Chapter 19 - Author's Notes

It's New Year's Eve 2003 as I write this, and it seems a fitting point to end this story here. I tried twice before - and look what happened! I know there are several possible storylines to continue with, but I think that they are best left to another story, if people want.

I am really very grateful to everyone who's taken the trouble to write to me, either as a review or in e-mails. I've had more responses to this story than any other. There's always a danger of offending someone who may feel left out in a list, and some of you have just been outstanding in your support and suggestions, but I'll have a go anyway.

And in response to many questions, yes - we are dog owners. Sam 2 in the story has a counterpart trollop in real life called Roo - who is indeed the role model. And thank you, Audrey, for suggesting that I've written a 'Doggy Sue' story. True!

So, here we go (not in any order): many thanks to you all, and I hope those of you who keep writing to me about real life will continue to do so.

Allie Emry Michele Heidi Gillian Jackie W Josie Teresa Lynn Naliza Jackie O Plaidtiger Cher Mara Accalia Schroedinger Barb Audrey Ladyhound (must be a dog owner too?) Sandy () Neenee Julia Michelle Marilyn Crazy Kat Trisha Anny Kate Jenny Trisha Bev Susan Slainte Aerafel Alice Jolinar (the human one, I hope) Elizabeth Katie Eva Phil e.I.F-2 alpha Dena Deb Becky Sade Helga Alex

Happy New Year to you all!