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Knives was getting really tired of hearing Reba bitch at him the entire

time they were running from the cops. So, he did the only logical thing a

pissed off superior being in his position would do. He backhanded her across

the face with as much force as was plantly (A/N: Not humanly mind you)

possible and screamed at her to shut up. He didn't need to. As soon as his

hand connected with her cheek she passed out. (A/N: By now you know

Reba is no ordinary vampire. She can walk around in daylight, drink coronas

and get drunk, but if you've been paying attention, you would've noticed she

has limited powers.)

Knives reveled in the wonderful silence all the way to the next town.

It took at least, by his calculations, 10 hours to get there. As soon as he

pulled up in front of a decent looking hotel he realized he would have to

carry her in. He thought for a second then got a malicious grin on his face.

He quietly shut his door and walked into the motel and up to the reception

desk. "One room." He snarled to the lady behind the desk. She curled her lip

up at him but gave him a key none the less.

Knives made a mental note to kill her later; he was too tired now. He

walked up to the room and flopped down on the bed. What Knives had

noticed about this town was that it was many miles out into the desert and

exceedingly far away from any other cities and yet, it didn't have a plant.

Knives silently wondered how they stayed alive without some of his sisters

to drain. He stared at the ceiling (A/N: Knives has a tendency to do that in

my fics huh?) and slowly slipped off to sleep. As he was drifting off to sleep,

he didn't notice what was drifting out of the night sky outside his window.

Reba awoke suddenly, shivering with cold. It was completely dark

out, not that it bothered her, but even though it was totally black, she could

tell something was off. Wrong. Amiss. She sat up and realized she was still

in the police jeep and Knives was nowhere to be found.

She opened her eyes wider and dilated her pupils to let in as much

light as she could. She saw a dark blob, which slowly came into focus and

recognized it as a building. A hotel most likely judging by all the cars in

front of it this late at night.

She swung her legs around and opened the door and was just about to

get out of the jeep when her bare calves brushed something. She jumped

back in and slammed the door faster than you can say "Chinese chickens"

(A/N: Go on! Say it!) She shuddered and rubbed her bare legs. It was colder

than she thought it was.

She stopped vigorously rubbing her frozen legs when she noticed

there was moisture on the back of them. She looked quizzically at her leg

then back out the door. Her eyes got wider as she noticed white flakey things

drifting down out of the sky and piling up on the ground. She opened the

door again and jumped out in the snow. "Hell yeah! I haven't seen snow in

forever!" She yelled as she danced about, a dark blotch against a white and

black backdrop. (A/N: Yay! Wow! Snow on Gunsmoke! Whee! What kind

of chaos will this unexpected event bring?)

She quickly remembered how cold snow was and fell back to

shivering and rubbing her arms. She looked at the hotel longingly then

thought it was very logical that Knives might be in there. "Stupid idiot.

Going in the nice warm hotel and leaving me in the jeep. Just like him." She

mumbled as she walked towards the front door. She pushed open the door

and came tumbling in along with some snowflakes. She brushed the hair out

of her eyes and the flakes off her jacket and looked around.

Her eyes fell on a lady asleep at the reception desk. Reba smiled

slightly and made her way up to her. She tapped her lightly on the shoulder

and the lady snorted and started to stir. Reba giggled. The lady looked up at

the sudden noise and then smiled warmly. "Hello there. Would you like a

room?" She asked in a polite business like fashion.

"Well actually I think my friend may have already gotten a room. He

is about 6'9'' and has blonde hair and a little rude?" She asked.

The lady's smile was replaced by a tight-lipped frown. "You're with him? Is

he dragging you along? He's not raping you is he? Do you want me to call

the cops?" "No, no...none of that...could you just tell me where his room

is? I'm a little tired." The lady, still with a concerned frown on her face gave

Reba the room number and an extra room key. "Thanks!" Reba called back

as she started down the hall.

