After Service Above and Beyond. Inspired by all Scarecrow & Mrs. King writers-all credit is theirs-all errors are mine!

Dean Who?

Scene 1: Amanda's Kitchen.

Amanda had just finished helping Jamie with his fractions and was settling down for a nice cup of hot tea. Her excitement over Delano case was all over. "I'll never be able to stomach the 'Quickie-Chickie Snack Pack' any more", Amanda sighed as her fingers tapped against the steaming cup of tea. Her mind wandered to that night, the ambulance, what she *thought* Lee had said. "Something nice? I definitely must have been dreaming..."


Phillip's voice startled Amanda, causing her to choke on her last sip. "Uh, hi sweetheart! Shouldn't you be in bed?"

"Uh, yea but...Jamie's sayin' I wet the bed and you *know* I don't.."

"Now, now" Amanda chided as she rose and gently led Phillip back upstairs, "You two know if you can't say something nice.."

"Don't say nothin' at all" Phillip chimed, "but Mom *he* started it!"

"And no tattle-tales Phillip" Dorothy said as she popped her head out of her bedroom. "Come on now, tomorrow's a school day and you've got to get to bed."

As Dorothy shooed Phillip back to his room, Amanda's mind wandered again to thoughts of the Agency and a certain tall, male operative who just happened to have hazel eyes, a brilliant smile, charm..


Startled again Amanda hastily cleared her throat and croaked out "Yes Mother?"

"Did you know you were humming "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"? Was that on TV recently? I don't recall, it's been so long since I've seen it. Judy Garland, what a voice. And the tin man, and the lion. Oh, and that the way, isn't Dean back in town tomorrow? Don't forget you have that big shin-dig for Dean's news Station at the Carlton Hotel did get your dressed pressed? And don't forget to get new pantyhose, maybe a head band, they are so 'in', and ."

Amanda scrambled to keep up with Dotty's ramblings all the while realizing her shock that Dean was back in town tomorrow and the weekend was fast approaching. Seemed like she'd actually *miss* the Agency. Or a certain someone there...