The departure of Heero left the school unfazed, yet there was an ominous atmosphere around the school after his abrupt withdrawal, leaving many questions unanswered. What would happen now?

Relena stood outside the building with her arms crossed, thinking about the sudden events of Heero leaving. Why hadn't she stopped him? It was selfish of her to watch the boy leave with such sadness in his heart; he wore his emotions on his sleeve that hour. And where was Trowa? For that matter, where was Duo?
The sound of gravel crunching under an extreme weight made her snap out of her reminiscence, and the familiar voices brought more questions to her over loaded mind. It was time she got them answered.

"Hurry up!" Duo shouted as he jumped out of the SUV, slamming the door. He got halfway up the steps before he saw Relena, standing in front of the door with a scowl and her arms crossed. If he didn't know any better, he'd think Relena was up to something; otherwise she would not be looking so serious right now. "Relena." He warily greeted.

"It's a pleasure to see you again Duo," Relena returned in a strained tone of anger, "I see you also have your friends. Where is Heero"

"What business is that to you?" Duo asked angrily.

"Well Duo, it's my business as well. Heero is my friend. Where is he?" She repeated, this time she stood in front of him and stared superiorly down at him.

"Quiet you two. Heero is in trouble." Wufei snapped as he rushed past the two of them and into the building with Meiran on his tail.
"Well, you heard the man. See ya' babe," Duo smiled sweetly before he followed Wufei into the building.

Duo pushed Wufei roughly aside as he rushed up the steps and into Heero's dorm room. It was closed, as expected. Duo let out a heavy sigh and closed his eyes when he got there.
The door was slightly ajar, and Duo felt his hope soar again. He slowly pushed the door open, half expecting to see the room a mess, the way they had left it, and half expecting to see it empty.
The sun was pouring through the once closed curtains, dust mites floating in the air. The bed was fixed and the closets closed. Duo trailed a finger along the bed, as the memory of his night with Heero came flooding back to him.

Duo dejectedly walked down the stairs, his arms hanging limply at his side with his head bowed. The group at the foot of the stairs became silent as Duo sullenly passed them.

"So did you find him?" Relena tonelessly asked as Duo passed her, followed by the others.

"No," Duo answered, the usual sarcasm in his voice gone. "I never had a chance to tell him"
"Come on Duo, maybe-maybe he'll call." Quatre hugged Duo, "I know he will"

"What makes you so sure?" Relena asked. "No one with a broken heart likes to think of the past. They would rather forget it"

"Who cares what you think Relena!" Duo suddenly shouted, "The point is he's gone"

"And it's your fault." Relena accused, her arms still crossed but her eyes were now hateful daggers. "And it's not what I think, Duo. Don't forget I was your first and Heero won't be your last. I know what it's like to have my hopes shattered. You couldn't make a commitment, so you told Heero to fuck off"

"I never said a thing like that to him"
"Oh, you are one heartless bastard," Relena retorted. "How exactly did you break up with him, huh"
"I never broke up with him, and how the fuck do you know about our personal affairs?" Duo angrily asked.
"Funny, earlier I saw Heero with a look of pure anguish. He sure looked heart broken to me."
Relena said, "It's easy to read emotions when their shining like a flashing red light"

"Heero looked like he was told that the world had come crashing down." Relena replied sharply, "I, for one, saw Heero Yuy vulnerable. And you know what Duo, this is the second time he displayed such emotion in front of me. I don't think he wants you, otherwise he would not be crying to me"
"You know Relena, I've had enough of your snobby attitude." Duo said, "I did not break up with him"
"Don't tell me that, tell that to him and them." She pointed behind Duo before walking back into the building.
Duo turned around to meet Trowa's clandestine eyes. It was clear that Trowa was ready to kill someone, namely Duo. "Is this true Duo"
"No, it's not"
Trowa did not respond, only stared at Duo. His expression was unreadable and Duo could not tell what he was thinking. "For some reason, I believe you."

"I did not hurt him." Duo said, "I may have said some things that sounded like I called this off, but I would never let Heero go"
"I thought you didn't lie." Quatre imperviously said, "I am disappointed in you Duo"
"I did not break up with him." Duo flatly said, "At least I didn't think I did. All I told him were two simple words. I am sure he understood it"
"Sometimes, you have to let go of the ones you love." Trowa said, apprehension dawning on his face. "Quatre, if I know J as well as I think I do, I am sure he would take the fastest route with an ignorant driver"
"But Heero is gone"
"Trust me, J doesn't care how stupid his staff is as long as they are not smarter than him." Trowa said, "As much as I know, there are many highways connected to the air port"
"Trowa I could kiss you." Duo said, hugging the cousin of Heero Yuy.

