TITLE: After Graduation




SUMMARY: After Voldemort has been defeated and the Dream Team graduates what does Albus Dumbledore do?

AUTHOR: Sarhea

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NOTE: Post OotP. Voldemort has been defeated in some fashion left to the readers imagination.

NOTE: In Japan the Senshi were not reborn as Senshi but as witches and were trained as such.


Dinner Meetings


Harry was struggling to keep the conversation going with his old flame, Cho Chang. Hermione took pity on him and started talking with Cho Chang instead.

"So, Cho, what do you do?"

Cho smiled in relief. "I took over as Head of Ravenclaw when Filius retired. I'm also the Flying Instructor. Madame Hooch won the lottery and went on a Muggle world cruise." Cho wrinkled her slim nose. "I think it's an idea she got from Usagi."

"Any one new?" Ron asked.

"Well you know your brother Charlie teaches COMC, he's also Gryffindor's Head when Minerva became Headmistress. We have a new Potion Mistress, Gabrielle delaCoeur from Beaubaxtons."

"Anyone else?" Harry asked.

"Minerva hasn't found a Transfiguration teacher so she still teaches it in addition to her Headmistress duties. Severus teaches DADA and is Head of Slytherin as well as Deputy Headmaster. His wife, Usagi, teaches Charms and she took over Hufflepuff Head duties when Rosa went off." Cho smiled. "Usagi is very much like a Hufflepuff, she is very loyal and loving. She told me she wasn't very hardworking when she was younger but now, woah!" Cho laughed "She definitely has a lot on her plate managing her family, classes and House Head responsibilities. One time I asked her how she did it and she told me she was not afraid to ask for help and to receive it."

Hermione toyed with her glass of cider. She hadn't visited the library, her main sanctuary as a student. Madame Helen Pince had been killed during the Death Eater attack on Hogwarts; she had refused to leave the Dark texts behind. Hermione had been the one to find the librarians' body.

"What about the librarian? And mediwitch?" She asked Cho Chang. "Madame Pomfrey retired didn't she?" Hermione didn't say anything out loud about Madame Pince.

Cho nodded. "We have a new librarian, Ami Mizuno. She trained as a mediwitch but was more interested in conducting research. Albus offered her the position of librarian to upgrade the Hogwarts library. She is the one responsible for all the changes and enchanted cross-referencing students use now."

Hermione was impressed. "How did she do it so fast? There must be tens of thousands of books in there."

Cho grinned. "She offered it as extra credit for sixth and seventh years in Usagis' Charms classes. They spent their spare time charming the main stacks while Ami did the more dangerous volumes in the Restricted Section."

"That makes sense." Ron was impressed. "Where is she?"

Cho pointed to a slim shy looking woman with blue-black hair and aquamarine eyes dressed in sapphire blue robes. She wore narrow square lensed glasses like Madame Pince but on her the effect was sexy. She was talking to a delicate looking younger witch with straight black hair, violet eyes and pale skin in purple robes.

"Who is she talking to?" Harry was more interested in the violet eyed beauty.

"Oh, that is Nurse Tomoe, Hotaru Tomoe, our new mediwitch."

"Both Miss Mizuno and Miss Tomoe are Japanese." Hermione noted. "Does Snape's wife know them?"

Cho grinned. "Good observation and deductions Hermione! Usagi, Ami and Hotaru went to magic school together. When Usagi found out about so many positions that needed to be filled she contacted her friends in Japan to ask for recommendations and some of them applied. Ami was getting more interested in the research aspects of academia and Hotaru wanted a change of scene."

A soft growing murmur as several staff members moved towards a newcomer.

"Usagi! You have kept us waiting." Minerva McGonogall spoke in arch tones a knowing twinkle in her eye. "Is Severus still dressing?"

"Minerva!" Soft laughter from the staff present as they moved.

The trio shifted to see what was so special about Usagi Snape.

Harry and Rons' breaths caught as they had their first glimpse of the blonde witch. She was gorgeous with her slim but shapely frame outlined by a fitted dove-gray robe with black cord piping and long sleeves that fitted like a jacket to her waist before flaring open down the front to the floor. Underneath she wore a pair of olive green slacks and black knee-high boots. Her gold hair was arranged in two buns on either side of her head before flowing down past mid thigh in two ponytails. Tiny curling tendrils framed the hairline and coiled in front of her ears. She wore a pair of earrings with bells at the end of two chains that chimed as she moved. The only other jewelry she wore were rings. An emerald and jet studded eternity ring. An opal engagement ring. A classic diamond studded platinum wedding band. What truly shone about her were a pair of brilliant blue eyes, her joyful open smile, and the honest affection she had for everyone.

