Authors note:

Its been over a year since I updated I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO SORRY! gets on floor bows I DO CARE ABOUT YOU GUYS! I have been very busy with my last year of high school and also designing clothes ;; (Gothic lolita takes up my life LOL) well I WILL be getting back to this story soon I have to get back into the mood though its been such a long time that I have been away so you may be able to tell that my writing style has changed and the story sounds a little different. I will try my best to keep the story true! I will HOPE to be getting more of the chapters up so please when I get it up review! And help -;;;;; thank you so much!


The story is meant to be a Sessh/Kag fic it will most likely be a longer fic since I don't want the characters to seem TO OC ;; that's not very good.