As soon as Quatre got onto the swiftest route possible, a familiar yellow car trailing behind him turned on a siren and identifiable lights of blue and red. With out any doubt, Quatre was forced to stop or get his license revoked if he didn't.

They all fidgeted under the police officer's intense gaze while Quatre tried to charm his way out of a ticket and onto more productive things.

"I told you I forgot it, but maybe we could make a deal." Quatre demurely said, having the look of an innocent angel about him and the cop cleared his throat, hoping to sound very intimidating. But to look so threatening was hard to do for the cop, under Trowa's intense gaze that clearly spoke volumes. Listen to Quatre or it won't be pretty.

"Sorry, son, but the law is the law. And without your license"

Just then a black limo passed them, and for a few seconds, time stopped as the car sped by. They all blinked and someone shouted. Without thought and with time moving slowly, Quatre kicked the pedal and did a U around the cop, following the fleeing car before them and time once again sped up.

"Are you sure that is it?" Wufei questioned a fidgeting Duo.

"How would I know? I am only relying on a gut feeling," Duo replied; his face grimly set as his eyes focused in on the car before them.

"The driving does look oddly familiar," Trowa commented as he chewed on his thumb, ignoring the blaring siren behind them and the fact that they were above the speed limit. "Must be... J's most spiteful servant"

"Are you insane, man?" Wufei shouted, "You are above the speed limit. The cop is chasing us and as we speak, he is probably getting back up"

"Right now Wufei, I could care less." Quatre said, skidding to a halt as the limo in front slowed down as it neared a turn off.

Quatre's timing couldn't have been any better, as his truck hit the bumper of the car. "Quatre..." Trowa trailed off questioningly, holding onto the door as if his very life depended on it.

"Hmm." Quatre blankly said, holding onto the steering wheel in a death grip as he stared intently at the door that opened, oblivious to the sirens coming from all sides and cars moving aside for the blaring cars of the police.

"Great..." Duo muttered, jumping out of the truck and then slamming the door as he fastidiously walked toward the car in front of them, whereas the driver was getting out also.

Heero sighed as he had a deep feeling of foreboding when the vehicle was hit from behind. It didn't take a genius to analyze the situation and come up with a conclusion.
Dr. J shifted slightly, yet his facial expression remained the same as he watched the driver step out to address the idiot that had the nerve to run into his vehicle.
Heero winced as he heard someone swear, rather loudly just a few feet from the limo. He heard familiar sirens heading their way and in the most likely scenario, Quatre and his friends would be taken back to school, where they had no chance of creating another episode like this.

"I am astounded at how many idiots there are these days." Dr. J said, moving his cane from one hand to the other, watching the scene unfold from the rear view mirror. "Very strange, Trowa Barton"

Heero didn't respond, only keeping his hands folded in his lap.
"What is that boy doing?" Dr. J panicked as they watch Trowa walk toward the car, with Duo behind him, leaving Quatre and Wufei to deal with the limo's angry driver.

Heero crossed his arms and impassively closed his eyes, listening to the approaching footsteps on the gravel. He tried not to feel excited, but it was impossible with Duo and Trowa coming to his side of the limo and opening the door.

"Get out." Trowa said as he opened the door, but Heero did not respond.
"It's been a while Mr. Barton," Dr. J said. "And who is your friend"

"What does it matter who I am?" Duo snapped. "What matters is that Heero is coming with us!"

"You are a very a stupid boy. I did not spend many grueling hours in the court fighting for this boy for you to take him away from me again!"

"So you can abuse him again!" Duo rebuffed, pushing Trowa aside as he crouched in front of Heero. "Heero, look at me"
Despite himself Heero did. Duo's eyes were begging him to leave and go with him to wherever Duo wanted.

"I don't care if you hate me, but please don't go"

"I've got my orders." Heero replied.
"You are not a soldier Heero, no matter what J says." Duo pleaded, "You belong with us, with me. Don't leave!"
"How noble of you," Dr. J said, "But Heero Yuy is not a freak like you!"

"I'm sorry Duo." Heero said, "I am going home"
"I can't let you do that." Duo said.
"You can't stop me." "What I said last night was just to cover my feelings for you." Duo urgently whispered, "I didn't mean it"
"Then why did you say it"

"Because I care about you." Duo replied before pulling Heero out of the back seat and into his embrace, "I won't let you go"

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