Authors Note- So everyone take a deep breath I just wanted to let you all know that Abby is still in the story and still a main Character regardless what happens to her, please don't get mad because I've had this story planned out in my head for a while and everything works out, I don't want to say anymore because I don't want to give anything away. Just keep reading. I really wanted to show Carter as a single parent, I wanted everyone to see how the children act with out there mother and how they change and stuff...Just please keep reading! Oh I chose the names thanks to the voting! Thanks everyone who voted it was fun to other peoples input and I will be holding more of those hopefully so keep your eyes open for them!


"L-o-g-a-n R-u-t-g-e-r-s W-y-c-e-n-z-k-i C-a-r-t-e-r and J-e-r-e-m-y G-u-y W-y-c-e-n-z-k-i C-a-r-t-e-r" I spelt to the school principal. Jeremy, Logan the triplets and I sat in the off white coloured office, at the local school. We had moved so a change in schools was expected. The boys sat shyly bundled up in their winter gear and nervously awaiting their first days at school. It is January now, 3 months after the triplets were born. Logan and Jeremy seem to have gotten bigger, Logan's hair is still curly as ever and Jeremy has gotten a bit taller, he might even be the same size as Logan, he was always the shorter twin. The triplets sat in the stroller, they have gotten bigger, they know something wrong they can sense it. "So, their birthdays are?" The slightly heavy female principal asked bringing me out of my thoughts. "Uh- both April 29th. 2004," I replied. They were now in preschool. This school apparently had a very good program they would attend school from 9-11 everyday, I hired a nanny, Kelly. She is taking the day of today though I can't really blame her for that. I have been off work and plan on going back when the triplets are 6 months old. "Okay, well that will be all. Follow me please." She said strictly. Logan looked up at me and then got out of the chair and followed her, I pushed the triplets through the dusty halls, when we finally arrived at the class room Logan and Jeremy stopped and the principal went in to inform the teacher she was getting two new students.

"Hey guys are you ready?" I asked bending down to their level.

"Daddy, I don't want to go." Jeremy said placing his head on my shoulder.

"Me neither." Logan whined.

"Well, I'll be back to get you before you know it." I said getting up still holding Jeremy.

The class room door opened and out came a women who looked to be in her early 30's with light brown hair, about chin length. She smiled pleasantly at us. "Dr. Carter this is Ms. Whitehorn, she is the preschool teacher." I shook the ladies hand with my free hand.

"Hi." She said politely.

"This is..." The principal started trying to introduce Jeremy and Logan but didn't seem to know their names. "Oh, this little guy here is Jeremy." I said pointing to the boy in my arms, "And this is Logan." Logan smiled shyly.

"Well, I better be going." The principal said turning on her heels.

"Uh- oh and you have three more." The teacher noticed.

"They're triplets." Logan explained.

"Really?" Ms. Whitehorn said bending down to his eye level.

"Yes." Logan nodded enthusiastically.

"What are their names."

"Well, this one here." Logan said pointing to the baseball hat and the baggy sweater that was on my son "Is Mason" He pulled at the little boys foot, and laughed. Mason stirred a bit but remained asleep. "The next is my baby sister Alexis...We call her Lexie though." He continued. Ms. Whitehorn got up and looked at Jeremy, Jeremy stared back,

"Can you tell me the your other siblings name?" She asked him. Jeremy shook his head yes. "Zachary." He croaked out.

"Those are beautiful names." She admired.

"Daddy picked them out. We helped though." Jeremy told her.

"Hey Logan why don't you and Jeremy, go play with the other kids, I want to talk to Mrs. Whitehorn okay?" They nodded.

I put Jeremy down next to Logan. "Okay guys have good day okay?" They nodded and then hugged and kissed me, leaving me and the teacher alone. I was about to start when Mason began to cry. "Oh one minute," I excused my self, picking him up and calming him down. "Uh- The principal briefly informed me on your fiances condition." I smiled at that she was my fiance, and I loved her being called that. "Yeah,"

"She's Logan's and Jeremy's mother?" She asked.

"Yes, uh there were some complications with the triplets birth and-" I struggled telling the story "she went into a coma and has been in a coma for three month." I said morosely.

"I'm sorry." She sympathized. I smiled tightly at her.

"Anyways." I cleared my throat. "Uh- Logan, and Jeremy have different ways with dealing with it. Logan will act violent at times, sometimes it will come with out warning he will just lash out. Jeremy on the other hand will be shy, and close him self off like you just saw." I laughed quietly trying to make my self feel better. "Okay, well we will do our best to spend a little extra time with them, since your hands must be full with 5 children. Do you have any help?" She asked quietly. I shifted Mason in my arms.

"Yes, a nanny helps me during the day, she has today off though. I also have a child of a friend of mine, who comes over for a couple hours after his school is out each day and plays with Jeremy and Logan. I have other friends who take them some nights." I tried to explain. "So they don't get much time with you?" She pushed. What did this lady expect, I have to look after five kids on my own, 3 of which are newborns and need constant care, I tried my best. "Well when the triplets are napping I do my best to spend time with them. I have hired a maid who starts next Monday so I'll have more time starting then!" I was getting a little flustered and just wanted to leave. "I better get going, the babies, need to eat. Nice meeting you." I said placing Mason back in the stroller and making my way out to the car.

I knew my life was hard right now but it was hard on all of us. I knew my children depended on me To take care of them I have never had a baby before, well never had

to take care of my children when they were babies and three at one time is very hard although it is much easier then it was a few months ago when this all started. I now had help, and with the maid coming we would have dinner cooked for us, and our house cleaned, maybe I could spend more time with my boys. I strapped the babies in the van and then got in. I hated having to name them by myself, I wished Abby could have done it with me. Mason is the oldest of the three and the 3rd in the family, his full name being Mason Blake Wycenzki Carter. He had the big cheeks and dirty blonde hair, with green eyes. Zachary Christian Wycenzki Carter, came out next. He is very cute, with big brown eyes, darker then Jeremy's and dark brown hair. My baby girl Alexis Abigail Zoe Wycenzki Carter, is the sweetest, she has curly red hair. With deep blue eyes. I had to get Susan to help me shop for baby clothes, well girl clothes especially. Its been tough but we're pulling it off. All the babies sleep in the same room for now, and Logan and Jeremy share a room also, they use to have nightmares, Jeremy has started to pee the bed, it has been a rough hall, but we pull it off. Abby is now at the house, she has home care and is well taken care of. The boys visit her a least once a day, if not twice or three times. Logan has memorized the three little pigs and reads it to her everyday, I still make them tell her all about their days, that way they will still feel close to their mother when she wakes up. I know she will. I take the triplets in Abby's room everyday also, I will read to them, or play with them just so they can be near her, they have to know she loves them, and that they have a mother and a father not just a father.