She laughed quietly to herself as she quickly walked down the

darkened hall. People are so weird, she thought to herself. You used to be

one, said her miniature conscience in a singsong voice. She snorted, who

cares? That was a long time ago. She thought back to her life before she was

changed. When she still lived on Earth. (A/N: Oooh! Plot twist! Some of

Reba's past is revealed!) Knives probably thinks I'm human, she says to

herself. No matter, I know he's not. I wonder if he's like me? Probably not.

His aura is too clear. Although he is pretty much immortal, he will die

sometime. That much I can tell. What is he?

She shook her head trying to clear all the mind ravaging questions and

pushed open the door to Knives room. She immediately smiled as she saw

Knives sprawled out on the bed face down snoring lightly. She was again hit

forcefully by the innocence she saw before her.

She stopped smiling. I shouldn't be here, she thought to herself. I

don't want him to be like me, yet I don't want to kill him, I should leave

then he could live out the rest of his I-am-a-superior-jerk-life. I don't want

him to live the curse I do...She continued pondering this until Knives rolled

over and let out a loud grunt and something that sounded like "Bitch" Reba

stifled giggles. She guessed he was talking about her. I shouldn't be worried;

she consoled herself, at least not yet. I'll just find out what he is, then I'll


She tiptoed quietly into the room and noticed it was a lot colder in

there than it was in the lobby. She shivered involuntarily. She looked around

and noticed there was only one bed. "Figures," she grumbled under her

breath. At least it's king sized. She kicked off her boots and walked over to a

corner Knives wasn't taking up. She pulled down the covers and got under. much warmer under the sheets. She pulled them up closer to her

and closed her eyes. They immediately shot back open when Knives

suddenly rolled over, draped his arm around her waist, and pulled her

towards him.

She gulped wondering if he would kill her when she heard "So

dark...Rem? Warm..." She let out a silent whoosh of pent up air. Good

thing he's still asleep, she thought. She tried to loosen his hands and slip out,

she would sleep on the floor now, but Knives had a death grip on her waist.

Damn, shit, damn, shit, damn, shit, growled quietly as Knives

continued to clamp harder and harder onto her stomach. Suddenly Reba

realized that Knives was in nothing but boxers. She became extremely red in

the face as all her awareness seemed to go into her back where Knives bare

chest was pushed against her.

"Rem! Don't go! Wait! It's too dark! Nothing!" Wonder who this

"Rem" character is, she thought as she tried to forget about the muscular

stomach and chest she was being held against.

Knives suddenly stopped talking and started to whimper. Reba

immediately wondered if he was sick or something. He will kill me when he

finds out I know what he does in his sleep, she mused. Knives continued to

whimper although his grip was loosening. Reba quickly slipped out and

looked back at him. His face was contorted in childlike fear and he was

shivering. (A/N: Awww!)

She walked back to the bed and pulled the covers back up and around

him and sang a song her mom had taught her. "So, on the first evening a

pebble, from somewhere out of nowhere drops upon a dreaming world."

Knives seems to calm down considerably as he stops shaking and

whimpering at the same time. She brushed some choppy blonde hair out of

his face and quickly steps back away from him, not wanting to be caught in

his guillotine grip again. She walked to the door and looked back at the now

peacefully sleeping Knives, she smiled, then went out to get something to

eat. (A/N: No, Rem is not Reba's mom, and yes she is going to go kill


Knives jerked awake from yet another of his nightmares. "Shit," he

mumbles. He dreamed about her again. He did a quick glance outside before

jumping out of bed to slip into some pants. He suddenly stops struggling

with a pair of jeans; he had been starting to wear human clothes so as not to

attract so much attention, and looks back out the window.

His eyes bug out and his mouth drops as he stares at the whiteness

before him. He stands up, letting his jeans fall back to the ground forgotten,

and walks slowly over to the window. (A/N: Knives boxers have little

yellow duckies on them! XD) He stares out at the stark brightness of the

new-fallen snow. "What the hell is that?" He says to himself.

He presses his face to the window and pulls back suddenly as his

breath makes a frosty pattern on the window. He stares at it for a second

then leans forward and blows again on the pane. His eyes narrow in

confusion at the strange sight and he lifts his finger and drags it through the

fog making a pattern.

