Duo inhaled the scent drifting from Heero's hair, vowing to always remember it. He held the boy close in his arms as he smiled from his earlier outburst. He couldn't let him leave, not like this and not forever.
Time stopped and reality faded as they held each other, intoxicated by a feeling that was unquenchable. Sounds went unheard and the surrounding distractions were, for a moment, nonexistent in their world.

"I think I feel the same way." Heero whispered; his heart throbbed in his chest like it was ready to burst from an indescribable emotion. He buried his face into the crook of Duo's shoulder, closing his eyes and encasing this moment in his memory.
"Heero…" Duo whispered. "What's wrong"
Heero opened his eyes and stared into the lavender orbs of his rescuer. "Nothing"
"Tell me what's wrong." Duo urged, shaking Heero by the shoulders. "Duo -" Heero began, but stopped as he instantly pushed Duo away and was forcibly pushed into the car; hitting the curve of the door.
Instantly everything faded back into reality but their screams went unheard as Heero clutched at the door with his last reserve, trying to stay awake.
Duo slowly reached out to him; cradling Heero in his arms as he ignored the red liquid spewing forth.
He wanted to scream, do something, anything, to soothe his beloved. Anything but helplessly sputtering nonsense from his mouth.

"Heero," Duo slowly caressed the boy's face and hair. "Heero, speak to me please"
"I - Duo," Heero slowly began to speak but then stopped as he felt Duo's mouth over his; it wasn't harsh but soft and emotional.
"Heero don't leave me…" He could feel tears falling on his face that were not his. "Don't you dare leave me, not when I finally found you. You hear me!" Duo cried harshly, bringing Heero's sodden face to his shoulders. "I love you!'

"You idiot!" Trowa seethed as he fiercely pushed his knee into Dr. J's back and twisted the man's arms behind him. "How could you"
The man was still in shock as he could feel Trowa Barton pushing him to the ground and wrestling away the gun.
"I didn't mean - the gun slipped- Maxwell - aiming for Maxwell. Not my Heero, not my beautiful Heero." Dr. J rambled on, unbelieving the ordeal himself. He did not shoot Heero Yuy. "I did not shoot him"
"Bullshit!" Trowa angrily muttered.
Dr. J stared blankly at Duo and Heero's entwined bodies, vacantly watching the blood become a puddle. "I didn't want to harm him." Dr. J muttered to himself "I was protecting him"
"I hope you die!" Trowa said before the officers pulled him up.

"Duo...I..."Heero attempted to speak again, but he was feeling tired. His eyes were beginning to close and his breathing was irregular as he everything started becoming very fuzzy. "Sssh, baby everything will be alright. Help will be here soon." Duo lovingly whispered as his breath softly caressed Heero's ears.
"Duo listen!" Heero managed to say as he looked up to Duo's eyes. "I'm dying"
"No, you're not." Duo stubbornly said; ignoring the frighten look in Heero's big blue eyes "Because I won't let you die"
"Duo, dammit, listen!" Heero managed to shout above the noise. Many emotions ran across Duo's face, most were confusion and anger.
"It's okay Heero, you're not dying. You're getting confused." Duo reassuringly said, "Everything will be okay." Duo didn't believe that himself, but Heero seemed to calm down a bit.
"Duo," Heero started again with tears falling down his face as he tried to get the other to listen. "I"
"I know." Duo said as he wrapped his arms tighter around the younger boy. "Just hang in there Heero, help will come soon"
"Duo, don't leave me." Heero audibly whispered before the darkness claimed him.

"In today's news," The newscaster began, "The Heir to the Yuy Enterprise has been reported as being wounded in a freak accident. He is in critical condition and reports have been coming in that his condition is getting worse..."

Static surrounded him. He could hear nothing; he was deaf to the world. He was dead to the world. The lobby was full and yet it was empty. There was no love, save for his. It was like a TV soap opera, only he was the butt of a joke and this was no dramatic irony. Since yesterday's events, everything seemed to blur into nothingness and his friends were unwilling to budge from their spots in the waiting room. He wanted to be alone.
Hours passed like seconds, and after what seemed like forever, a nurse finally came out.
"Mr. Barton," She said politely to Heero's next of kin and Duo pitifully turned his attention towards her. "The operation was a success and he is in stable condition"
"Will he be okay?" Duo interrupted before she could go on. He didn't want to hear what the grave news was, as long as Heero will be alright.
"Yes, he'll be okay." Duo let out a sigh of relief.
Duo expectantly looked at her.
"I am afraid Heero Yuy will be in a comatose state for a long period of time"
"For how long?" Trowa's voice was coarse as he quietly asked.
She sat beside him as she paced her hands over his. "It is uncertain if he will wake up. There is extensive damage to his right lobe, nothing serious. At the moment, we are uncertain if he will have amnesia when he wakes up"
"Will he wake or not?" Duo demanded, clearly frustrated with the run around the nurse had been giving them.
"It all depends on him." She replied passively, unfazed by Duo's rudeness.
"What do you mean?" Quatre asked, his aquamarine eyes flared with emotions of concern.
"It depends on Mr. Yuy if he wants to return to this world or not."


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