Dean Who? da Tag

Back at Maplewood...

Amanda mindlessly rubbed and massaged Dean's back and neck upon their return to the home she shared with her Mother and sons. She kept reviewing the evening's events over an over in her mind: Dean's big win, Lee's presence, Sebastian's appearance and subsequent assassination, and Lee's capture of the Iranian hitman who had been hired by Santiago's former superiors.

'How strange' she mused, 'Santiago was a double agent and on our side the whole time. There he was trying to give Lee information about his Iranian contacts when he was assassinated. At least the Agency has the list now. I wonder if Sebastian had any family?'

Dotty watched from the foyer, wondering why Amanda returned sans headband and why her daughter appeared so pensive tonight. She was secretly hoping that Amanda would marry Dean the Weatherman. 'He's got a great job, likes the kids.' Dotty thought. But she realized Amanda didn't seem as thrilled with Dean lately. It almost seemed her daughter's mind was on something, or, dare Dotty think it, someone else.

Dotty quietly turned from the intimate scene and began to go back up the stairs when she heard the doorbell ring and hollered, "I'll get it!"

She prepared to open the door with her sweetest smile, hoping the late visitor was that nice neighbor man up the road who had hisown hair and drove an elegant Lincoln Continental. He had taken her dancing on previous occasions late in the evening and she figured he was calling again.

Dotty threw the door open with a cheery, "Well hello there! Uh, hello? Hello?" Ownhair man was nowhere to be seen so she peaked over the porch, and tentatively inquired "Anyone there?" No one answered her call, but Dotty noticed Amanda's headband laid over the azalea bush next to the porch. Puzzled, Dotty pinched the sequined apparel between her thumb and forefinger. "Hmm." She knew better than to ask her daughter while Dean was there why her accessory was in the bush. "I'll catch up with you tomorrow missy!' Dotty quipped as she went back inside.

She could swear she heard someone chuckle and drive away as soon as she closed the door.

The End!