Knives suddenly notices how cold it is in the room. He shivers and

runs back to pick up his jeans, a tee shirt, and his gun. He pulls on his

clothes, cocks his gun, and makes his way down to the lobby to see what the

white stuff is.

On his way down he hears people talking in confusion in the halls

about all the new substance outside and how no one is out there except for a

woman with red-brown hair. Knives catches some snatches of conversation

as he walks by. "Wow she is a hottie! Do you think she knows what it is?"

"If you ask me, I think the sand turned white!" "No way I'm not going out

there! You go out there!" "Do you think it's radio-active?"

Knives snorted in disgust. Stupid humans. Talking about it but to

scared to go investigate. A guy sees him walking toward the door and yells

"Hey mister! I wouldn't go out there if I were you!" "Shut up human! I will

do as I please!" Knives snarled as he pointed his gun at the man. "Fine! Suit

yourself you jerk!" Knives growled, he would have killed the human male

right then and there if he wasn't so curious about the snow.

He slowly walked to the door and opened it a crack. He became aware

of all the humans in the lobby looking at him. His eye twitched slightly and

he opened the door more. He peeked through the crack and was hit by a rush

of freezing wind and some flakes of snow. He forced himself to keep his

eyes open and opened the door all the way. He looked out at a barren white

landscape, sparkling like a million diamonds with the sun upon it. He

sweeped his eyes across it until he landed on a sculpture made out of snow

sitting right in front of the hotel.

It was made of three balls of the white powder. The biggest on the

bottom, then a smaller one in the middle, then the very smallest on top of

that. It looked like it had rocks for eyes, a button for a nose, a cigar sticking

out of the mouth, and twigs for arms. "Like a human made out of white

sand." He mumbled.

"Hey Knives! Think fast!" Came a cry he knew so well before a ball

of the white stuff came streaking out of nowhere and smacked him across

the right side of his face. He stood there, rooted to the spot then jumped

about three feet in the air as some of it slipped down his pants and tee shirt.

He fell to the ground and began rolling around as the freezing crystals

melted against his unprotected skin. It was only after he fell to the ground

did he realize that the substance melts. He stood up totally soaked and his

face completely red, not just from the snowball. He jerked his head toward

Reba and gave her a glare that could melt all the snow for miles around, then

discovered she wasn't looking at him.

She couldn't look at anything if she had wanted to.

She was rolling on the ground her face almost blue from laughing so

hard and was pounding the ground with her fists. He stalked up to her and

stood over her looking like he would kill her as soon as she stopped laughing

if not before. She grabbed onto his leg for support as she tried to sit up. She

looked up at his face and immediately burst out laughing again and falling

back to the ground. Knives reached down swiftly and stuck his gun under

her nose.

Her laughter subsided and she went cross-eyed staring at the barrel of

the black colt. "Come on Knives! Can't you take a joke?!" She asked. "A

'joke' you say it was?!" Knives yells at her. "You smack me across the face

with some unknown substance and christen it funny?!" He is completely out

of it now, his gun is pressing so hard under her nose she wouldn't be

surprised if it started bleeding.

"What do you mean 'unknown' substance?!" She yells right back.

"Don't you know what snow is-oh." It dawns upon her suddenly that the

inhabitants of Gunsmoke have never seen snow before. Knives notices the

change and clarity on her features that he pulls the gun away from her nose

and taps her lightly on the forehead with it to get her attention.

"'Snow?'" He sounds out the word, his face making a huge "O"

shape. "What is this snow?" Reba sighs, lifts a handful of it, cups his hands

and dumps it in. "That is snow." She says bluntly. Knives glares at it then

quickly shoves it in her face. "I know," more snow in her face, "that

human." More snow. "I want," more snow, "to know," more snow, "WHAT

it is." Reba coughs and scrapes at her face with her fingernails and claws the

snow out of her ears. She finally is able to look up to see Knives

looking at her with a smirk.

She growls at him, lifts another handful, and takes a bite of it. Knives

looks at her quizzically as she eats it.

