Caught in the Act

Kaito was good and caught. There was no getting out of this one.

Inspector Nakamori glowered. Kaito quaked. "And what the HELL do you have there?" Nakamori nodded at the target of tonight's mission tight in his hand and folded his arms, waiting for an explanation.

Kaito quickly hid it behind his back. "Nothing?" While Nakamori had never been what one would call a 'father' figure for him. He had kept an eye out for him while he grew up and provided manly advice from time to time. And...this wasn't something he'd been prepared to tell this good Inspector about just yet.

Nakamori was now a towering inferno of rage, his teeth sharp, his veins throbbing. He seemed to grow 10 feet taller as he roared, "KUROBA KAITO, I SAW YOU BUY THOSE CONDOMS! YOU WERE ONLY TWO PEOPLE AHEAD OF ME IN THE DRUG STORE!"

"I swear to god this has nothing to do with Aoko!"

"It doesn't?" The Inspector was clearly not buying this story. And everyone knew that Nakamori had two obsessions. Catching the Kaitou Kid...and protecting his Little Girl.

Kaito waved his hands in denial. "No!" Then he was embarrassed. "You see, there's this guy..." He shrugged and tried not to blush.

Nakamori raised an eyebrow. "A guy?"


"So you're..."


"I see." He stroked his moustache, thoughtful. "Does Aoko know?"

"She practically threw us together."

Nakamori was silent for a moment, processing this information. Then he slapped Kaito hard on the back. "Well then, carry on."

Author's Notes:

1. This was written for the Live Journal meme where someone gave me a pairing and I wrote a 100-500 word story. To tell the truth, this scene has been in my head for awhile. And I figure it takes place somewhere after the sequel to fish.