"Wyatt!WYATT!"Wyatt awoke with a start,hearing his Aunt Pheobe yelling at him. "What's wrong?"he asked groggily. "Hurry,get out of !"Pheobe said panicked. "What's wrong?Is it a deamon?" "I wish."Pheobe whispered looking awy from her sister's son. "Then what?"Wyatt was beggining to feel edgy himself and his hands began glowing a dark blue - sure signs that he would sprout his force field,which he prided himself upon not doing unless theyre was a deamon closed his eyes and concentrated,and when he looked again at his hands they were back to normal. "You have to see for now."Pheobe said hurridly lifting him up and frog marching him to the attic. "I need you to scry for Piper ."Pheobe said handing him a map and the scrying crystal. "Hah."Wyatt 't they know that he didn't need that crystal?"Here."he said taking her hand orbing them to the place we're his family was. ** "Wyatt..."He heard his name being said and turned around to face his mother who was lieing with blood coming out of her mouth. "Mom!No,please don't die!Please!"he ran and knelt in front of her. "Don't worry about me,because i will never leave you.I'm always with you,every step of the know that you safe,you are strong and you are wise Always,my lovely boy."With that Piper Halliwell died leaving behind a grieving son sisters and world. "Where are you going?"Pheobe asked frantic. "To get some answers."Wyatt said with finality. *** "Wyatt?"The young boy was apprehensive despite his anger as he saw the gold- robed figure approach him. "Who are you?How do you know my name?"Wyatt demanded,temoprarily forgetting that,of course they would know,he was supposed to be the strongest magical being ever the Elders would know that of course. "You don't remember me?"The mjan asked increduosly. "No."Was the curt reply of the teenage boy not in the mood for idal chit- chat. "You mean Piper never told you?" Wyatt could have sworn that he sensed that the robed figure was hurt. Impossiblehe thoughtElders never get hurt.*They* hurt *us*. "No,my mother never told me anything about an Elder."Wyatt said taking a small pleasure at his tone and the man's reaction. "She never told you?"The ELder repeated distantly. "No,she never told me."Wyatt was grinning wanting them to feel as much pain as he was in. "She never told you that i'm your father?"Wyatt stopped grinning. " i would never have belived her anyways,cus i know that she would never have 'shacked up' with an Elder."He replied after a moment using one of his aunt Paige's sayings. The Elder smiled sadly."You sound like Paige." "OK!That's it!Tell me how you know my family?You're an Elder!My family were never on good terms with Elders - especially my mom!Because i know that if she was you would never have let her die!"Wyatt yelled and felt tears prickling at the edge of his eyes,he shut them not wanting to blub infront of his so-called 'father'. "Calm down and Come with me,i'll tell you everything when you're calm." "Calm down?CALM DOWN?You expect me to calm down when - when my - when the Charmed Circle is broken?"Wyatt raged coming as close to saying when my mother's dead' but knew that he shouldn't because then it would be true. ***