Disclamer: The characters in Mutant X are not mine, I am only using them in my fiction.

An Eventful trip

I'm sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes you might notice. English is not my native language and I no longer have someone to help me translate from French to English.

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Chapter 20

- " Catch her!" Nasyski yells at Rafe and Al as he straightens up, his finger pointing towards the wide-open door through which the young mutant had just escaped. He turns around and presses the red button above his desk, causing a shrill siren to sound throughout the camp.

Rafe and Al run out after Shalimar, completely out of their stupor. Once outside, they don't know which direction to take, the camp is vast and Shalimar very fast, she is no longer in sight. Suddenly over the howl of the alarm siren, they hear cries and move towards the source.

For his part, Nasyski, opens the door of a metal cabinet and takes out a pistol and a box containing projectiles. He loads the gun and slips it into his pocket before going out after his men.

The soldiers at the camp, all dressed in camouflage fatigues and rangers, find themselves outside the buildings, wondering what the alarm that had triggered the siren could possibly be. Their number grows as time passes, they cluster around each other, a questioning glint in their eyes, asking one and then the other the why and the how. They see Nasyski coming out of his laboratory and are about to question him but he runs off to the side, avoiding them by the same.

On leaving, Nasyski does not see traces of Shalimar or his henchmen, he sees the crowd of soldiers telling him that the young woman had not been there, otherwise they would not be like this.

Just like Rafe and Al a few seconds earlier, he hears screams or noises of a struggle to the left. So he's heading there quickly.

When he arrives, he witnesses a very violent fight but how enjoyable. Shalimar jumps and attacks the soldiers who dared to try to stop her with claws, teeth, growling so much and more in order to impress her opponents. Her phenomenal speed is beyond comprehension and her opponents once again are no match ... already three men are down and the other two are on the verge of succumbing. Rafe and Al try to approach them too…

'She would make an incredible weapon if I could master her' the doctor thought when he saw her like that. He would have believed that the sedative he had injected her would have already worked, but the dose she had received must not be enough and her metabolism much more resistant than expected.

He realizes that she has succeeded in knocking down not only the five soldiers but also that she is about to follow up with Rafe and Al now very close to her. Her hands bleeding, she stares at them in turn, not knowing which one to take first. She therefore waits for one of them to take the first step.

For their part, the two men are suspicious, they know what they are dealing with and do not want to take risks. They advance together, with a slow and measured step, moving away from each other as they go, so as to make two very distinct targets. The young woman's golden gaze sails from Rafe to Al, gauging her chances of beating them in turn.

She then rushes at Al, kicking him hard. He does not flinch under the blow and tries to catch her leg in the process, but the feline is very fast and very nimble, she jumps back to get back into position before he has time to attack. Seeing that her attack had remained ineffective on Al, she turns her gaze to the other target, looking for a way to pass… Just like for Al, she rushes at Rafe and tries to strike him, but the latter, stronger than the soldiers she had just beaten, parries the blow and hits her in the face with a punch. Shalimar falls backwards under the power of the blow, her lip bleeding, but raises her head in defiance in the second! Sticking her tongue out to drip the blood pearling at the corner of her mouth. Her eyes seem to flash, this blow seems to have only increased her determination.

She gets up quickly to face the two men again. Taking advantage of his position, Al has moved closer and the distance between the woman and the two men is slowly narrowing.

Nasyski is still watching, curious to see how the young woman will react after two failed attacks. As a precaution, he takes the gun out of his pocket and holds it ready for use.

Shalimar growls sometimes towards Rafe, sometimes towards Al, not knowing which one to attack… she retreats imperceptibly to keep a certain distance between her and them, her survival instinct taking precedence over her combat instinct. She throws her arms and legs towards one or the other, alternately, hoping to end up touching them, but these are truly impressive in constitution and Shalimar's movements seem to slow down and lose their liveliness and power.

She feels that something is wrong but continues the fight in the hope of escaping, her arms start to feel heavy and her legs have difficulty carrying her, fatigue is overwhelming. She throws nervously look around to find a loophole but Rafe and Al cut her possible retreat behind her stands a wall 2 meters high. She backs up again, preparing to jump over the wall. She lets out a powerful growl at her opponents to impress them, then turns and dashes off. But her body feels heavy… and she cannot reach the desired height. She falls to the ground, on her feet. Quickly gets back into position to face the two men who are very close.

'Apparently the sedative begins to take effect, impressing the time it took to act, surely a question of quantity' Nasyski said to himself, still observing Shalimar ready to fight for her freedom. 'I'm going to help her a bit' he said to himself with a smile on his face. He aims at the young woman and shoots, hitting her in the thigh, almost where the sedative was injected.

Shalimar receives the dart in the thigh, surprised she looks down at the projectile, grabs it and snatches it, throwing it away. She continues to keep her guard as the two men move inexorably closer to her. She throws her arm towards Rafe to hit him but her movement is slow, very slow, too slow. Rafe grabs her by the wrist without her being able to free herself and sends her a second blow in the face, knocking her out.

Shalimar sprawls out on the dusty ground, unconscious.