Authors Note- Well its been a bumpy but fun ride. I've really enjoyed writing this fic...but it is over. I finished it up and I would just like to thank everyone who has read it and everyone who has reviewed it. It meant the world to me. THANKS! I am going to write journal entries from all the 7 characters Point of Views, so I guess this is not the end, but the story is over, the journal entries will be set in the future. That's all I'm going to say about that! Thanks for reading!



*Never give up if u still want to try* *Never wipe your tears if u still want to cry* *Never settle for the answer if u still want to know* *Never say u don't like him if u can't let him go*


"CHRISTMAS!" The loud shriek filled the dark hallway. Its six am Christmas morning, and I think one child has managed to wake up the other four this is just GREAT! I groan loudly and turn onto my side to face my VERY cute sleeping boyfriend. He slowly opens his eyes and looks at me. "Morning." He salutes. I yawn and he smiles at me. God I love him. I should probably tell him that. "I love you." I mummer. He sits up in bed which makes me think something is very wrong. But as usual I am wrong. He leans down and showers me with kisses, I giggle uncontrollably. It is way to early for this. He stops when we hear thumping outside of our bedroom. He smiles, and the door slowly creaks open revealing five pyjama clad children. They bound in flicking on the light and jumping diligently onto our bed. "LETS OPEN PRESENTS!" Jeremy shrieks. His leg now in a walking cast. "What's going on in here?" A grumpy voice says from the hall. The kids giggle as Eric pushes the door open. "Presents!" Zachary exclaims.

"Ok gang go get your grandparents, and uncle and meet us down stairs. Don't forget Kelly." Carter instructs. Kelly stayed with us over Christmas. She is part of our family, and her and Eric are sort of dating. The kids vacate the room and Carter leans down and softly kisses me.


Love doesn't make the world

go 'round, it just makes the

ride worthwhile.


"This ones for Logan." Carter says passing the gift to the eager youngster. The group of us sit around the tree. Maggie and Jack sit on one couch, Eric and Kelly in the chair, Carter is on the floor by the humongous tree with Lexie in his lap, I sit with Jeremy in my lap leaning up against the couch with Maggie on it.

Logan tears at the paper. His face lights up when he sees a Nintendo system. He screams with joy. Carter and I both laugh. "I LOVE SANTA!" He exclaims gleefully.

Everyone laughs. This is definitely not how I would have pictured my Christmases as a child. But its definitely what I want. My favourite people together unwrapping presents.

"Mommy I want more eggnog." Jeremy whined. Carters father Jack hopped up from his spot on the couch to go out and get it. "I want a picture!" Carter shouted picking Lexie up and plopping her onto the couch. "I'll take it." Eric offered. Carter picked up the new digital camera he had bought me for Christmas and handed it to Eric. We all sit on the couch which was right next to the tree. Carter sat on the arm of the chair Zachary sitting on his knee and Logan sitting beside him with Carters arm draped over his shoulders. Lexie sat on my lap beside the couch, Jeremy was kneeling his arms around myself and Logan. Mason, the one who liked to be alone sat on the back of the couch next to Zac and John. "SAY CHEESE!"



Love starts with a hug,

grows with a kiss, and

ends with a tear!


"I think this had to be the best Christmas ever." I smile. Carter and I are walking around the block with the kids. Our fingers are intertwined. We walk by the nicely lit houses, the snow is crunching underneath our feet, I have never loved that sound as much as I love it now. We watch as Logan and Zachary fall into the snow laughing. Jeremy wheels beside them with Lexie in his lap. Mason has weaseled his way onto his fathers shoulders. "This has to be my favourite moment right now. Well today in general actually." Carter blushes. I smile at him. "Are you guys going to kiss?" Mason laughs.

"What's it you buddy?" Carter calls up to him jokingly.

"EW, put me down daddy. I want to play." Carter hoisted to the boy from his shoulders and let him run wild. "Careful guys." I call.

"Um- I was thinking, I um- I love you." He says pulling me closer to his body. "And if I remember correctly from this morning you love me!"

"I didn't say that did I?" I tease.

"Uh- I love you um- more then I ever loved any one before. And we have 5 of the greatest children together so..." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a ring. "Will you marry me?" He looked nervous. I looked up at him smiling. Pulling him down and kissing him passionately. "Of course." I could feel a little tear coming to my eye.

"THERE KISSING!" Logan exclaimed giggling.

"I'm going to get runts." Carter said chasing after them gleefully. I followed tickling Jeremy. Yeah this is my dream!