Title: road trip

Author: Spanishgoddess86

Email address: spanishgoddess86

Fandom: TFATF

Pairing: Brian/Dom

Rated: PG-13ish

Disclaimer: I own nothing of either movie and I'm not making any money what so ever.

Author note: This is the first story I've ever written, so if it really bad just let me know and I'll never write another story again. Just to let people know I'm started writing this for a challenge that was issued at a list I belong to.

a/n Thanks to aj_jc_lover2004 for the beta work


During the time I spent with Dom and his team. I had caught Dom a couple of times checking me out. Not that I cared, I had a thing for him anyway. It was comforting to me to think he might have a thing for me also. But nothing else ever happened, until after our last race across the railroad track with a train coming. I was so scared that the train would hit him, but he made it across. I thought he was a goner when that truck came out of nowhere and the next thing I saw was the charger flipping through the air.

I rushed out of my Supra and ran to Dom to make sure he wasn't dead. The first words out of his month were, "That's not what I had in mind." I just looked at him for a minute then handed him my keys to the Supra. "Do you know what you are doing?" Dom asked me. "I owe you a 10 second car." I replied back.

He then surprised me by grabbing the back of my neck with his uninjured arm and dragging me closer to him then placing a sweet kiss on my lips that seemed like it lasted forever, but in reality it was only a few seconds. When he pulled away from me, he smiled at me and walked over to the Supra, got in, and left to avoid going back to prison.

As I watched Dom go, I couldn't help but think about the kiss. Just about how right it felt to be held by Dom and kissed by him. I also knew I couldn't keep looking back on the kiss because I knew I'd probably never see him again. Also I needed to leave this place before I ended up going to prison. So I left, went back to my apartment, grabbed anything I'd need, and left never looking back.

Eventually, I ended up settling in a place in Miami, Florida. I've made friend with Tej, who leads all street racing and anything else you could bet on; Suki, who does a lot of designs for cars and races every once in awhile; and finally Jimmy, who is the mechanic of the team. As for what I do now, well I help Tej and the team in the garage, and race everyone once in awhile, and think about what could have been if Dom and I had gotten together.


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