Charmed Circle Broken

Chapter Three

Chapter Title: Prue Dedication to: THIS CHAP IS DEDICATED TO Cecily. Thank her she got me inspired! Thanks Cec!

~+~ "Hey Wyatt's right!" Paige exclaimed rifling through the book. "Look at all this! What in the world is a Maradok demon for crying out loud?!" "I have no idea.." Wyatt replied. "So, I say it again, does anyone know where we are?" Phoebe repeated. "I don't know but from the look of it, we'd better have our powers or else we'll be screwed." Wyatt said looking out the window. "What do you - Oh God." Phoebe began to speak until she was struck dumb at the sight of the city before her.

San Francisco which, in their time had been bright, colourful, filled with people in café's, walking dogs and going to work or school. In this time, San Francisco was barren of people, what people Phoebe did see ran quickly from one abandoned, run down, destroyed building to another before quickly disappearing. There were also mini-flying saucers flying around seemingly to stop in front of whatever person they could find. Phoebe stared open mouthed at the city that had been her home for her whole life.

"Somehow Phoebe I don't think we're in our time anymore." Wyatt said breaking Phoebe out of her daze.

"Hey - Who are you?!" All three of the occupants of the attic looked at the speaker. She had short black hair and was wearing jeans with a comfy looking white top with 3 quarter -length sleeves with a green and gold (A/N:Go Wallabies!) flower pattern on it and comfy navy blue loafers. "I was gonna say the same to -" Paige to say but Phoebe cut her off. "Prue?" She whispered uncertainly, her eyes wide. "Yes." Prue answered suspiciously. "Prue.. it's Phoebe."

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