Disclaimer:: I love Gundam wing and wish they were mines, but like all other crazed fanfic authors, I do not own them. If I did, well lets not go there... Shall we begin..It all started one beautiful summer day on a planet called earth, in a school made for the rich...


"Mom, dad." A child voice called out in the middle of the night. He slowly walked down the stairs of the mansion that he shared with his parents. They left early for dinner on their fifth anniversary. He thought he heard a noise downstairs. There were a couple of whispers and silent muttering. He slowly walked towards the sound and saw a couple of familiar faces of his parent's friends.

"Heero." A lady softly said as she looked at the young heir with sadness and tears in her eyes. He walked up to her. "Why are you crying?" He quietly asked her as he wiped away a tear that fell from the lady. "Oh Heero." He was embraced in a hug and the female whoever she was, burst into tears. "You won't understand not until you're older." She whispered.

A week later, Odin Lowe Yuy and his wife Yuki Yuy were buried on Earth in the respective family cemetery. Heero stared lifelessly at the bodies of his parents that were in a similar black casket and he knew they weren't coming back. He didn't cry, because he couldn't. After the funeral, his father's friend, Doctor J said he would take full legal guardianship of the child. No one knew this was a mistake. `

10 years later

Duo lay curled up on his queen sized bed inside the Winner mansion. He was staying with his friend Quatre Winner until his parents return from their vacation, wherever that was.

"Duo wake up." Quatre said.

"Go away." He moaned as he put a pillow over his head.

"It's time for school." Quatre said as he yanked the pillow off. "You are not going to miss your senior year of high school." "So." Duo mumbled.

"This is our last year and I don't want to be late." Quatre said with a bit of pleading in his voice.

"Go bug Wu fei." Duo sleepily muttered

"Idiot, I'm awake already." He heard the chinese muttered." So get up."

"Later. Got to sleep."

"Maxwell." Wu fei growled. "Come on Duo." Quatre said again." Wu fei what are you doing?" Duo heard the terror in Quatre's voice. "Something that I should've done a long time ago." Duo felt someone pick up his braid and the sound of a sword being pulled out of a sheath. His eyes flew open as realization dawned on him, he quickly jumped off the bed in time before Wu fei could cut his braid off.

"That works all the time." Wu fei smirked. Duo glared. It took an hour for Duo to get ready because he had to braid his hair. But that wasn't too bad because they would get to school in time and have minutes to spare. They decided to walk to school this time. They went to a school called Moriarity Prep School. It was a school for the rich. Quatre's family owned a major company in the colonies, Wu fei's family owned museums around the world and Duo Maxwell's family were business partners with the Winner Corporation now for fifteen years; their fame grew far by half when the head of the Yuy family died, Odin and his wife. They left a five-year-old son behind. Duo snapped out of his thoughts as Wu fei said the word Barton.

"I hear that the Barton Foundation became partners with the Yuy organization." Wu fei said.

"Well I think it's because their cousins anyway."

"It figures." Duo muttered." Maybe that's why they bought out the Peacecrafts. I hate damn monopolies."

"I hope Relena is taking it very well." Quatre said.

"Taking what?" A beautiful girl with dark blond hair and sky blue eyes came running up towards them with a smile on her face.

"We heard about your fathers company." Wu fei said.

"Oh. We are taking it quite well. Thanks for asking." She said as she stood by Duo's side.

"So Duo what are you going to do this afternoon?" Relena asked. She was still bent on getting her ex back.

"Nothing. "

"Maybe we could do something then." She purred. Duo glared, Quatre giggled.

"Forget it Relena." Duo growled.

"Well then I suppose you don't want to hear about the new students coming to school this year." She said with a bit of mischief in her voice.

"Yeah, whatever." He mumbled.

"I wasn't aware of any new students." Wu fei said. "That's because they enrolled just two weeks ago." She said.

"My father told me."

"How did he knew?" "He recommended it to them."

"To who?" Duo was mildly interested now.

"To Mr. Barton."

"You mean Dekim Barton of the Barton foundation?" Quatre asked with awe in his voice.

"Yeah, his son, Trowa and the Yuy kid are coming here." Relena said nonchalantly.

"You mean their kids are coming here of all places." Duo growled.

"Please calm down Duo. I was hoping we can become friends with them. After all they are new." Relena said

"Fat chance of that happening." He grumbled.

"I agree with Duo, Relena. All they do is buy out other people's company to make theirs even bigger." Quatre said. "Thank god my father turned down their offer as well as Duo's father."

"And this is where the rivalry begins I presume?" She asked

"Yeah fifteen years ago." Duo muttered." I don't like them."

"You don't even know them."

"And I don't want to." A black limo passed them towards the school. Duo glared at it while the others merely glanced at it.


