Scott woke up to sunlight washing over him. 'Please tell me that last night wasn't a dream.' He thought before he found it hard to roll over. Looking over his shoulder, he saw Lance. He face was pressed into Scott's hair and neck. Squirming slightly and turning in small increments, Scott was able to get on his back and reach over and brush Lance's darker brown hair away from his face. The lighter of the two lovers smiled widely as he leaned over and kissed Lance's eyelids. "I can't believe I denied my feelings for you for so long…" Scott whispered turning to his side as Lance's arms tightened instinctively. The shaded mutant locked his arms around his lover's neck and nuzzled his way under Lance's chin and kissed the throat he found before sighing contentedly. This is how he wanted to wake up. For the rest of his life…

Scott was truly happy.

Lance woke up not long after Scott and looked down at teen that had captured his heart long before he knew. He leaned down and kissed Scott's head. Scott looked up from his resting spot at Lance who was slightly shocked. He'd be able to tell when Scott was asleep or not… They'd wake up like this again… and again.

"Good morning," Lance said leaning down and claiming Scott's lips again. Scott kissed back with passion.

"Good morning, Lance," Scott murmured.

"How long have you been up?" Lance asked nuzzling Scott's hair. It smelled like…peaches… It made him smile brightly.

"Don't know… Doesn't matter… I had the best view when I woke up…"

"Mmm? And what was that?"

"You…" Scott said burrowing deeper into Lance's arms. They were more than content to stay that way…except the buzzing and annoyingly high pitched ringing… "Damn it…" he said leaning off the bed and grabbing his pants and pulling them close so he could grab his cell phone. "Hello?"


"Alex? What's wrong?"

"Nothing besides the call I got saying you were kinda MIA…"

"Sorry about that bro… I got…caught up with something…" Scott said. Lance hugged Scott from behind, grabbing his free hand and lacing their fingers together.

"It's okay… you just got a lot of people panicked… Oh, and should I be sorry or happy you broke up with Jean?"

"Happy… Because I am…"

"Well then Scott, I'm glad that you're moving on…" Alex said with a yawn.

"Isn't it close to midnight there?"

"Yeah, yeah, yeah… I'll get to bed… just remember to call the institute at sometime…"

"I will… Keep out of trouble Alex…"

"Alright bro," Alex said before hanging up.

"Something wrong?" Lance asked kissing Scott's neck.

"I was missed last night…"


"Obviously someone at the mansion because they called my brother to ask if he'd heard from me…"

"Doesn't your brother live in Hawaii?"

"Yes he does… hence the panicked phone call," Scott said tilting his head to give Lance better access to his neck.



"I have a question for you…"

"Go ahead and ask…"

"Do you regret anything about last night?"

"I only regret that it didn't happen sooner," Scott said turning in Lance's arms to straddle the other's waist.

"That the truth?"

"Yes it is…" Lance reached up after Scott gave his answer and traced the large red mark on Scott's neck.

"Sorry… It can't really be covered up unless you suddenly take a liking to turtlenecks…"

"But it shows I'm yours…" Something danced through Lance's eyes.

"Damn fucking straight you're mine…" Lance growled out capturing Scott's lips in another kiss. A knock on the door brought them apart.

"Hey Scott! I know you're still here… We should head back to the institute soon," Evan's voice said. "Soon… They'll send Kurt over within the hour for me…"

Scott looked at Lance who looked as if someone had just asked him to leave everything he ever had behind.

"I'll be back tonight…" Scott said getting up slowly. Lance let him and watched as he pulled his clothes on.

"Scott," Lance said when the teen had just gotten his shirt on. He grabbed his hands and pulled him close. "See if you can get away for the weekend…"



"I'll try… I'll make up something lame and probably be able to go…" Scott said smiling up at Lance.

"Good… I'll see you tonight at seven then…" Lance said kissing Scott again.

"At seven…" with that, Scott left heading back to the institute with Evan in tow.

"Scott! Where were you last night?" Jean asks me like she was really worried.

"I was out," is what I tell her as I get out of the car. Evan gets out of the car and manages to get away without suffering her wrath. She's still talking as I lock my car and begin to walk away.

