This is a little something that I wrote when I was feeling just really poetic. This is also Serena's point of view on life. This is what Serena is thinking after the battle with beryl and she has just seen her past life that came before her life on the Moon Kingdom. She was in love with Prince Darien in another life and their love was torn apart by the first war of mankind over how their kingdoms should rule. Enjoy.

Heart Ache, Love's Wake

My heart aches with a sadness I could only know. It wreaks my soul with every beat. And yet I know that this pain will mend in untold time. For my heart beats with love for all those whom love me. I love those people without reason or cause and I know they love me the same. But the truth be told, I love the world that our great and mighty God has given us all and hope that we will one day be able to return to the boundless love that he gave us when the world was new and innocent. For our boundless love was shattered by the first war created by man over trivial matters. Love will one day wash these sins away and the heart ache I have now will cease to be.

I know it is a little weird but I thought this up a couple days ago when I was feeling incredibly poetic and I felt like just writing. This is MY poetic masterpiece and NO ONE is allowed to copy it. please ask to use it. I worked hard on this. Thank you.