TITLE: After Graduation




SUMMARY: After Voldemort has been defeated and the Dream Team graduates what does Albus Dumbledore do?

AUTHOR: Sarhea

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NOTE: Post OotP. Voldemort has been defeated in some fashion left to the readers imagination.

NOTE: In Japan the Senshi were not reborn as Senshi but as witches and were trained as such.




Albus Dumbledore beamed with benign pleasure as he watched the students and staff celebrate the first Halloween after Voldemorts' defeat. Harry had exceeded all expectations by soundly defeating the Dark Lord in his sixth year. After that the wizarding world had celebrated without restraint. A few more months and Harry and his friends would graduate from Hogwarts and go onto bigger things.

Everyone was happy except for one particular wizard. Albus frowned. Severus refused to relax in his vigilance. He continued to aid the Aurors tracking down rogue Death Eaters in his free time. He hadn't changed his teaching style one bit: Severus was still harsh, grumpy, irritable, strict, unbending.

A slow smile crept across the Headmaster's face. Severus deserved a bit of happiness for all he sacrificed for the wizarding world. Someone who would understand and love Severus for who he was, a brilliant wizard with self-esteem issues. The best person to raise a mans' confidence was a partner, a friend, a woman, a lover.


Dumbledore decided on his next project, finding Severus Snape a wife.

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