"Scott! Where do you think you're going?" she asks shocked when she sees me walking away.

"To my room." I don't want to deal with her. Bobby, Roberto, Sam, Rayne, Jubilee, and Ray are sitting on a balcony together and laugh at Jean as she keeps raving to my back.

"All right Scott!" Bobby yells.

"Yeah! Don't let her push everyone in the house around!" Rayne chimes in. Jean sends them all an evil glare as she goes to her room.

I fall onto my bed and stare at the ceiling. Someone knocks on my door and I ask who it is. If it's Jean, she fucking go and screw Duncan for all I care… Oh shit… GAH! There I go again with the cussing… I think Lance rubbed off on me already!

"It's me Scott, Sam!"

"Come in…"

"Hey, can I talk to you about something?" he asks poking his head in.

"Sure," I say sitting up and motioning for him to sit on the bed as well. Seeing as how someone already stole my desk chair.

"I know this is probably really weird and you probably have some story to cover up and everything but were you at the brotherhood house last night?"

"What's that got to do with anything?" I ask skillfully avoiding the question.

"I was just wondering… See, you showed up with Evan so unless Evan called you from the brotherhood house, whose phone is shut off remember, then why were over by there anyway?"


"The phone at the Brotherhood is shut off," Sam said. "Evan was upset about it yesterday afternoon before Pietro came over to get him. So Evan had no way to call you and ask for a ride or anything…and there would have been no reason for you to be over there considering everyone you talk to at school lives on the other side of town and well… yeah… I think I'm the only person who noticed…"

"I-I picked Evan up near here…" I try to cover.

Sam just shakes his head. "Evan never leaves Pietro's unless Kurt goes to get him… He obviously wanted to cover for you…"

"You know, I don't think we give you enough credit," I say dryly.

"Like I said, I was only wondering… I don't have any problem with it… And I don't think anyone else will… Except like Jean and Rogue…"

"Jean is always upset so that doesn't faze me… And Rogue and I came to an understanding… I feel as if she were a cousin… And she understands that, and accepts it… I know it's hard for her when I date but still…"

"Oh and Scott I have another question…"


"Do you want me to steal some of Rayne's foundation to cover that hickey of yours?" I grasp at the turtleneck I'm now sporting.

"Like I said, I think I'm the only one who got it…"

"I might just go and get my own…"

"I could have Rayne just go and get me another bottle…we're about the same complexion," Sam said shrugging. That is before he started freaking out and trying to cover what he said.

"So, Sam… who is it?"

He muttered it out so fast I almost couldn't catch it. "Bobby?" I asked. He blinks and shakes his head. "Wait a minute… You mean it you and Roberto?" He nods blushing something fierce. "That one I don't think anyone would ever suspect."

"You won't tell will you?" Sam asks me looking worried.

"Why should I tell someone?"

"Well, I don't think Roberto would mind you knowing all that much… It's just he doesn't want the girls to find out… They tell everyone… Right now the only people who know are Pietro, Evan, Bobby, Ray, and you besides me and 'Berto that this…"

"I won't tell anyone Sam… Don't worry…"

"Thanks Scott… So do you want some foundation?"

"If you think it will help…"

"I'll bring you some later…" Sam said before leaving. That was like the weirdest conversation I've had with one of the new recruits ever…

Later that morning I go to talk to the professor… I explain that I was feeling a little choked and wanted to just stay out the weekend.

He asked what productive thing I planed on doing.

"Getting myself together," I told him quietly.


"Yeah… I need sometime to myself… I'm beginning to feel that I might not know who I am…"

"You can have the weekend Scott… Just be careful," he told me with a friendly smile. I thanked him and went to pack. I got a call on my cell from Lance while I was trying to pick out outfits. I smiled and fell back on my bed.

"So, can you come?"

"Where ARE we going?" I asked him.

"It's a surprise… Just pack a bag for the weekend… And bring your swim trunks…"

"I still want to know where we're going…"

"You'll see… I promise you'll like it…"

"Lance, I know you can't afford a hotel so what's going on?"

"What? You don't trust me?" his voice had mock hurt in it.

