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Every car that passed him as he walked seemed to be playing some song that hit a chord in his heart that almost drove him mad.

"Tell me why, I can't be there where you are…. There's something missing in my heart…" –Whoosh—

"This has got to be the worst day in the history of the world!" he muttered to himself he walked on hoping to hear something nice like, well something other than teeny bopper stuff that was for sure… Or something equally depressing but helpful to his mood.

He entered his house and stomped up the stairs and fell onto his bed. There wasn't much there. The bed, a dresser that looked like someone was making a prop for Alice in Wonderland considering the lopsidedness of it. Things were littered about everywhere and the place just wasn't in the best of shape. Then again, the place might as well of been condemned. He closed his eyes tight trying not to think about what was going on in the outside world and what COULD be happening if he had just been able to think straight back when everything started. He wouldn't have to start trouble to get a good look at who was plaguing his thoughts. The 'Golden Leader' and 'All Around Great Guy' was though, dating 'Miss Perfect'. Though they were more commonly known as Scott Summers and Jean Grey.

Though sometimes, it looked like he wasn't happy. Like all that time he spent trying to get Jean was a waste because now, he wanted to get rid of her. He tried the same thing with Kitty, though he never actually got Kitty… Which was good. Because he was positive the girl was a leach.

"Great job Alvers… You're officially screwed over," he muttered to himself as he rested his arm over his eyes and tried to sleep. As if to plague him though the last conscious thought he had was 'Though I'll be even more miserable when I wake up because I'll have dreamt of him the whole time...'

Scott was speeding on the roads just outside of Bayville. He was trying to clear his mind and he couldn't. Jean was being more of a pain than she usually was. She'd successfully bashed every mutant that wasn't an X-Men without even trying… All because she found the way that Lance had tried to court Kitty horrible and unorthodox. Needless to say THAT particular fight didn't end well. She'd gotten out of the car at a stoplight and walked to a friend's house. Scott sighed with relief when she was gone. He'd pulled on the highway and turned on the radio to a rock station. It was something that he rarely allowed himself, mostly because the leader associated with the genre of music came to his mind and refused to leave.

Scott pulled into an over look and parked. He climbed on the hood and gazed over the city. There was something that caught his eye. The brotherhood house, had only one light on… "I wonder if it's Lance…" he thought aloud to himself.

Saliva's 'Always' was coming from his stereo and he felt almost used by Jean. Used because all she seemed to want was to be popular. Like he was just another accessory. Scott had morals though, and when he got back to the mansion, he'd break up with her… At least that was until his cell phone rang and it was Miss Perfect herself breaking it off with him because Duncan wanted her back and he was better at being her boyfriend anyway. Okay so those weren't her exact words but that's the way it sounded… Scott focused on the brotherhood house and decided that he had nothing else to loose. Might as well see if he could talk to Lance.

So he climbed back into his car and headed back into town.

Everyone else has left. It's just me and the misery I feel. Todd is off following Wanda, who is off to shop or something… I wasn't paying attention. Fred went to visit someone back where he lived before coming to Bayville and then Pietro was out probably making out by this time with Evan in some park making couples nervous because they were a biracial couple and mutants and to make the crème de la crème, they were both guys.

Goddamn do I envy the two. All it took was being stuck together in a closet at the institute… See, Kitty threw this party, well it was her, Rogue, Kurt, and some of their newbies but still. There was this big party and some random guy who was chasing this girl shoved Pietro in a closet. Then the door got closed on him and it was locked. He was raving mad and banging on the door and yelling, that is until Kitty knocked Evan in as well with her powers. Then there was silence for all of five seconds, before yelling before something someone was saying got muffled and then there were moans and several of the X-Men were cheering before Kitty poked her head in and told them not to go too far in the closet, people had coats in there after all. They were a couple since and in talking to the very happy Pietro, I found out that if they hadn't of split up as kids and become such rivals, they would have been together a long time ago… See! It would have happened sooner or later at anyway…

I'm still doomed to torment.

Wait a minute, what the hell is that sound? Damn it's the door. Who the fuck would that be anyway? Did Todd forget his fucking keys again? Or are they melted because Wanda caught him stalking her? Either way, being the responsible one I am, I go and answer the door.

