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Bobby sighed as he leaned over his balcony watching most of the others playing around in the summer heat. His eyes focused on Ray as the boy stood to the outside of the groups messing around. Bobby was beginning to feel sick again so he headed back into the coolness of the room he shared with Roberto, who was flying around the institute grounds like a sunspot with a mind of it's own.

Open up your heart to me
And say what's on your mind
Ray leaned against the tree watching everyone. Ever since he came back from visiting his family he'd been distant from everyone, even Bobby who had helped him with several 'escapades' during the school year. Ray looked up to Bobby's balcony and saw the boy turn and go back inside his room. He could have sworn he was staring at him. 'It was just your imagination Ray…' he thought to himself. He pushed off the tree and started back into the house.

I know that we have been through so much pain

Bobby was staring at the ceiling wondering what could be wrong with Ray. He almost felt, neglected. Or like a scorned lover or something but that couldn't be right since they weren't together or anything… Bobby pushed the blush down off his cheeks. He really wanted Ray to just talk to him. He was feeling pretty lonely since everyone else could handle the heat of summer so much better than he could. The professor said it was nothing to worry about, his powers were just, and oh what word did he use… It was something big… It seemed both he and Ray were hurting over something and in his opinion if they talked they could feel so much better.

Bobby rolled over on his bed and turned on his CD player. Everyone else was outside so he could listen to something a bit more, well mushy.
But I still need you in my life, this time

Ray decided that it was high time that he should talk to Bobby instead of avoid him. Hell, just because when he happened to be back at home was when he figured out he was gay wasn't such a big deal. Ray knew he was just worried about loosing Bobby over something like that. Something that shouldn't matter… 'Man... I'm starting to get pretty mushy or something…' He stopped outside Bobby's door. He heard something and stopped to listen.
And I need you tonight
I need you in my life
Bobby was still lying on his bed staring at the ceiling. He thought he spotted an outline of Ray in the paint. He shook his head fast. He sighed heavily. Being bored AND feeling shunned was not the most entertaining thing in the world.

And I know deep within my heart

Ray knocked on the door and opened it slightly. "Hey Bobby," he said causing the other boy to jump. He couldn't help but snicker.

"Don't do that!"

"I did knock though… What's on your mind?"

"I'm bored out of mind is my problem… Why have you been so distant?"

Ray plopped down on the end of Bobby's bed and sighed. "Just… Thinking."

"About?" Bobby asked blinking his blue eyes a few times as he sat crossed legged next to Ray, who fell back to look at the ceiling.
It doesn't matter if it's wrong or right
Cuz I see heaven in your eyes

"Well, a few things…" Ray started nervously. "Um…"

"Is it about Jubbs?" Bobby asked. He felt sick as he said it, but he had to ask.

"No!" Ray said making a face. Bobby snickered. Good Ray was still the way he remembered so far… just introspective. Which wasn't sexy for a guy like him… 'Shit, Stop thinking that way right now Bobby!' "What makes you think that I'd be thinking of Jubbs anyway?" Ray asked seriously.

"I was just asking…" Bobby said looking up at the ceiling to avoid Ray's searching green eyes.
All those endless nights we tried
To make it last forever and more

"If you got a thing for Jubilation Jubilee, you're free to have her… Cause I'm sure not interested," Ray said with something like disappointment in his voice.

"No way!" Bobby said looking down at Ray with a hard look. "There is no way anything would ever happen between me and Jubilation."

"Don't get bent out of shape about it…" Ray said worried that he'd really upset Bobby.

"Seriously though, what's gotten you to go all introspective on us?" Bobby asked.

"Just… something happened back home and it made me think about things in a different light." Ray sat up while talking.

"Someone didn't hurt you did they?" Bobby asked trying to look at Ray's face.

"No… Not really…"

"What happened?" Bobby asked inching closer to Ray.

"It's nothing…"


"It was NOTHING, Bobby… I'm sorry I brought it up…" Ray said going to stand but Bobby grabbed his hand and pulled him back. Ray flailed onto the bed surprised.

"What happened Ray Crisp?"

"All right damn it!" Ray said sitting up, though he was now further on the bed than he had been before. "Eric, this guy I've known forever apparently came out of the closet while I was gone and everyone conveniently forgot to tell me about it…" he paused looking to Bobby who had a really worried look on his face. "So I was just a little surprised when he got me alone and kissed me…"

"He kissed you?" Bobby said. Now that was a look that Ray had never seen on Bobby's face… he couldn't tell what emotion that was.

"Yeah… And I guess I've been thinking really hard because he wanted to try a long distance relationship thing since he likes me so much but I told him no…"

"Because you aren't gay…" Bobby said nodding slowly.
And baby I know
I need you

"Actually, that's not the reason I turned him down…" Ray said quietly.
I know deep within my heart
It doesn't matter if it's wrong or right
Cuz I see heaven

"Hold on a sec here!" Bobby said startling Ray. "When did you actually become gay? I mean… I remember how you'd been chasing so many girls at school! It was beginning to get kinda bad towards the end of the year you know and-"

"It was when Eric kissed me that I figured it out…"

I need you tonight
I need you in my life

"So why aren't you having some long distance relationship with Eric?" Bobby asked, something seemed to stab him in the heart as he said it.

"Because… There was someone else on my mind… I like someone else…" Ray said looking away from Bobby.
And I know deep within my heart

"Ray… What's wrong?" Bobby asked. He could see Ray's muscles tense up. He seemed so uncomfortable…

"You don't hate me, do you Bobby?" Ray asked still not looking at Bobby.

"Why would I be? Because you're gay? God Ray, you mean to tell me that you didn't notice?" Bobby had this amazed look on his face.
It doesn't matter if it's wrong or right

"What?" Ray asked looking over to Bobby.

"I'm two marks below flaming gay," the brunette answered him with a 'duh' look.

"I guess it didn't matter…"

"Guess not…" he paused. "So who was on your mind?"
Cuz I see heaven
In your eyes

Ray grinned slightly and leaned over to Bobby, just an inch from his face. Bobby blinked, blushing a bright red. "You." Bobby barely registered that he said it because he was too busy kissing Ray. They fell back onto the bed still kissing and ended up asleep curled up together.

Roberto and Sam quietly crept towards Roberto's room. He was worried about waking Bobby since the boy had begun taking naps to try and keep his energy up in the heat. Sam was keeping watch so that no one saw them together, sneaking around. More than usual that is… Roberto opened the door to his room and motioned for Sam to be quiet before kissing him quickly. Sam was right behind Roberto as they slid into the room before stopping dead with Sam grabbing onto Roberto whose knees apparently went out on him.

"You have got to be kidding me!" Roberto whispered. Sam blinked at the couple curled up together on Bobby's bed.

"Think that's what was making Ray act funny, 'Berto?" Sam whispered in his ear making Roberto shiver.

"I guess so…" the darker one said going over to his bed stand and pulling out a box before returning to Sam's arms. "Should we let them know, that we know?"

"Nah… Let them keep it as their little secret for now… They'll have to let Jubbs know at some point since she's still chasing after Bobby…"

"True…" Roberto said kissing Sam on the lips before giving him a smirk. "But how about we tend to OUR little secret right now?"

"That sounds like a good plan…" the blonde said taking Roberto's hand and pulling him down the hall at a run. Both boys with blushes staining their cheeks.