"I do, but I still want to know where we're going…"
"You'll see," he chuckles. We talk a few more moments before I hang up. A knock on my door as I'm finishing makes me jump slightly.

"Who is it?"

"Sam… again…"

"Come in…"

"Hey, I brought it for you," he says as he enters and closes the door. He sees the bag. "You leaving?"

"Just for the weekend."

"Ah…" he says with a weird smirk.

"Don't give me that look," I said zipping up the bag and putting the small bottle in a side pocket.

"But still! You and yours alone…" he waggles his eyebrows before laughing.

"Yeah, well just so long as you and Roberto stay out of trouble while I'm gone… Bobby and Ray too… I'll see about leaving more often," I promise him. I walk over to my stereo and take out my favorite CDs.

"And leave us with Jean?!" he asks looking hurt.

"You're beginning to sound like Alex," I tell him with a small smile.

"Wow… I'm honored," he says. Everyone knows how much my brother means to me.

"I'll see you and the others when I get back.."

"What about dinner?" he asks me.

"I'll eat while I'm out," I tell him. Sam tries so hard to be a worrisome brother sometimes… It's almost cute… He'd ground Roberto a bit…that boy is way in the clouds.

I pass Evan on my way out of the main doors.

"What's up with the bag man?"

"I'm gonna be gone for the weekend… Don't do anything I wouldn't," I tell him making him laugh.

"Of course not!" he tells me with a wave. Kurt pops up next to him demanding why that was so funny to him. I start down the drive popping in the Moulin Rouge soundtrack. I had a little bit of a ways to go before I got to Lance, and I was entitled to listen to something that NO ONE would peg as 'me' music.

"Oh come on! What have I done for you?!" Lance said angrily into the phone. Pietro came down worried that he was arguing with Scott. "Damn it, woman! You said you'd get me a key!"

"Umm Lance?" Pietro said looking out the window.

"Just a sec, Pietro…" Lance said absently before returning to the phone. "So when can I get it tonight? YES! I said tonight!"

"But Lance!" Pietro said looking out the window still and waving now.

"By eight-thirty," Lance said into the phone looking out the window. "Shit! He's here… YES it's a he! Damn you girl just get me that key! … Thank you… I'll see you by eight-thirty," Lance said hanging up and dashing out the door over to his lover and pulling him close for a kiss. "I missed you," Lance said after pulling away from Scott slightly.

"I missed you too… Can you tell me what this whole surprise is?" Scott asked giving him his best puppy pout, minus the eyes of course.

"Don't worry," Lance said kissing Scott's forehead. "I know you'll like it…"

"You keep saying that," Scott said bending backwards slightly to grab his bag and CD case. "I'm ready to go…"

"Just let me grab my bag, okay?" Lance asked giving Scott a squeeze. "We're gonna take my jeep."

"I'll put my stuff in the back then," Scott said kissing Lance's nose before walking over to the jeep and putting his bag in. Lance came out and climbed into the jeep. Pietro was leaning against the doorframe watching them.

"Oh, and Pietro, don't blow up the house…"

"Or my car!" Scott added before they drove off.

He's anxious to see what I've got planned. It pays to actually know a girl who got to go somewhere when she got adopted. They have this cabin not all that far from Bayville and I talked her into letting me borrow it for the weekend. She's up near here staying in a hotel with the her choir or something… So she'll meet me out near there and give me the key so we can get in and borrow it. I knew saving her ass a few times would come in handy.


"What?" I ask taking a look at Scott whose eyebrows are above the rim of his glasses. "What?"

"You had this evil grin on your face… I was wondering if I got into a jeep with a mad man," he says jokingly.

"A man completely mad over you, yes…" I answer seriously.

He shifts in his seat. I know he didn't eat before coming over.

"What do you want to eat?" I ask him as he pushes some hair from his eyes.

"It doesn't really matter… A drive through will do fine for me…"

He's thinking cheap… another thing… For Scott, I'll dip into what little money I have but he's right… We're going to be on the road for a couple of hours… And I have an hour and a half to get to JJ before she tears me apart when I get there for being late.

"Which one?"

"McDonald's?" he asked hesitantly.