"Yeah, what do you want?" I ask not even looking at the person.

"I was hoping to talk Alvers…" I freeze before looking up to see Shades himself. The object of my torment, my misery, my fucking dream guy standing in the door.

"About what Summers? I really don't see why you're here anyway damnit…" That's it Lance just keep cool… Is that…wait a damn minute… Is that tobacco I smell on him? No wait, that's the smell that clings to the couch… I was panicking for a moment.

"How much life sucks," Scott answers me bitterly. That's not sarcasm. This boy sounds fucked over… he needs a drink, but he's not one to do that…

Alvers face keeps having these flashes of emotions. He nods and opens the door for me.

"We don't have no damn Institute but hell, it's a place to sit and talk," he tells me shutting the door hard behind me. I nod as he gestures towards the living room. "I'll get you a drink."

"Uh…" I start. NO ALCOHOL! NO!

"I know, nothing that might make you drunk. You got rules to follow. 'Sides, only thing besides beer is water and I figured you CAN drink that," he says sarcastically as he throws me a bottle of NAVA.

"Thanks…" I say sitting down on the sofa. Lance very much without grace falls next to me.

"You say life sucks, Summers… Tell me how."

"Everything about it sucks… Especially Jean…"

"Miss Perfect not as perfect as you thought?"

"Nope… And I'm glad she broke up with me… She beat me to the punch though…"

"So you're not that upset about breaking up then?" Lance asks taking a drink from a dark bottle. I can't help but watch him swallow.

"N-no… That's not what sucks about life…" I say leaning back and taking a drink of my water. It's tasteless, like me… I'm just bland… Water needs the aide of something to make it more flavorful, more vibrant.

I need someone to look at me like I'm normal and not some leader or something and let me do whatever the hell I want.

"So… The bitch isn't the problem." He pauses and looks at me like I'm supposed to snap at him and bash him over the head with his own bottle because he called Jean what she's been acting like lately. "Then is it something else at that happy go lucky home for preps you live in?"

"I wouldn't call Logan, Rogue, or Ray a prep…" I say dryly.

"Is it something there?"

"I guess you could say that…"

"Well?" he asks me… I can feel him staring at me… You know how women will sit there and say they can feel a man undressing them with their eyes? I think I just lost both my shirt and pants… so in Lance's mind, I'm sitting in my boxers… I fight to keep the blush from rising on my cheeks.

"I could level the place and you wouldn't have to deal with it," Lance says to me.

"That's not what I was looking for as an answer…."

"Well, if you would talk to me instead of yourself…"

"Bluntly put, I'm ready to break and just leave the institute. Only thing is that I can't. Too many count on me and I just once want to be who I really am… Back when I was looking to impress Jean I locked up a part of me… Now I'm ready to break…."

"You're saying you want to be you, not what they see you as. Understandable…" Lance takes another long drink. "So do what the fuck you want and screw everyone else for a while…"

"How am I supposed to do that?"

"How am I supposed to do that?" Scott, damn you need a vacation or something…

"Just do… Don't stop to think about what others are gonna say…" I say hesitantly. If only I took my own advice sometimes…

"You think I should ignore all the rules that were set for me and do whatever I god damn well please for a week and then try to inch my way out of the mold?" he looks like he's really thinking about something.

"Yeah… Like I'm really going to fucking st- MMPPHH!" I finish muffled by the hand over my mouth. I glare at Summers. Can this guy cut me some slack? I was being civil! Wait a minute! HE IS NOT SITTING ON MY LAP NOW! SHIT! This isn't going like it was…

"So you're not going to stop me?" he asks me with an evil grin. I blink before shaking my head. He smiles more and removes his hand but replaces it with his mouth. I wrap my arms around him and pull him close. He pulls back slightly and smiles, and I mean smiles. "You wanna teach me how to forget how to care about what others think?"