"Snow is water. I don't know how it happened because we seem to

have no excess water on this planet, but it did. Snow happens when water

evaporates and its cold down here, and when it rains, don't know

what rain is either do you?" She asked. Knives stared at her blankly. Reba

lets out a whoosh of air. "Ok. Rain is water falling out of the clouds. Snow

happens when it's really cold that the water freezes and forms ice crystals.

Then they fall to the ground and there you have it."

Knives continued to give her the I-have-no-idea-what-you-are-talking-

about-look that you might give your science teacher. Reba rolled her eyes

and said, "It's water, that's all you need to know." She got up brushed

herself off and then shoved the rest of her snowball down the back of his

shirt and quickly ran off laughing like an idiot to the nearest bar.

Knives yelped as once again, snow found its way underneath his

clothes. He reached back and pulled the biggest hunk out of the back of his

shirt and stalked after Reba.

He found her sitting on a stool in the very back of the bar all ready

with a shot glass in front of her, and her signature drunken grin on her face.

He stomps up to her and grabs her by the neck and slams her down on the

bar. "Jeez Knives! Calm down!" She says. Knives tightened his grip on her

throat then sighed and let go of her.

He was still curious. He wanted to know what she was, and killing her

would put a damper on his search for answers. Not at all productive.

He slumped down in the stool next to her, ready to wait out her bar

stay. He would take her back to the hotel and question her; he might get

more answers with her being drunk. "Why didn't I think of that before?" He

mumbles angrily to himself.

A cocktail waitress with fake holly in her hair comes up to him.

"What do ya want hun?" She asks. Knives answers by turning his back on

her. Humans didn't deserve to hear words come from his mouth. The

waitress shrugs her shoulders and went on to actual customers.

Knives looks back at a table when it erupts in song. "Jingle bells,

jingle bells, jingle all the way! Oh what fun it is to ride, in a one- thomas

open sleigh, hey!" (A/N: You're right! It's Christmastime on Gunsmoke!)

Knives curls his lip up at the drunken men and turns back to Reba. She is

lifting her glass to the barkeep indicating another shot. The bartender laughs

as her hand swings unsteadily from side to side as he is filling her glass.

Knives glares, swipes the glass out of her hand, drains it, then slams it

on the counter. "We are going now human!" He growls at her. "Aww man

Knives! It's Christmas eve man! Have a heart!" She argued. "Human if you

don't get up now I will remove you by force." Knives said quietly. "Ok,

whatever you say, Knivesy!" She giggled. Knives eye twitched as he heard

his nickname.

Reba swung clumsily off her seat, oblivious as to how pissed off

Knives was. She grabbed his arm as she tried to keep herself upright. Knives

twitched as she touched him and he shrugged her off. She wobbled

unsteadily towards the bar door with Knives close behind.

She awkwardly made her way out the door as Knives glared

daggers at her retreating form. She was almost off the sidewalk when she

turned back around to him. "I love you Knives." She stated very bluntly.

Knives stared at her a minute then said, "You humans, the only reason you

keep each other's company is to sustain your guttural carnal desires. You

enjoy yourselves while your simple lust is veiled by the delusions of

complex emotions." (A/N: No I did not make that up. I am not that smart.

That is direct quote from wobbly headed bob. Made by Jhonen Vasquez.)

She giggled. "Your so funny Knivesy!" Knives almost lost his self-control

right there. If she kept this up she wouldn't be alive much longer.

She was just able to make it across the street to the hotel door and

then stood and leaned against the frame. Knives came up beside her

intending to help her up the stairs. Brain damage was not something he

wanted right yet. She looked up at him and smiled, then looked up at the top

of the doorframe. Her smile got wider and turned into a mischievous grin.

Knives didn't notice, as he was busy glaring at nothing. "Are you able to

walk any more huma-?"

He stopped short as he felt a tug on his shirt and looked down at Reba

with her mile-wide smile and wondered what could be so funny. "Look

Knives," She whispered. "Mistletoe." Knives looked where she was

pointing, wondering what mistletoe could be. He was startled as he felt

another pull on the front of his shirt and looked down to see Reba standing

right up next to him on her tip toes. His eyebrow raised and his mouth open

slightly as she smiled and grabbed a fistful of his tee shirt and pulled him


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