Phoebe's soccer team


Riiiiiiiing, the school bell rang, the doors flipped open and a bunch of guys and girls ran outside, yelling, and pushing. It was 4:00 o'clock, school was over and it was Friday.

Yes! thank God is Friday, said Phoebe as she too ran outside the school building. She was in such a hurry to get home, that she didn't see a girl in front of her, kneeling down trying to tie her shoes, "oops", she said as she tripped over her. Both of them fell heavily on the floor. "Sorry" - said Phoebe - I didn't see you there, - here, let me give you a hand, She quickly got up and bent down to help the girl, which was still sitting down on the floor. Oh!, I can see you are a little upset, right? Come on!, I said I was sorry, -said Phoebe showing her best smile and trying to pull the girl from the floor-

"Leave me alone" you stupid bitch. Just leave it there. - said the girl hitting Phoebe's hand with her notebook. Well. Someone had a bad day, I can really tell that. Said Phoebe and she continued her way to the school's parking lot. She ran faster until she got to her bike. -Ok, home it is-she said - and she started her way home, grabbing her backpack with one hand and the bike's handle with the other. She just couldn't wait to get home, Prue and Piper had promised to take her out for a movie and a late pizza.- Wow, can't wait to get home, what will it be, pepperoni or sausage? Which movie shall I pick, freaky Friday or bad boys two? Can't seem to make up my mind here. Maybe I can get my sisters to go and see both of them. Yeah, I can probably do that. She was completely immersed in her thoughts, barely paying attention to the road.

What the hell happened? Asked Julia as she helped her little sister to get up from the floor. That stupid girl! Which one? The so called "star" of the Football team! What about her? Well are you blind or something? She threw me to the floor. She did? ... That bitch!... Don't worry, I'll take care of this. Where did she go? Over there, -she got up and pointed her finger to the parking lot- Come on, lets go. Julia helped her sister up and they both grabbed Jane's books from the floor. They ran to their car and quickly drove to the street, trying desperately to find her:

Slower, go slower,- said Jane - or we are going to loose her. What do you mean slower? If I don't rush we will loose her for sure. What are you talking about? We just passed her. What? Yelled Julia hitting the brake and making a loud tire screech. She's riding her bike, you moron. Well, why didn't you tell me that before? Well I'm telling you now, make a u turn quickly.

Julia turned her car around and she quickly spotted Phoebe, she was determined to make her pay, she was so enraged for what she did to her young sister, and without giving her a chance to react, she drove her car directly to Phoebe, throwing her up in the air, making her land roughly on the sidewalk. The car just drove away without even stopping to find out what happened to the popular football soccer star. Julia laughed loudly- That's what you get for messing around with my sister, she grabbed a pill from her pocket and threw it into her mouth. Jane saw her, and just nodded without saying a word. What? - asked Julia sounding angry. What do you mean "What"? You know very well I saw you take one of those after lunch, and now you are taking another one? Oh come on.. just get off my back, I know perfectly well what I'm doing, so back off. Yeah, yeah, yeah, do what you want, it's your body, not mine. She turned on the stereo and looked outside the window. Hey, I think it's going to rain!, she said as if nothing just happened. She didn't even turn her head back to watch Phoebe. The car just kept going, nobody saw them do it, or probably nobody cared. Luckily for them, there were no witnesses nearby.

Shit! - Phoebe said to herself when she saw the car coming down straight to her. She tried to turn away from the car but unfortunately she couldn't, she just closed her eyes tightly.


Prue's car pulled over the manors driveway. She entered the house and ran to her bedroom in a hurry. I'm home Piper! Is Phoebe home already from school? She asked as she opened the door to her room.

No, she's not back yet, but now that you mention it, she should have been here by now answered Piper standing just outside of Prue's bedroom, looking at her wristwatch.

