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She's gone. Well not exactly. She's not here though, she's in there. That big hospital room. Sleeping. Well at least that's what I tell Logan and Jeremy. She's really in a coma. I don't know how long this will last, I don't know if she will ever wake up. How do you tell the two people who depend on their mother most that she might never wake up? The thing is you can't. So I do the best I can. I tell them that their mother loves that very much and the doctors are trying to fix her. I love her so much, I just want to hold her and fix her, but I can't. She's sick. Too sick for me too fix her. I visit her everyday with the kids. Its been a week since we had the triplets. They still don't have names. I have no idea what to name them. I want to name my little girl Abigail but I know Abby would kill me if I did that, so I won't but it will be her middle name that I am sure of. I love all 5 of them so much, but I can't do it all by myself, and I can't go on knowing she may never wake up. Logan and Jeremy do not really understand, they have been acting differently though. Logan started kicking and biting other kids in preschool. I thought it would be best to get them back into their normal routine as soon as possible. Jeremy on the other hand doesn't talk to anyone. He shuts himself off, he plays with Alex, who comes over for 2 hours after school everyday. I try to get him to talk but he won't and Logan, has hurt another child in daycare by hitting him over the head with a toy truck, causing bleeding and a trip to the hospital. I have not sent him back yet, so I have kept Jeremy out with him, they have each other. I am taking a while off of work and looking after the kids. I hired a nanny, her name is Kelly, she is 26. Quite nice, I just don't want her help. But Susan forced me to get her. She even interviewed people for the position. Susan and Chuck help out a lot too. They take Logan and Jeremy, on Mondays and Tuesdays and feed them, spend a little time with them. I try to spend time with them, when the triplets are sleeping. I only get a couple hours of sleep a night, and Kelly does not stay over night, she is only a day time nanny which doesn't help for those nights that no one sleeps. I have made it a rule that we visit Abby in the hospital for an hour a day at least, if not more. The boys tell her everything about they're day and how they are feeling so she will know for when she wakes up. The doctors said she can come home in a week. We are going to move, into a bigger house, with 5 bedrooms I hope. One room for Abby, so she can be set up in there, we will have home hospice care for her. I will get a room, my baby girl will get one, and the other room will be for the boys. I can't believe what happened. I miss her so much, she's my fiance. I put the ring on her finger, it shines brightly on her pale skin. I want to shake her or yell in her ear forcing her to wake up. I know none of that will work though, so until she wakes up. I will wait. I will raise the children the best I can, and wait.

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