished!"

"Arigato Ka-chan!" Kagome looked at the little girl surprised then smiled at the nickname and laughed lightly putting what she had seen earlier to the back of her mind.

"Who takes care of you Rin-chan?"

"Sesshomaru-sama" The small girl smiled. Kagome stared at Rin.

"Ses-Sesshomaru!" Rin nodded at the question.

"Rin." A soft voice came from behind Kagome and Rin. Kagome's eyes met with deadly yellow eyes, The eyes belonged to no other then to Inu-Yasha's half brother Sesshomaru a full blooded Demon, but the voice didn't belong to him. The voice belonged to a female to the side of him closer to Kagome and Rin.

Rin stumbled off of Kagome's lap and to the female.

"Kaguya-chan!" Rin smiled up at the young women who returned her smile.

The one named Kaguya was very angelic looking. Kaguya was pale with bright emerald eyes a red small stone on her forehead looking a lot like a shard of the jewel. She had two parts of hair in front of her ears a lot like Inu-Yasha but longer. Her Raven hair was longer then Sesshomaru's reaching past her knees. She had a lovely Kimono, which was white. She had pointed ears like a demon.

"Kaguya-chan! This is Ka-chan! Ka-chan helped Rin!" Kaguya smiled at Rin then looked at Kagome.

"Arigato..for helping Rin." She picked up Rin and held her to her own chest. The moonlight made it look like Rin was being held by a angel.

"I am Kaguya a moon demon." her pink lips curved into a sweet smile.

Sesshomaru glared at Kagome recognizing her.

"You travel with my half brother." They all turned to Sesshomaru who had been silent the whole time.

Kagome looked at Sesshomaru in fear and Rin noticed that Kagome was scared so Rin went over to Sesshomaru.

"Sesshomaru-sama Ka-chan no do anything wrong." Rin tugged at his sleeve.

Sesshomaru did not want Rin to see someone being killed so he turned on his heels to leave.

"Lets go Rin." Rin went over to Kaguya and took the female demons hand and walked with her.

Sesshomaru thought for a while then had a idea. 'This is low but mite as well.' He turned to Kagome.

"You'll be coming with us." As Kagome was going to protest Sesshomaru lifted his only arm up to reveal his claws which where now dripping with Poisson.

Kaguya moved closer to Kagome. "Just do as he says and death will not come for you." She whispered a little higher then a whisper.

'This is just not my night first with being late then seeing Inu-Yasha and Kikyu together then being kidnapped by his half brother Sesshomaru. Will Inu-Yasha even come for me? Or will he stay with Kikyu.' The thought lingered in her head. 'I'll just keep this girl around till I can get Inu-Yasha to come out then all kill him and if needed his female.' He looked on ahead his face cold and never changing.

The group was walking in the opposite direction of where The others where.

~*~*~*~*~*~ Authors ending note:

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