Did you try dialing her cell phone? No, because she left it in the kitchen's table this morning after breakfast. See? What did I tell you? What's the point of buying her a cell phone if she never uses it, besides, this is the third phone in 4 months, she just never takes care of them, she's just so careless and. and. Come on Prue, don't start with this again! We've been through this over and over I know that she is not careful but she needs the Phone, she needs to be in contact with us, you know it! Oh all right, all right, have it your way, but I still think she's just... Prue was suddenly interrupted by the phone ring. She threw herself on the bed and reached out to grab the phone. Yeah? Is this Phoebe Halliwell's home? Yes, who's this? I'm Dr. Peter Langley, from the SFMH.. What?, what is it? is it about my sister? What happened? Is she ok? Well, she had an accident, your sister has been hit by a runaway car and she's in the ER right now... What?, but how is she?, we'll be there in a few minutes, thank you very much. She hung up the phone, grabbed Piper's hand and said - Come on Piper, we have to get to the hospital, Phoebe has been taken to the OR- What?-said Piper while following Prue directly to the car. Come on, I'll explain on the way.

They arrived at the hospital and headed directly to the ER; they stumbled in running, but suddenly they were stopped by a nurse in the check up front desk. Sorry girls, you have to wait in here, no one is allowed to go inside. Excuse us, but we want to see our sister, Phoebe Halliwell, a Dr. Langley phoned our house telling us about our sister being brought in because of a car accident. Oh, yes, that girl, she's ok now, but poor thing, she was crying in pain when she got here. Can we see her? Please? Yes, let me see if Dr. Langley is available so that he can explain about your sister's condition. The nurse picked up a microphone and called Dr. Langley.

You must be Phoebe Halliwell's sisters. Said the Doctor taking off his eyeglasses. Yes, Doctor, I'm Prue and this is my sister Piper, Piper Halliwell. Hello girls, nice to meet you, now let me take you to your sister, she's been asking for you since she was brought in. How is she Doctor? Is it serious? Well, Miss Halliwell, those are very serious injuries, but fortunately she's out of danger now, with some rest and the proper cares, she'll be up and walking at no time. What do you mean up and walking? Is she really that hurt? I'm afraid so, Miss Halliwell, you see, she broke her left leg and tore her knee's ligaments; she dislocated her shoulder and one of her three broken ribs perforated her left lung. Right now she's having trouble breathing, that's why we are helping her with an oxygen mask, but we'll take it off in a couple of days, as soon as she regains strength. But she really needs to rest, you must know how serious knee injuries are, not to mention her lung. She will be in a lot of pain for a while, so that's why she has to take a lot of painkillers and tranquilizers as well. Piper stopped walking, took a deep breath and bit her lip to hush her cry. Prue also stopped, and turned around to see her sister, who had fell behind. "come on sweetie, it's ok, she will be fine, you'll see. Prue walked to Piper's side and held her tight in her arms.

What are we going to do Prue?, -Piper asked crying- I don't think I can handle this, she is really hurt this time, and what if she can't walk again?.. Calm down honey. -Prue whispered still holding her-she'll be ok, she has to. The doctor stopped outside Phoebe's room and opened the door. I'll wait outside, you go in and try to calm her down, she's too nervous, even though we've given her a sedative, she is still fighting it. You call me if you need me. Prue whispered a simple yes, took a deep breath and walked inside the room, almost pulling Piper against her will. They just stood there, in silent, without being able to move, Phoebe looked so helpless, so hurt. Piper tightened her grip to her sister's hand and started crying. Prue held her sister against her chest and closed her eyes. "Shhh", it's ok baby, we have to stay calmed, we have to be strong, Phoebe is not supposed to see us like this when she wakes up" -said Prue wiping some tears away from her face- You are right Prue, we must be there for her, we must pull her through. See, that's the spirit. We will... everything is going to be ok. She walked slowly to Phoebe's side, and touched her cheeks was so cold. Phoebe slowly opened her eyes and when she saw her sisters she started crying. It's ok sweetie, we're here, we're here -said Prue, kissing her sister's forehead. What happened baby? -asked Piper holding Phoebe's hand- Piper! this is not really the right time, let her rest, she will be able to tell us what happened later.-Said Prue in a soft whisper. It's .o..k,..-said Phoebe closing her eyes- It's not that I can remember anyway. 's enough. You shouldn't be talking, try and get some sleep -said Prue as she pulled a blanket to cover Phoebe's chest and kissed her again. Piper kissed Phoebe's hand and bend down to her ear. - I'll be right here baby, I won't leave your side-she whispered. Phoebe drew a weak smile and barely moved her head to nod.


