Seven months after he proposed Jack was standing at the front of the church waiting for his bride to arrive. Daniel and Teal'c were his best men, both standing by his side in tuxedos. Jack and all the other Air Force officers were in their Formal Dress uniform. They had swords, tails on their dark blue jackets. The jackets stopped at their waists. White slacks, with a red and blue stripe down the outside of the leg, cummerbunds and all the medals that they had accumulated. Jack was jiggling around and playing with the collar of his shirt.

"Dr Jackson, if he pulls at that again restrain him" General Hammond called. Those in the church laughed as Jack looked sheepish. He was nervous that a young, smart beautiful woman like Sam could really love him. J.J. was with General Hammond and General Ryan, who had come to see the two marry. There was also the President of the United States in the church.

"You ready Sammie?" Jake said, looking at his daughter. She was positively glowing. She smiled at him and he said

"Lets get you married to that Flyboy of Yours" He offered her his arms and she took it.

The ceremony passed in a blur for the two officers. Jack had taken Sam up to Minnesota to pick her wedding ring. She had chosen a simple Celtic band for both of them. All of Jack's friends from Minnesota were their, plus Sam's family and Jack's Ex Sara and her other half Toby. Sam's brother Mark wasn't too impressed that Jack was 15 years older than Sam and he hadn't been afraid to tell Jake that.

"Dad he's old enough to be her father"

"Mark stop it, they love one another and have a child together."

"Yeah but he's Black Ops just like Jonas was, look at how that turned out"

"Jack is nothing like Jonas. He is a kind and considerate man. And he loves her far to much to ever hurt her." Mark just frowned. They were getting married in the local church and the reception was being held in the outside grounds of the base, where a marquee had been put up. Sam smiled ad Jack slid her wedding ring onto her finger and voiced his vows. When the vicar told Jack he could do kiss his bride the whole of the SGC section of the church exploded.

"Ladies and Gentlemen I give you General and Mrs Jonathan Angus Jez Josiah O'Neill" Jack pulled a face at his full name. This time everyone smiled. Sam and Jack were congratulated by Jake and all of their friends. They all headed back to the base for the reception. No one was quite sure why but Sam couldn't stop giggling.

"No Giggling" Jack orders

"Yes Sir Right Away Sir" Sam said standing to attention and saluting him. Mark heard the exchange and turned quickly. Luckily he caught the gleam in his brother-in-laws eye and realised that he was only playing with her.

"Don't ask" Jake said. "It's some kind of private Joke."

"When we were trapped in Antarctica we had to share body heat. Well let's just say I got a little excited. Sam accidentally rested her hand on me. I told her it was my side arm and she started giggling. So I said no giggling. It has been a long standing joke." The reception went well and the two newly weds headed off on their honeymoon. Sam had insisted on being taken to Ireland for their honeymoon so Jack willingly complied.

Nine months later they were blessed with twins. Connor, and with Sara and Jacks' permission, Charlie. Their story might not have started with once upon a time but they really did live happily ever after.