When he woke he felt strangely energetic and he knew that the Minnesota Air was the best thing for him in this state. He changed into swimming shorts that were thankfully knee length before creeping around the cabin. The dogs were still fast asleep so he crept past them before opening the door and sprinting out and diving at a run into the lake. The water was quite warm for the time of year so he swam around and dived into the depths of the lake. T-Man had been very correct when he had said that there were no fish in the lake. If there was Jack wouldn't be able to swim in it. he had been planning to get some fish then have a pool built but realised that he really didn't wasn't to spoil the beauty of his Grandpa's cabin with a swimming pool. He hauled himself out of the lake and stood watching the sun rise higher over the trees. He never heard his assailant sneak up behind him, but realised that he was there when he was pushed back into the lake. He turned and grinned at his elderly neighbour, Jock. After grinning at Jock and then once again hauling himself out of the lake Jack turned to Jock

"Hey Jock what can I do for you?" The younger man asked. Jock smiled and in his deep Scots brogue said

"Hey ya Jonathan you rouge, you haven't been up here in months, what's kept ya son?"

"Sorry Jock" Jack said easily slipping into his families native brogue of Irish "Things came up at work I really couldn't get away for decent amount of time. But I'm here now for awhile so I can be at your beckon call my fine friend"

Jock grinned at the crazy Irishman before slinging an arm around Jack's shoulder and said

"Jon I just wanted to check that you were okay and that nothing had happened to you. The guys worry about you, running around this planet getting shot at."

"Hey I haven't actually got shot in years." Jack said smiling. Jock grinned and turned away from the lake.

"I'll see you tonight at the pub" He said over his shoulder to the smiling Irishman. Jack shook his head before heading back inside and looking around his cabin. The walls were lined with book cases full of fiction and non fiction books, there were his hockey trophies and a selection of his medals, his favourite hockey stick was standing by the entrance to the kitchen. The dogs were lying in the doorway waiting for Jack to feed them.

"Common you two" He said as he stepped over them to give them their morning feed. He as just about to get his own breakfast as the phone rang.


"Jack. Oh thanks God your there. There's been an accident its Sam" Janet said crying down the phone.

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