That was awesome Julia!-said Jane laughing while resting in her bedroom's rug. Yeah!.it was, wasn't it.-replied Julia staring at the ceiling, as if she was reliving the whole accident scene in her mind-"That will teach her not to go around pushing little sisters around"-and started laughing again- - Hey, but what if she tells the police who did it?..asked Jane, trying to get up from the floor- Are you stupid or just playing dumb?-asked Julia still lying down - She never saw who did it!. it was so fast that she.. Me stupid? -interrupted Jane-look who's talking, as if no one knew your stupid red convertible with Ozzie's picture on the hood. You think she noticed?-asked Julia innocently- Jane rolled her eyes back and bent down to her sister's side- "hello, someone in there?"-said as she knocked on her sister's head- you better stop swallowing those pills or you are going to end up like Ozzie yourself! Alright. Alright, you've made your point-said Julia getting up- don't worry, I'll make sure she doesn't speak. Let's find out what the hell happened to her first, maybe she's dead by now-she smiled at her own idea- - Ok, let's do that, because I'm not going to jail again, do you hear me?- said Jane as she left the room. Gee! That girl is nuts!, where did I put my pills?-said Julia opening her backpack trying desperately to find them inside- "Coming Julia?!-shouted Jane from downstairs- Yeah, yeah, I'll be right there, -she swallowed another pill and ran downstairs, brushing her hair on the way. What were you doing over there? Nothing..just...nothing. Ok, hop in the car, let's go to the hospital to find out how is she or if she even survived-Jane smiled and gave Julia the keys to her mother's car.- Is it ok if we take mom's car?- asked Julia. Trying hardly to stay focused. No, it's not ok-answered Jane staring to Julia's eyes-it won't be ok if I let you drive, but it will be ok if we take it, because mom is not home, remember?, she is going to be out of town for the weekend. Oh, yeah, I remember that-stated Julia opening the car's door- you drive little sis! Jane rolled back her eyes again and nodded- she's so high! -thought to herself, and drove to the hospital.

They arrived at the ER and sat there, just waiting to hear something about the accident, trying to be unnoticed so that nobody could suspect about them. You better sleep for a while -said Jane-or someone here will notice that you are stoned high. Yeah, yeah, ok. -said Julia, closing her eyes and resting her head on the wall- Jane got up quickly from her seat as soon as she heard a nurse saying the word Halliwell.

-Yes, she finally is sleeping, her sisters are with her right now.- Is she out of danger?-asked another nurse from behind the counter- Well, she is out of danger, but she's still critical. And what about the police officer? Was he able to talk to her? No, he said he was going to be back tomorrow. I told him that she was too weak to speak. Good, maybe tomorrow we'll find out what really happened. Yeah. I'm leaving right now, my shift is over. Please take good care of that girl, I know her, she's a friend of my daughter. Which daughter? Betty? No, Angela, they both are in the School's Soccer Team. Fine, don't worry. I'll take good care of her.

Jane sat dawn and woke Julia up. She told her that they had to do something right away, before it was too late. And they decided to wait for the right moment. I'm sorry, young ladies, but only one of you can stay for the night -said the nurse as she entered Phoebe's room- Piper stood up and turned to Prue-Please, let me stay-she said softly- But why can't we both stay? Asked Prue to the nurse- Sorry miss, hospital's policies. Ok, Piper, you stay, I'll be back early tomorrow morning, and please , I know I don't have to ask you this, but take good care of her. Of course, said Piper kissing her big sister on the cheek.

It was 11:00 pm, Phoebe started to move, slowly, she opened her eyes and asked for her sisters. She wanted to get up, but she found out that she couldn't, it was too painful. She couldn't move her leg. She got scared when she saw it completely lifted up and wrapped in a white cask. She started crying. She knew that the soccer season was over for her. Shhh, baby, calm down, you'll be ok, this will be over at no time, I promise - said Piper holding Phoebe's hand softly- It hurts Piper - said Phoebe closing her eyes- Hold on sweetie, I'll go get the Doctor.