"Uncle Charlie! Uncle Charlie! Uncle Charlie!"

A pair of identical little girls dressed in leaf green robes, one edged with cream, the other with black, ran into the room. Their shoulder length glossy black hair was secured in two half ponytails and their bright blue eyes heralded mischief as they ran to the COMC Professor. They were followed more sedately by their elder sister Shara wearing traditional closed black robes.

Charlie Weasley knelt down and opened his arms allowing Sakura and Serena Snape to run into his arms.

"That's my girls!" He kissed each of them and stood up carrying one in each arm. Both giggled and kissed him on each cheek.

"My girls?" The familiar dry acerbic tones. "Really Charles, surely it would be easier for you to marry and have children. You have a very good example in your parents."

Charlie grinned. "Maybe. But they won't be Sakura and Serena." He nuzzled each of the little girls who squealed.

The trio turned their attention to the second newcomer. One Potion Master Severus Snape. He was dressed in green-so-black robes over charcoal gray slacks and a black vest. In one arm he carried a black haired black-eyed toddler who was squirming impatiently reaching out to the blonde witch who held out her hands. Fearlessly the toddler wriggled and nearly fell out of his fathers' arms to get to his mother.

"That's my boy." She crooned in low delighted tones to the chortling toddler who snuggled into her embrace.

"Can't blame him for his preferences." The Potions Professor commented dryly. "But he really should start getting used to being carried by others."

Hotaru Tomoes' violet eyes widened. She squealed and rushed through the crowd to render her congratulations hugging the blonde witch and baby in one go before hugging the black haired wizard who responded to her affectionate display with his own warmth.

"You found out?! Congratulations again you two!"

"Is it true Usagi?" Neville asked.

Usagi grinned. "Yes."

"I thought you were happy with four kids." Ami was confused and curious.

Usagi smiled sheepishly. "We didn't exactly plan for it." She frowned. "For some reason standard potions and charms don't work. They become inert very fast."

Ami glanced between the couple. Usagi was blushing vividly at her confession. Severus was looking away determinedly.

"Well, it seems as if the Powers want the two of you to have lots of kids."

"Ammmiii!" Usagi wailed horrified. "Why do you have to be so meeeaaannnn!"

"I'm just teasing Usagi!" Ami giggled and hugged the blonde witch.

Severus coughed discreetly. Everyone turned to listen.

"Usagi is expecting so I want to warn everyone to be prepared for wilder-than-usual mood swings."

The witch in question punched her husbands' arm.

"Oh be quiet Severus! It was just one incident."

"Just one?"

"Okay, maybe five-."

"Five?" Charlie was incredulous. "More like a dozen."

"I have to agree." Hotaru added vigorously. "I can prove you were basically the catalyst for at least a dozen incidents during the course of your previous pregnancies."

"Fine! Gang up on me!" The happy smile belied her sulky words. "I'm too happy to get angry!"

There was a babbling confusion and laughter with much conversation as the staff converged onto the couple to congratulate the couple.

Some minutes later Cho Chang pushed her way to the front and hugged the Charms Mistress and her son in one go.

"Congratulations Usagi." Cho glanced up at Severus whose stern visage had softened into love and contentment. "We also have a few guests for dinner, three alumni who graduated with Neville."

Usagi frowned as she sensed the growing tension in her husband. Quickly she handed her son to Hotaru and moved to give her husband her support.

Cho waved behind her.

"Usagi, Ami, Hotaru, meet Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, and Hermione Granger. Harry and Ron are Aurors. Hermione works in the Experimental Division.

"Harry, Ron, Hermione, meet Usagi Snape, Ami Mizuno, Hotaru Tomoe."

Usagi raised a slim brow and glanced at her husband of nine years. "Sources of stress and tension?" She asked drily.

"A great deal of tension." He answered just as drily before smiling faintly. "Before. Now they are not my responsibility, they are fully fledged members of society and are responsible for their own destinies."

Usagi glanced up and caught the knowing glint in onyx eyes. "Destiny. Such an interesting concept." She held her hand out to Hermione Granger sensing Severus had the least amount of personalized hostility towards the witch. "Hello Miss Granger and welcome to Hogwarts once more. My name is Usagi Snape."

Hermione smiled tentatively and reached out to shake hands with the older witch.

Another bond was forged.

* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

The End.


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