"I'll be damned if I let you go to anyone else…" I tell him leaning up slightly to kiss him again. His arms wrap around my neck. I'm gonna show him all right… I'm gonna show him how much I care about him, no matter what he does. Shifting slightly, I get him stretched out on the couch while I hover over him, brushing hair away from his face and trailing my other hand down his side. His left arm is wrapped around my waist while his right hand in embedded in my hair. I bend down and kiss his lips, trailing my lips down his jaw to his throat. While he grinds his hips upward against mine.

This has got to be a dream… got to be a damned good dream… At least that's what I was thinking before a talented mouth latches onto my earlobe tugging on it with his teeth as he nibbles. I work my hands up and under his white shirt and start to pull it over him as well as his blue shirt. He releases his hold on me to help remove the offending articles of clothes. And once it's far enough out of the way, I lean down and lick at one of his nipples. He arches into me pulling his hands from his shirt and sinking them into my hair. I nip at it before latching on and suckling it. He moans and I can feel the vibrations in his chest. I switch to the other nipple and continue to torture him. He's pulled my vest from my shoulders and is working on getting my shirt off as well. Somewhere in the back of my mind I realize that it's raining outside now. That's all that registers as Scott's cool hands walk over my chest.

As I lean down and start kissing along his chest and stomach again, his hands find my back and grip at it. I can feel his nails dig in occasionally, but I don't care. The scars that would be left would be proof that I did have this creature in my arms come morning when he's gone.

"LANCE!" he calls out my name as one of my hands sneaks down to his arousal and rubs against the jean covered erection. I make my way back to his throat and bite down on his neck and then sucking and licking at the wound I made.

"Mine," I breathe out grinding against him. He tosses his head back and chokes on a moan before answering my one word statement.

"Yours… For longer than you've known," he whispers breathlessly. He bucks towards me but I pulled away and he groans at the loss of contact. I bury my face in his neck again when the door slams open.

"WOAH!" Evan yells turning around as Pietro yelps and latches onto him.

"When did this happen?" he squeaks. They're both soaked to the bone… It must be coming down really hard out there…

"Shut up," I say around Scott's neck as he lets out a giggle. The two still stand there in shock, so I grab our discarded shirts and his hand and pull him up the stairs to my room so we can get some privacy.

"Lance really wants to get into Scott's pants I guess…" I hear from Evan as Pietro starts laughing. I shut the door and press Scott against it.

"God… Lance," Scott whimpers. I grab his wrists and hold them above his head and continue to torture him. The whimpers and gasps are enough to drive me crazy as it is… But the fact that he wrenches his hands free and pulls my face to his and kisses me hard is enough to make want to strip his pants off and fuck him here and now against the damned door.

"I thought… this was…. A lesson… in… not caring… about what others… thought," he pants to me around my lips.

"I don't care what they think, but I'm no exhibitionist, Scott Summers… Right now, I want you to myself and they sure as hell were frozen on the spot so I brought you up here where they can't see…" I answer slamming him back against the door and kissing him again, forcing his mouth open so that I can map out every part of it.

I grind against Lance as he presses me against the door. I need release! I'm so damn hard it's beginning to hurt!

"Lance!" I manage to get out, as he's busy kissing me.



"Hmm?" he asked biting my lower lip to make me open my mouth again for his exploration.

"I-I need… you to… please!" I tell him and he pulls back to look at me with a look as if he's trying to figure out whether or not I mean it… I drag my nails down his back and lean forward and take his ear in my mouth and nibble it. "I want you too…"

"God Scott…" he breathes pulling me close to him. I grind against him again. Okay so he needs a little more encouragement… My fingers are close enough that I can undo his jeans without him noticing so much. Once it's undone I drop to my knees and reach in to get his member free. He groans and thrusts against my hand once I find it. I pull it out of the confines of his jeans and boxers. I lick at the tip that's already wet with pre-cum. "Scott!" I can see how much he's trying not to thrust. I grin before licking up the entire length and then taking the head in my mouth swirling my tongue around it. When he twitches and his hands tangle in my hair I take more of him while sucking and swirling my tongue around. I pull back and push his pants and boxers down further so that I can play with his sacs. I lick and cover them with my saliva as Lance's fingers tighten in my hair. I pull away from his sacs though I play with them with my fingers while I take Lance's cock back into my mouth wetting it thoroughly.