As soon as Piper left the room, Julia stepped in and went directly to Phoebe's side. She grabbed Phoebe's hair and strongly pulled it. Ouch!. Cried Phoebe-what do you want?, who are you?-asked Phoebe wincing in pain- I think you don't want to know who am I, but what I want is really simple, If you open your mouth about the little accident you had this afternoon, I'll kill you! And this time I won't fail, do you understand? - asked Julia letting go Phoebe's hair and striking her on her ribs with both hands. Or even better, I'll kill one of your stupid sisters, you know how good I am with my car, don't you? Phoebe shouted and closed her eyes tightly, the pain was too much for her, she was just able to whisper yes and she immediately passed out.

Julia left the room in a hurry, and went directly to her sister's side. "Done", she said proudly. Are you sure? -asked Jane sounding a little bit worried- Trust me, she won't speak. And if she does, she dies, just as simple as that-said Julia Smiling evilly.

The nurse entered Phoebe's room running, followed by a nervous Piper, only to find Phoebe unconscious. Is she ok?-asked Piper hoping to hear a comforting answer - Yes, don't worry, I'll give her a shot for the pain, and she will be fine. Piper hugged her baby sister and hoped for the morning to come. She didn't want to be alone with her, she was afraid of not being able to calm he down. She wanted her big sister to be back soon. She needed her desperately.

Finally, the sun came out. Piper woke up to find Prue on her side.-Prue, why didn't you wake me up? How long have you been in here?-asked Piper wiping her eyes- Long enough to talk to the doctor and to give Phoebe a little orange juice- answered Prue smiling- Phoebe? You mean Phoebe is awake? - she lifted her head to see her baby sister. She was awake, looking at Piper, and smiling. Hey you!-said Piper as she hugged her sister and kissed her on her forehead.- Phoebe just smiled and touched Piper's cheek softly. Are you ok? are you in any pain? Do you need something?-Piper asked softly stroking back Phoebe's hair- No. -Phoebe managed to answer in a soft weak voice- She's better Piper, she might be able to go home tomorrow-said Prue as she also stroked Piper's hair back. But the Doctor said that.. I've already talked to the Doctor, and he said that it was probably better for her to make a faster recovery at home, than here. I told him how she felt about hospitals. Those are great news Prue, -Piper said smiling- I know honey, I know. Prue kissed Piper and also draw a big smile on her face.

There's only one thing I want to know, said Prue- What?-asked Piper weary- Who did this to our sister? -said Prue turning her head around to face Phoebe- I don't remember Prue, I told you before, I didn't' even see the car coming, it happened too fast, I. I. wasn't paying attention to the road. I. started crying, but not because of her injuries, but because of what the girl that came into her room the night before, said to her.- It's ok, honey, it's ok. You don't have to remember, calm down- said Piper, softly touching Phoebe's face and staring directly to Prue's eyes- What's the matter with you, you're upsetting her-whispered Piper annoyingly. Sorry sweetie, didn't mean to upset you-said Prue kissing Phoebe- No, I'm the one that's sorry, sorry for not remembering, and sorry to make you worry about me. Phoebe, don't say that honey, you know we love you very much baby, so please, don't feel sorry, just get better, for you, for us, ok?- said Piper hugging her- Thank you guys-said Phoebe with a sweet soft voice-

Four weeks have passed. Phoebe was ready to go to school after all she had to suffer. Long painful nights, longer painful days, pain shots, tranquilizers and worst of all, horrible scary nightmares. Nightmares of that car heading directly to her on purpose, nightmares of that girl threatening to kill her or one of her sisters. She was scared, really scared, but she had to go back to school anyway, she didn't want her sisters to find out about her fears so she was determined to solve things out by herself.

Are you sure you are feeling ok?-asked Prue to her little sister while drinking a cup of coffee. Yes, I am sure, stop worrying- answered Phoebe with a mouthful- I'm."fffeelin fsine" My God Phoebe, I can't understand a word you're saying, didn't mom ever thought you not to speak with your mouth full? "I said I am feeling fine"-said Phoebe smiling- You better not over do it missy, because if you do, I'll make sure you stay home for another month, understand?- said Piper kissing her baby sister's head- Yeah, ok, I'll be careful, I promise.-answered Phoebe grabbing her back pack from the table-Let's go Prue, I don't want to be late. Alright-said Prue smiling- I guess we better go then, I'll see you tonight at the club sis, She kissed Piper and both of them left the house.