Anime: *Bangs head against various objects* Trigun Duh! Pairings: Er sorta Reba and Knives, nothing major Rated: PG-13 because Trigun is PG-13 Ownage: No for Reba WARNING: may be SLIGHTLY have fun

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Black Sheep

What would have happened if Vash had abandoned Knives in the desert after the shoot-out? Someone (hehe) would help of course! :p And give me a break this is my first fanfic! (

He awoke to the feel of fingers over his face. It startled him for he was not used to being touched that way. If he had had the strength he would have smacked the hand away. As it was he could only move his head slightly to get away from the intimate touch. "Hey, lie still." Her voice came, strong, commanding. "Where?" was all he could manage to say. "Well mister," she said "you are lying in the middle of the desert, in an I don't really know what it is you're wearing." She said as she observed his space suit. He wanted her to stop talking, her voice made him feel inferior, it was an emotion he wasn't used to and he didn't like it. "What the hell?" he mumbled before he passed out again. Voices, voices, and that one clear strong voice, inside his head? "You're lucky that you got him here so fast, punched full of bullet holes, I'm amazed he survived." There is a mumbled reply followed by the sound of a door closing. He turns his head to see the girl watching him. She smiles and he again has the feeling of being inferior. "Who the hell are you?" "You're welcome." She says sarcastically "but, to answer your question my name is Reba. And now it's my turn to inquire about your name." "Knives." He says voice thick with contempt. All of a sudden she starts laughing. "You know, I saw the whole thing. The shoot-out with that blonde guy and how he whipped your ass!" She becomes subdued again. "And how he left you lying there." Knives snorts in disgust. He didn't need some inferior being's sympathy. Her head jerks up at the sound. "You obviously don't appreciate what I did for you. Do you know how freaking hard it was to tote your heavy ass for 12 miles?" Now it was Knive's turn to be surprised. " me all that way?" "Well I didn't teleport you." All this time Knives had been looking over the girl's head now he sat up to get a full view of her. She had dark red hair the color blood would be if it got mixed with violet paint. She was wearing a leather jacket over a blood red shirt and a leather mini skirt with knee high black boots. He was quite taken aback. This was not normal apparel for the human women. She noticed him staring. "Pretty cool huh? This is pretty much my whole wardrobe since it cost so much. I still wear it even though it got a little bit of wear and tear in it." She motioned toward a rip in the shoulder Knives instantly recognized as a bullet hole. He kept staring at her. He was trying to take her in at once but whenever he closed his eyes the mental image eluded him. Suddenly they heard crashes and gunshots from the hall. Her head jerks toward the door at the same time her face is contorting into a mask of anger. Suddenly the door is broken down and in the frame stands a huge man with tattoos and a very large shotgun. His eyes scan the room passing over Knives and landing on Reba. "So you think you got away you little bitch?! I told you to stand at that corner and wait for the men!" "I told you before Tom, I'm not a prostitute you can exploit." Her anger mask is still in place but her eyes are calm. "I own you girl! You had better learn your place! How will I ever make any money if you continue to do the same thing you did last night?!" "Refresh me Tom, what did I do?" She says while leaning back in her chair. "You stupid bitch! You know you shot the man who tried to pick you up then you killed the driver too!" Reba smiles maliciously at Tom. "That's right Tom, are you going to cry because I shot your customers?" Tom looks he's about have stroke and Knives is totally dumbstruck. "I let him think he could have me for a minute or so, then when he opened his mouth and started drooling, I thought to myself 'That's such a big hole to leave open' so I filled it with the barrel of my gun. The driver was really sad his buddy was gone so I took the liberty of putting him out of his misery." Tom had obviously heard enough for he was now shaking with fury. All Reba saw was a blur of motion as Tom's fist connected with her temple. Reba groaned and opened her eyes to find herself face to face with a pair of ice blue eyes as forgiving as death. "AAGGGHHHH! WHAT THE HELL?" her voice shattered the silence of the humid night air. Knives stumbled backwards pushing his finger against his eardrum. "Ow." he says then starts chuckling. "You sure have a loud voice for such a usually soft spoken chick." Reba shakes her head and looks around her, wondering how she got out into the desert. "Dude, why am I laying out in the desert?" She inquires. "Well," says Knives *flashback* Tom is breathing heavily overlooking the body of the prostrate Reba and Knives is still sitting on the bed wondering what the hell is going on. Tom kneels down beside her and points his gun at her head. "Die bitch." He whispers huskily. Tom suddenly feels the pressure of a gun barrel against the back of his head. "You will not shoot her." Says the unfamiliar voice. "Like hell I won't." Tom answers back as he begins to pull the trigger. The pressure from the barrel intensifies and the last thing he hears is "Have it your way spider." *End flashback* Reba looks down at her now ruined outfit. "So, the blood I'm splattered 't mine?" Knives was looking absently in the direction of the town and thinking about Vash. "Come on we should get moving." Knives shakes his head to clear away the thoughts. "What?" "Tom's friends will soon discover this little incident involving him and will trace it back to me." Reba says. "Where would we go, I mean, there is nothing for me, anywhere," Knives states. Reba sighs and says "You're no fun. What's the point of going on an adventure if you already know where you are going?" Knives opens his mouth, and then closes it again. "You have shattered the essence of my point. And by the way, why did you help me?" He asks. "Well I couldn't just leave you lying there, but toting you back took so much energy out of me I didn't have the strength to fight with Tom...sympathy, sometimes I wish it was an emotion I didn't posses." Knives smiles inside of himself. How many times had he thought about the human nature, how they would sacrifice themselves for the good of another. Although he didn't like thinking about it, this girl was someone he could relate to. "Come on Knives! You think too much and walk too little! Let's go!" Knives was now having second thoughts about relating to her, much less coming with her. He looked towards the town one last time then set off after Reba.