After a few moments he pushes me away. I land on my ass blushing bright red and breathless. He kicks off his pants and grabs me behind the head and pulls back up for another dominating kiss. While he's kissing me, he undoes my own pants and pushes them off me. I'm naked in Lance's room. I feel lightheaded. How many nights had I dreamed something like this? How long have I wanted to get the guts to do something about what I felt for him and not hide it… I feel one of his hands at the base of my spine, resting on my ass lifting me up. I wrap my arms around his neck tightly. I jump just slightly so that I can wrap my legs around his waist. I groan and push against the hard dick pressing into the cleft of my ass. I feel a bed beneath me…and Lance is kneeling between my spread legs. He reaches over me and grabs something… I think it was lotion… and starts kissing me, though something is different now… They're much softer, gentler.

"Scott…" he whispers to me making me open my eyes behind the ruby quartz. I reach a hand up and brush hair from his face. "Now's the time you gotta tell me yes or no…" he says and I nod.

"I want this Lance…"

"Good, because I don't think I'd be able to live with myself if I did this and you regretted it…" he says kissing me again. I respond avidly. I never want him to stop kissing me, though my bottom lip has a nice bite mark now and I'm sure my lips are swollen badly.

I hiss into the kiss when I feel him insert a finger. I force myself to relax… a second. I wince and whimper to him. He pulls back enough that he can talk.

"Shh… It's all right, Scott… I'm not going to hurt you … And if this hurts then dear god, I'm sorry," he whispers around my lips and I pull him closer to me to kiss him harder. He inserts the last finger and I moan… After a few seconds, I thrust against the fingers. Lance removes them and I brace myself replaying Lance's soft words again and again in my mind. I arch my back and choke on the moan that was forming in my throat as he enters me. My hands grab at his back and I can tell that I've left crescent shaped marks on his back along with trails of blood as I raked my fingers down his back.

He's kissing my neck waiting for me to adjust, trying so hard not to hurt me… I thrust up slightly, taking him in more. He grins against my neck and pulls out a little over halfway, before slamming into me. I arch my back again and gasp loudly. Somewhere from in the smoky haze my mind has begun, there was a curious noise… Was that someone snickering? But another thrust from Lance erases all thought from my mind except for him.

I thrust against him everytime he thrusts down into me. He wraps his arms around me and drags his own nails down my back. I shift slightly and then he hits something within me and I scream out his name.

"LANCE! Yes!"

"God Scott… You're so damned tight… So fucking tight, and hot," he said nipping at my neck. One of his hands sneaks between us and starts pumping my member.

Not too long after that, I came. Screaming Lance's name over and over before he silenced me with a hard kiss as he came within me. I felt so compete….

Lance smiles down at me as I lay there on his bed panting. He's still buried inside me and makes no move to pull out.

"Lance," I pant reaching up and tracing his face with my hand. He catches it with his hand and kisses the wrist before the palm and each fingertip.

"Go ahead… get some sleep," he whispers leaning down and kissing my cheeks, nose, temples, then my lips. "You look ready to pass out…"

I nod, already starting to drift off. "Lance…"

"Shh… Night, Scott… and sleep well love…" he whispers just as I fall unconscious.

I pull out of Scott and roll over onto my side beside him and pull him to me, so that he's spooned. I nuzzle his hair before pulling the blanket up to cover us. I wrap my arms around him as tight as I can before falling asleep.

Evan and Pietro peeked into the room and smiled to each other.

"It took them long enough," Pietro whispered to his boyfriend as he snuggled deeper into his arms.

"Think about, Pie… They were attracted to each other since they saw one another and then they both tried to deny it… And then Scott and Lance were after Jean and Kitty… Now that Kitty is out of Lance's picture, and Jean is probably out of Scott's…"

"It was a perfect time for them to 'sit and talk'?" Pietro asked leaning up and kissing Evan lightly on the lips. Evan nodded.

"Now, can I tend to my imp now?" Evan asked seductively.

"If you can catch me," Pietro said dashing off to his room. Evan on his heels since Pietro DID want to be caught.