Title : "An eventful trip"

Author : Shadow_Fox

E-Mail : Shadowfox

Rating : PG

Summary : Adam send Shalimar and Brennan to save two young new mutants but something happens before they reach their destination.

Gender : Action/ Romance

Disclaimer : Not mine.

Thanks to Ferae Naturae for helping me to translate my fanfiction from French to English.


- «Brennan, Shalimar I need you in conference room please.»

Shalimar who was training in the dojo, listened to the call coming from her ring, and stopped her training, took a towel and started for the conference room where Adam and Jesse waited for her.

From his part, Brennan was lazy in his room, a book of poetry in the his hand when the call reached him, the time to put back of the order in his holding and he joined the small group.

- « Adam? » He asked coming in the room. « You were looking for us? »

- « Yes, sit please » he says pointing two armchairs in front of him.

Shalimar and Brennan sat down quietly, wondering what wanted Adam to have disturbed them like that, as far as since Jesse was present they could conclude that the business concerned them specifically.

- « At first, I would like Jesse to modifications to modify all your transmitters, before sending to you to on this mission. »

Jesse passed near each of them to take their ring. - « I will return them to you as soon as I'm done, I'll start with yours, that should go fast. » And he quickly went out of the room, letting Adam explain.

- « Good. » He says going to the console of computer. « I have a mission to confide to you both. You will have to go to the Canadian border by plane to help a couple of new mutants. I received some information concerning the arrival of agent's squad of the GSA, in a town situated on the border. Apparently they have had wind of an event placing two persons possessing particular gifts in that area according to witnesses. Obviously the witnesses haven't the slightest idea of the existence of the new mutants, but the GSA quickly made the link and sent its troops to the border, to arrest both implied individuals. » The hands stole above the keyboard for some moments and a map appeared on the screen with a red point in border of the country. He indicated it with his fingertips. « It is here that you're going here. It is necessary to make it fast, we do not know how long it will take for Eckhart's people to get their hands on this couple. My contact sent me their description. It's a question of a young man and his partner who have found themselves in the wrong place at the wrong time. He is an elemental, his element is the fire and she is a feline feral, that's why I'm sending you two.» He tapped for a while longer on his keyboard and two photos appeared. the Two young mutants did not seem particularly aggressive, they were even rather good-looking.

- « Ok. As soon as Jesse returns we set sails.» Answered Brennan getting up.

- « But how are we going to find them? If they know that they have people on their cases, they'll surely going to hide and when we do find them how do we prove to them that we don't mean them any harm?» Asked Shalimar.

- « I count on you Shalimar to find their tracks, we know in which hotel they were in until yesterday in the evening, but since the incident they did not return to it. You will begin by the border. Hopefully there will be some indication or track there which you can follow »

- « Long live my intuition, if I understand. » She says in smiling.

- « Yes, sadly. It is not very flattering for you, but it is the only chance we have to get

their track. » He answered a little bit crestfallen. - « No problems Adam, I was joking. It's part of mutation, it's not a problem. »

Suddenly there is a beep, taking out from Adam's computer and indicating to him the arrival of a communication. He apologised and turned around to listen to the communication. After one or two minutes, he turned back towards Brennan and Shalimar.

- « Change of plan, we haven't a moment to lose, you have to leave at once, my contact has just warned me that the GSA are about to put the hand on our two fugitives. » He says nervously. « Jesse? » He called up in his transmitter. « Have you finished with Brennan and Shalimar's transmitters? »

- « No Adam, I just disconnected to modify them, they won't be ready for a while, but I could not say to you how long. I'll make it as fast as I can. » He answered.

- « Well, we have no choice. You have to leave at once and take Helix, we can stay in contact by radio. You have a supplementary portable radio which is in the survival bag. In case of problem you can use it to contact us. »

- « No problems Adam. » Answered Brennan, with his usual enthusiasm. « Everything will be ok, we are both well trained. I am sure that Shalimar will quickly find them and that before this evening we shall be back. » He says with a smile on his lips, looking at Shalimar.

- « But yes Adam, don't worry. We will keep in touch and we will return you our two young turtledoves for the meal of this evening. » Answered Shalimar by smiling too.

- « Ok, Ok. But be careful! » - « You know us Adam. » Answered Shal.

- « Yes exactly. » A smile being outlined on the face.

TBC. (10 more chapters ready to translate)

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