"I don't like this place." Heero muttered under his breath. He saw a kid with a long braid glare at him through the window. Heero merely glanced at him, annoyed already.

"You should be happy we only have a year." Trowa said. Trowa and Heero were related, although they were distant cousins, they were still close. "You should be grateful that the school decided to skip you a couple of classes up otherwise you would be a sophomore."

"Hn." Heero looked away to see the dreaded school come into view. "I never went to a school before." He silently said. Trowa could relate to Heero. They had tutors most of their lives. This was Trowa's fourth year to high school, but Heero's first. And this was both their first time to stay more then a year away from the colonies.

"It's not bad when you get use to it."

"That's not going to happen." Heero said. Unlike Trowa, Heero hated crowds. He didn't like to socially interact with kids his age. Doctor J said he didn't need to go to school when he academically surpassed all the Professors and teachers, and he agreed with J. But Dekim Barton persisted on sending him here. A huge argument broke out but in the end Heero was sent to a boarding school along with Trowa.

The limo jerked Heero out of his thoughts as it stopped in front of the school seconds before the other four kids showed up. Trowa gracefully got up first, brushing his school uniform and running a hand through his hair in frustration in trying to get the stubborn Heero to follow him inside. Heero ignored him. Trowa was on the verge of begging when an idea occurred to him.

Duo and the others watch the limousine park in front of the building and watch a tall kid get gracefully out. He seemed slightly irritated. Duo heard someone intake their breath, he looked as his side and saw that it was Quatre. Duo smirked. The other kid, whoever he was, was good looking from where he could see, but his long bang covered his other eyes and when he looked up, Duo saw that it was green. He was tall, lean, but slightly built. He gave the guy credit for gorgeous looks, no wonder Quatre stopped with his mouth gaping and eyes bulging. "Hey Quatre you okay?" Duo asked.

"Huh...Oh yeah." He blushed. They were now closer to hear the emerald eye kid talking to someone in the limo. `


"Don't make me carry you inside." Trowa said. "Make this easy for both of us and get out of the car before we are late."

"I like to see you try." Heero glared.

"I'm not going to ask you again." Trowa said. Heero glared and turned away. Bad mistake. Trowa grabbed his right arm and yanked him out of the backseat.

Heero was too surprise to do anything as Trowa effortlessly picked him up and slung him over his shoulder. But Heero's momentary shock worn off as he started fighting against the older boy to put him down.

"Put me down, Trowa." Heero said through clenched teeth as he tried to push himself off of Trowa.

"Not unless you voluntary come inside with me." He sounded amused. That bastard. Heero growled.

"Fine. Let me go." Trowa dropped Heero on the floor without looking back. Heero got up to dust himself off and heard a girl giggling. He looked up to glare at her. That only encourage her more to laugh aloud and the others that were with her started to guffaw also. Heero put them on his list of people to kill before he noticed a boy with beautiful violet eyes and long chestnut hair that was in a braid. Heero stopped breathing as the other returned his glance. His heart started beating rapidly and he felt his face go hot. Angry at himself he glared at the braided boy and went to find Trowa.


"Put me down, Trowa." Duo heard as he saw the boy Trowa carried someone close to the building. They decided to stop and watch the spectacle.

"Not unless you decide to come inside with me." The boy was now struggling to break loose. Duo felt his stomach flip flop. That's weird he thought. That voice made him look up to notice the other's features. His hair was chocolate brown, he was tanned and seemed a bit smaller. When he was angry he was beautiful, making his pouted lips look cute that just made Duo want to kiss ? I'm not suppose to be thinking that, he thought to himself.

"Fine. Let me go." Duo saw Trowa drop the kid on the sidewalk and left without waiting to see if he was okay. Duo watched him dust himself off and glare at everything in surrounding site, including Duo. He looked almost asian, but Duo wasn't quite sure because Wu fei was asian and the other didn't look like Wu fei. Relena suddenly giggled after she said he is so cute. Duo's face turned into a scowl. The boy turned fully around to see who was laughing. Duo felt his heart jump out of his chest. His eyes were blue. Deep Prussian blue or cold cobalt, no matter how you look at they were beautiful. Duo now could see him better. His hair was messy but it looked as though it was created to look like that and his nose was straight and perfect, Duo moved towards his mouth to see a scowl on the beautiful luscious lip. His pants started to tighten as the other met his violet eyes with his blue. Duo felt the world stop. Anyone should die if they were that beautiful. With a glare that sent shivers down his spine, he turned around and left.

"I wonder who that was." Wu fei said. Duo nodded. He wanted to know exactly who he was, if he was dating anyone, how old he was, where does he live. Not necessarily in that order.