TITLE: After Graduation

RATING: PG13 - Some imagery.



SUMMARY: After Voldemort has been defeated and the Dream Team graduates what does Albus Dumbledore do?

AUTHOR: Sarhea

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DISCLAIMER: Major characters in this story are owned by their respective creators/companies. I do not make money off writing!

NOTE: Post OotP. Voldemort has been defeated in some fashion left to the readers imagination.

NOTE: In Japan the Senshi were not reborn as Senshi but as witches and were trained as such.


More Shocks


Ron felt slightly queasy. They had just left the Headmistress of Hogwarts, Professor Minerva McGonogall. The password for her office had been 'Black Manx'. She had a Dumbledore look in her eyes and refused to give more detailed answers to the questions from the three alumni.

Right now they were making their way to the Great Hall for dinner making slight detours to reminisce over old haunts. At Hermione's insistence they were in the dungeons walking to their old potions classroom.

A low, husky, very feminine moan broke the silence.

Curious they followed the sounds.

Soft distinctly feminine gasps, panting inhalation. A stifled scream.


A very masculine warm chuckle followed.

The embarrassed but still curious the three followed themselves outside their old potions classroom.

"Really Severus!" The feminine voice was making a strong effort to sound chiding. And failing.

"You did say you wanted to go through everything on your list." The silky tones of their old Potions Professor murmured in teasing tones. "Which one is this?"

A short pause and rustle of paper. "Twenty-three of ninety-five."

"Mmmmm. And how many more left?" The same teasing warm undertones.

The woman giggled. "Haven't counted," she admitted airily. "Besides I keep adding to the list." A pause before she continued in a lower, throatier voice. "Can you tell me this isn't one of your fantasies?"

"Making love in my classroom?" He chuckled seductively. "Once upon a time. But truthfully I have just one fantasy."

"What?" She demanded

"I'm living it." He told her seriously. "I have a wife I love who loves me in turn and children I never thought I would have."

"That's not a fantasy," she scoffed. "That's reality. Don't you have any sexual fantasies you'd like to play out?" She asked in wheedling tones.


Hermione couldn't resist as she peeked into the classroom. The usual formidable form of their old Potions Professor smoothening his usual black robes. His typically stern visage had not aged, in fact he appeared younger, softer, more relaxed from when he taught them. He was talking to a woman whose back was to the door. Her long blonde hair flowed loose nearly to the floor almost veiling the light blue-slate gray robes she wore. The witch moved gracefully without fear or concern reaching out to her husband and lover.

"And not the stuff you think I'll do. What do you want?" Usagi Snape asked softly as she ran her hands through black locks lightly massaging her husband's scalp with the nails of both hands.

He moved away and grabbed her wrists with both hands pulling her closer to him.

"Everything." He told her with brutal honesty.

There was a feral light in his black eyes, a familiar darkness that demanded complete possession that terrified and thrilled. Usagi shivered but did not flinch. This was part of her husband, a part he restrained to please convention. She did not want him to pretend.

"If we spend the summer in Japan there will be no commitments other than the children and old friends. Ami has been talking about visiting her mother. The kids want to meet their other godmothers as well. Minako, Rei and Makoto will be glad to baby-sit." A sly note came into her voice. "Japanese hot springs are a favorite of couples and Setsuna happens to have an interest in Oshito Hot springs Inn."

Severus considered her offer. "Deal."

"Perfect. We can tell the staff at dinner."

The swish and click of a door opening and closing as the couple used the private door hidden in a corner within the carved panels making up the walls of the classroom.

Hermione let out her breath.

"Is that...?" Ron was feeling slightly queasy.

"It is." Hermione replied shortly.

"They were... In a classroom!" Harry knew he sounded like a prude. Hermione giggled.

"And you never used an empty classroom to arrange a private rendezvous? Besides there are no students around and something tells me the staff know what to expect from them. Neville wasn't telling us everything." Hermione challenged looking each of them straight in the eye. They couldn't say otherwise. Hermione sighed. "Well I want to get to dinner and find out exactly how much has changed."

The two Aurors nodded their agreement.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *



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