"I take it Jean hates McDonald's… Let me guess… It's too fattening," I say with a snicker.

"Were you stalking me?" he asks leaning away from the wind and closer to me. I pull off the highway onto a street and kiss his head while I'm stopped at a stoplight.

"No, actually I wasn't. But still, it's whatever you want," I tell him.

"McDonald's grilled chicken and large Dr. Pepper," he says automatically.

"You sound deprived!"

"I was," he sniffs before giggling. After getting dinner… Which was difficult to eat at high speeds, but he liked his and that's what mattered to me. We stop at a rest stop and he heads to the bathroom when a girl jogs over to me.

"You cut and dyed your hair?" I ask as she rolls her eyes at me.

"You haven't changed a bit. Keys," she says tossing them. "By the way… On the DL, system is going to come looking for you back home… Stay in Bayville and you should be fine… They don't think you would have gone, too far…" Scott's coming out. "Later."

"See ya JJ," I say climbing back into the jeep.

"Who was that?" Scott asks me as she gets on a bike and heads in the direction we came from.

"JJ Irving… She was in a foster home with me…" I say. "Do I sense jealousy from you, love?"

"Jealous?" he squawks as I pull back onto the highway. "I think not!"

"Good. Because you should know that you're the only one I want anyway…" I was honest and I was rewarded with most adorable blush staining Scott's cheeks. Soon it's getting pretty woodsy again and I take an exit that isn't marked well. Scott's looking around like a two-year-old as you drive through Orlando going to Disney… I half expected "Where's Mickey?" to be asked.

I pulled through up to a gate and got out to open it. "Where are we Lance?" he asks me as I get back in and pull into a driveway and up to a nice cabin. His jaw drops.

"JJ owed me a few favors…" I say jogging to close the gates and coming back to a still in awe Scott. I open his door and pick him up. He laughs as he wraps his arms around me. "We are, at a cabin that has no one but you and me for about seven miles all around… For the entire weekend… No interruptions, no rules… Just you and me…" He smiles and kisses me while I'm trying to unlock the door. We get in and he pulls back as I place him down in the entranceway. "Wait here…I'll get the bags and then we pick up where we just left off…" I tell him as he smiles. I run out grab the two bags and Scott's CDs before going back in, kicking off my shoes so I don't track dirt in. They're carelessly thrown next to Scott's as I toss the bags on a chair, kick the door closed, and pin him against the wall. About simultaneously too…

"Lance," he whines at me when I keep pulling away so he can't make the contact he wants.

"Ever been skinny dipping?" I ask him pulling off his shirt. He starts to work on mine while I drag him towards the back of the house. We leave a trail of clothes before getting out the back door and into the pool, which isn't that bad of a temperature in my opinion. Scott yelps. Though I think that's more of the fact that he was already semi-hard, which made him a bit warmer than me… I snicker as he complains. I shut him up the way I want to, and that's to clamp my mouth over his. JJ said that if anything 'happened' in the pool, that I should turn on the cleaner-pump thing… I'll do that when we get out and go in the house.

Scott's hands move from my shoulders to the small of my back and one further than that. I moan into the kiss as my hands find his ass and begin to need it. He gasps into the kiss. He hands leave me and then travel down the front of my body. One keeps going past my waist and grabs my dick. I pull away from Scott and groan, my head tipping back. A quick movement and I'm pressed against the pool wall as Scott kisses my neck and teases a nipple, all the while very carefully teasing my arousal. I keep thrusting towards his hand but it keeps eluding me.

I hear him chuckle. It sends shivers through my spine. I reach out and grab his hips and pull them to connect with mine. He moans and latches onto one of my nipples with his mouth. Keeping one arms locked around his lithe form tightly, I rock against him. He moans as my other hand connects with his hair, my fingers knotting into the fine silk strands. I nibble at his ear as we keep rocking against each other till I felt him tensing up, just as I was. In a swift move I have my mouth on his as I rock one last time causing us both to cum. He cries out in his pleasure as I murmur that he's mine… He comes back down and kisses me again. I pull us out of the pool and hit the switch. He looks at me oddly. I kiss him again and he forgets his question. Now… I'm sure he'll want dessert…