Title: Forever Lost

Author: Lengliorla Goldenleaf

Fandom: Lord of the rings

Pairing: Merry / Pippin

Ranting: I'm not sure, something between PG-13 and N-17

Spoilers: The fellowship of the ring - Book and/or Movie.

Warnings: M/M-slash, (Male gay Fanfiction) , incest (they are cousins you know, though relationships between cousins seems pretty usual among hobbits), angst and a lot of tears (I have a weakness for crying males) and they are probably OOC. If this isn't your cup of tea: Stop read now !

Disclaimers: Hail Tolkien ! He owns the whole LotR-universe, I'm just another fan, shamelessly borrowing his characters. Also a little hail to Peter Jackson and his crew, especially Billy and Dominic, for their great job with the movies. No money was made out of this story. (Seriously, do you really think someone would pay for this.)

Feedback: Always welcome, mail me at Do you want it? Take it, I would actually be honoured that you like it so much that you wants to archive it. Just let me know where it's going and keep my name on it. You can also link to my homepage .

Thanks to: My wonderful co-authors my husband Meriadoc Moonarrow and my faraway Mellon MJ for their help, to MJ once again for beta-reading it. To my cousin, my partner in mischief and my best friend Belgemine for all the funny, bizarre, sad, hot and ridiculous twists in "It's a MARVELous world", you are a great inspiration. And of course to all of you out there that has given feedback to this story, encouraged me to continue to write.

Note: The Poem "You areā€¦" I actually wrote to my husband at the time for our wedding. It was written in Swedish and then I translated it to English to use in this story. If you want to read the original poem you can find it at the end of this story.