Alright now, everyone. You know the drill. Don't own peoples from da movie. Except for Caroline. She's like play-dough in my hands, so I can mold her as how I see fit...or maybe cookie dough...

Whatever! Onward we go!


"Get the hell away from me!" screamed Caroline. "You don't know me! Why don't you just shut up! You're not my daddy! You're just some guy my mom met someplace! You're only part of MY family by some stupid marriage papers! Just stay the hell away from me!" As she ran into her room before he could utter a single response, she failed to notice how teary had gotten until she closed her bedroom door. Two seconds later she felt the aftermath of all of her screaming. She went to her bed and sobbed uncontrollably.

Caroline Matilda Stars came home half an hour late from school and her stepfather had gone ballistic. Usually, she never stood up to Bill because he wasn't the best person to come across. Why did her stupid mother have to go and marry some retard she had met while going to get her damn car fixed? She walked over to her window. Bill was the guy that fixed their car. He was a mechanic. Now he works at "TOYS R US." He was fired when he was caught looking through the cars instead of fixing them

Great; she thought quietly to herself. She had stopped crying. Her real dad would come and get her in two days. To her, Friday seemed to take a lot longer to get to than most days she waited for took. She usually wasn't in such a bad mood, but today she wanted nothing more than to go and live with her biological dad. Bill was NOT her dad. Try as he might, he could never be her daddy. She might as well clean her room. It was beginning to look very, very bad.

Despite the fact that she was only seven years old, she knew a lot of things. Like how to take care of herself. Her mother had told her that she had to meet her biological father for something. Her eighth birthday was in two months. Maybe they got into another stupid argument or something. Whatever it was, she didn't know yet.

She heard the door open and lose from downstairs. Oh joyous happy wondrous days! Her mommy was home. She came down the stairs and what she saw was a little confusing. Her real daddy was here. 'Well what's he doing here?' she thought. 'I thought i wasn't going until'