Title : "An eventful trip"

Author : Shado-Fox

E-Mail : Shadowfox

Rating : PG

Summary : Adam send Shalimar and Brennan to save two young new mutants but something happens before they reach their destination.

Gender : Action/ Romance

Disclaimer : Not mine.

Thanks to Ferae Naturae for helping me to translate my fanfiction from French to English.


Shalimar regained consciousness bit by bit, feeling at once a violent pain on her left- hand side. When she tried to move she realised that her left shoulder was dislocated. She calmed her breathing and tried to channel the pain to be able to think. The memory of events returned to her and she looked immediately for Brennan. She saw him laid out in the snow, still unconscious. She remembers what occurred just before

the crash, Brennan injured himself, had his eyes had been touched by the liquid? Was he still alive? She begins to become aware of her surroundings and notices that she and Brennan are not dressed for an escapade in the mountains. She was in a top and linen trousers and he, a T-shirt and jeans. She had to get back to the carcass of the Helix to call help and find the survival bags containing food, emergency pack and special clothes.

She tried to get up by leaning on her two arms and moaned with pain as she moved the dislocated shoulder. She had to put her shoulder back in place at all costs before anything else. She approached a trunk of a tree and, sliding unsteadily she hit the trunk with the wounded shoulder. At the same time she felt the shock and the lightning pain and she heard the sinister crack of bones returning to place. The shoulder that had been put back in place was very painful. She staggered back towards Brennan, seeing the cloud of vapour escaping from his mouth where he breathed . She had to find somewhere protected from the cold. She returned to the wreck of the Helix and went to the radio to call for help, but there was no response, the radio was out of order. And they had left their transmitters at Sanctuary so that Adam could modify them. How were the others going to find them? If only she had Emma, she could have the possibility of contacting the others telempathically to warn them of what had happened to them and to help the others locate them but no, she had only her not-very-practical feline mutation. Stopping, she retrieved the emergency pack and looked at what there was to dress in more warmly. By staying in town clothes, they risked catching their deaths. She picks up a man's jacket, certainly that of the Jesse or Adam, too small to belong to Brennan.

She quickly stepped out and returned to Brennan who had only just woken.

- « Shal? Shalimar where are you? » He called out, completely terrified.

- « Here I am Brennan! I'm fine, don't move. Wait » she said, still approaching him. She saw that the edges of his eyes were completely burned . Brennan seemed blind .

- « My eyes, I can't see anything, it burns! What's going on? Where are we? » He asked, trying nevertheless to open eyes.

- « Don't you remember what happened? We had a malfunction and the plane began to lose height. Something hit you in the eyes while you were trying to do a quick repair. After that everything was very fast, the plane crashed and a part exploded and we were thrown clear. We both lost consciousness, I don't know for how long. »

- « The plane? In what state is it in? The radio? We need to try and contact Sanctuary! »

- « The radio is out of order and the plane too. I found an emergency pack with some food and the medical kit. I am going to put a bandage on your eyes to avoid an infection. » She said trying desperately to open the medical kit with her good arm. She grit teeth not to shout pain, while tears escaped from her eyes.

- « Shal? Are you OK? » he asked, hearing a weak groan.

- « Yes yes, it is just my shoulder, it's nothing, I put back it in place but it hurts all the same. » She cast off his concern. - « We were lucky all the same. We came out rather well, you a dislocated shoulder and I with damaged eyes. » He said, putting the gauze that Shalimar placed in his

hands on his eyes. He helped her to wrap around the strip of gauze to keep it in place.

- « For you now, I need to bind your arm, otherwise it'll be painful every time you move. Adam will fix you up when we get back to the Sanctuary. » By feel he began to make a sling for her arm. He noticed that she was frozen and only in a top.

- « You're freezing! Didn't you find anything in the plane to protect us from the cold? » He asked, also feeling the effects of the cold.

- « I found a jacket but that's it. We'll have to share it, one of us wear it and then we swap over. »

- « All right. You take it first, you're wearing less than I am. » Shalimar didn't argue and put on the jacket carefully, the slightest movement making her clench her teeth.

- « We are not going to be able to stay here, the rest of the plane could explode any moment. We need to try to find help. Do you think you're going to be able to

move? » She asked.

- « I'll have to. I'll follow you, you'll have to be my eyes. Is it still daylight? »

- « Yes but hardly, the sun is setting and the temperature is going to fall further. We're going to have to find shelter for the night or we're going to freeze to death. »

- « Go on then. The faster we find shelter the better it'll be. »

Shalimar helped him to get up with the strength of her good arm, grimacing at the effort.

- « Give me the emergency pack, I'm going to carry it. » He said, once up.

Shalimar breathed deeply to stem the pain before answering.

- «Yours». She said to him, putting the bag in his hands. «Go on».

Taking advantage of the last of the sunlight, she examined the surroundings, in search of a shelter for night or the presence of civilisation. Seeing nothing, she took Brennan's hand in hers and began to head away from the wreck, taking the direction that seemed to lead down from the mountain. Their progress, slowed down by the thickness of snow, became more and more precarious as the sun disappeared

and the temperature fell. Shalimar, who wore the jacket, still felt the effects of the cold, numbing her pain and allowing her to move more easily. She stopped a moment to turn around towards Brennan.

- « It is almost dark, and the temperature is falling very fast. » She said. Looking at him closer she sees his lips made blue by the cold. His T- shirt is quite wet and frozen in places. She removes the jacket and puts it on his shoulders.

- « No Shalimar, you have to keep the jacket, don't worry about me, I am not very cold, I can hold on. » He said while taking advantage of the heat that spread through him from the jacket which stored Shalimar's physical heat as well as her scent.

- « I've worn it for an hour, we said that we'd take turns. You are frozen and if you collapse I could not carry you. No argument. » She said, shivering while the last ounces of heat escaped from her clothes.

She used her feline sight to examine the area to find something, but there is nothing, only snow and trees .

- « We are going to have to move again. Will you hold out? »

- « Yes OK. Let's go. » He answers.


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