A/N: It's ba-aack! The inspirations, the 'illogical' pairing-although, in my mind, if nothing negates the pairing, it's logical-and of course, the half-coherent German diatribes. Speaking of which:

Star, danke für die zwölf weiteren Inspirationen. "Bees love you for that reason"? "You've made it easy to love to hate you"? Ich könnte nicht sie wiederholen in der zweiten Fiktion.

^_^ I love my German translator.

Takes place in the same year as "Tricking and Treating," just about a month later.


Inspiration: Poison / A bad haircut / A kangaroo



Fulton stood on the Halls' front stoop, almost as scared as he had ever been. Neither he nor Jesse had said a word about what had happened at Halloween to anyone, but Fulton was still irrationally nervous about spending Thanksgiving with Jesse's family. What if he accidentally let slip one of the events of the previous month? What if they figured it out? What if they hated him?

'Goddammit,' he cursed to himself, 'you're not helping anything by standing out here and freezing your ass off.'

Thankfully, Jesse was the one who answered the door after he'd rung the doorbell. For some reason, the other thirteen-year-old was struggling to suppress laughter; his dark eyes sparkled with tears of mirth and stray snickers managed to escape. "Hi, Fulton," he said, then dropped his voice to a conspiratorial whisper, "Don't say anything, but Terry just got this awful haircut. The barber shaved a couple bald patches out of his hair, and Dad's chasing Terry around the house, threatening to shave him bald."

Fulton grinned, "So, they're distracted?"

Jesse nodded, but he said, "Don't even think it, man. Mom'll show up in three seconds, just watch."

Upon Fulton crossing the threshold, Jesse was proved correct as his mother suddenly waltzed out of the kitchen crying, "Fulton! Hello!" She shifted the mixing bowl she held to her left hand and shook Fulton's enthusiastically. "It's so nice of you to come for Thanksgiving!"

"Hey, Mom, cool it," Jesse intervened, noticing the slightly shell-shocked expression on Fulton's face, "you're spazzing again."

"Am I? I'm sorry, honey." Mrs. Hall smiled apologetically and turned to go back into the kitchen, saying over her shoulder, "Make yourself at home, Fulton, Terry's friends certainly have."

Jesse grabbed Fulton's elbow and led him up the stairs. He was still smiling widely. "See? It's like she has these special censors in her brain that activate when a guest walks in. And Terry had to invite about three of his 'best friends,' so we've got dweeb alert in full effect, Fulton."

"I got ya covered," Fulton told him, "We can slip a little cyanide in their stuffing. No more dweebs."

Jesse lifted an eyebrow, "And /who/ would make an excellent mobster now?"

"We can be mobsters together!" Fulton proclaimed, slinging an arm around Jesse's shoulder and tugging him closer. "It'll be fun, Jess!"

They went into Jesse's room and shut the door. Once their relative solitude was established, Fulton leaned in and placed a soft kiss on Jesse's lips. Jesse smiled again and kissed him back. "If we're gonna be mobsters together, can we off Larson and McGill?"

Fulton chuckled. "Why not? Then we can run away to Australia."

"Australia?" Jesse repeated. "Why Australia?"

"I've always wanted to see real, live koalas...and kangaroos." Fulton replied. Jesse looked at him in silence, trying to determine how serious he was being.

"Dude, have you never been in a zoo?"