Inside Summary: Remy LeBeau prepares the acolytes for his long seen sister; Rene LeBeau aka Rikki who too, is a mutant. Johnny Allerdyce, when he first meets Rikki, it was love at first sight but soon it turns into a violent evil rivalry against the thin lines of hate and love. But can Rikki make Johnny realize the truth about her? Pyro and OC, Remy and Rogue, and other couples.

The Thin Line between Love and Hate
By: Papillion-Rikki

Chapter One: Catnip, the Newest Drug!

"Why must y' do dat?! Can't y' clean right Sabertooth!?"

Remy LeBeau was caught in one of the hardest tasks of his daily life. Preparing for his playful fun-loving sister Rikki to come and join the acolytes. It has been seven years since they've seen each other, when they were each eleven years old.

"But it's hard for me to clean! And why are you making us clean Gambit!?" growled Sabertooth as he shoved a plastic vase off the shelf of the meeting room.

Remy sighed and picked up the vase, dusting it with his hands to be free of dust. "Because." He paused and placed the vase on the table. "I want to be a good example for Rikki. I don't want her thinkin' I'm some slob.. Like SOME people." Remy's eyes darted from the base and over to Sabertooth.

The large mutant scowled. "I'll clean it today."

The Aussie decided to cut into the conversation. "That's what ya' said last year."

Piotr, the Russian Cossack sighed in approval. "Remy, can we please take a break? You're exhausted, we're exhausted." he looked around. Not even a speck of black was seen. "We've been cleaning since 12:00. It's 7:00 now."

"Hmph, fine then." Said the Cajun. "tu poule mouillee." He mumbled under his breath.

Piotr quickly whipped around just as the others sat in the glass chairs surrounding the metal table.

"What did you call me, Remy LeBeau?!"

Pyro snickered with sarcasm. "Oooo, the first and last name technique. Scary."

Remy chuckled along with the Aussie then turned to Piotr. "I said; what a fine job y' did."

The Russian looked at him curiously for a moment and walked out of the room calmly. When there was no sign of him, Remy started chuckling again. Pyro glanced over to him again and smirked.

"What DID ya' say?"

Remy looked up from his reflection on the table and smirked along. "I said; 'you sissy'."

"OH MY GAWD! GET THESE THINGS OFF OF ME!" screamed Piotr coming down the hall.

Suddenly, Sabertooth stood up. His nose moving along as if he had caught the scent of an enemy nearby. Remy crossed his arms as Pyro kicked his feet up on the table.

"Whatcha' smell Sabes?" asked Pyro.

Without any answer, Sabertooth leaped at Piotr with all his strength and began slamming him against the ground with the smile that reminded them of a five year old. Pyro bursted out laughing as Remy placed his hand to his chin, examining what exactly Sabertooth was doing.

"What the 'ell are ya' doin'!?" laughed Pyro, trying not to fall out of his chair.

Sabertooth's smile turned into a maniacal laugh as he pulling something from Piotr's boots. He fell backwards excitedly and started sniffing whatever he had in his hands. Remy arched an eyebrow.

"Is that crack, Sabertooth? Remember what Magz told y' about crack? It will ruin your fighting dynamics."

Sabertooth snorted. "Screw Magz! This stuff's hella' good!"

Pyro quickly bit his lip to stop laughing and talk. "That crack must be workin' good on 'im! I should give some ta' Magz in his coffee!"

Remy walked over and snatched the small package of powder from Sabertooth's clutches and examined it. Sabertooth whimpered loudly, proving he wanted the package more than anything at the moment.

"Give it back! Give it back to me! Pleaasseee?!"

Remy shook the bag near Pyro and grinned. "He tackled Piotr for catnip."

Right then, Pyro had begun bursting out laughing again as Sabertooth tried to get the package again.

"Ya' tackled 'im for that catnip!?"

"Give it back!" growled Sabertooth.

Before Remy could even move any further, Sabertooth's nail has punctured a hole in the package, pouring catnip all over him. Remy gasped, remembering that his sister was coming for a split second. He gazed at Sabertooth with surprise then placed his hand on him, tightening his grip. He suddenly began to glow the tighter Remy's grip got. Pyro's laughter slowly came to a stop when he realized what the Cajun was trying to do.

"Okay Remy, there's no reason ta try and blow up da' bloke."

Suddenly, the doorbell rang. Sabertooth escaped Remy's grip and started running down the hall to answer it. Remy's demon like eyes narrowed dangerously at the child-like mutant and began chasing him, with Pyro behind.

No answer. She pressed the silver doorbell again, hoping this time she would get an answer. Right now, she felt like she looked horrible. Her eyes darted around until she found a mirror right next to the door. In nice cursive writing, it read across the top of the mirror board; "Pietro's Mirror! No touching!". She giggled and examined herself in the mirror. She wore tight black flare jeans with matching black boots, a white spaghetti strap tank top with a see-through black button up shirt that was buttoned just below her breasts with an adorable black suede hat that reminded her of a flat mushroom that floated to the side of her head. Her silver ring earrings shined as her dark green eyes glowed with excitement. The girl pulled out of her back pocket some lip gloss and rubbed some on her lips, making them a pinkish color that was glossed on like see-through glaze on a donut. Finally, the door was answered. Answered by a white power covered large animal like man with an exciting smile on his face. The girl froze in shock, looked back to her olive green mustang, then back to the man.

"Umm, I must have the wrong place."

"Un instant! Un instant! Rene! Fete pas laisser!"

The girl stopped in her tracks when she turned away. Her green eyes slowly moved around until her body was directly in front of the door where the man stood. But now, the powdered stranger was on the ground unconscious, and there stood a familiar person with his familiar demon red and black eyes, his familiar auburn hair and goatee color, and his familiar outfit.

"Fre're!" she squealed as she ran into Remy's welcoming arms.

"Soeur! La entre ainsi longue!"

"Oui, une fois de plus!"

Pyro appeared from the hallway and glanced at Remy, then to the girl in front of him. Smiling happily with her sweet smile, and glowing eyes. Was this the lovely sister Remy has been talking about for the past week?

"Oh Joh'ny, I'd like y' to meet my sister, Rene."

She smiled gently. "I prefer Rikki."

Pyro gave her a small smile and shook her hand. "Well then, it's nice meetin' ya', Rikki."

When their hands separated, a gentle breeze came by, sweeping Rikki's auburn shoulder length hair which was curled at the ends, to her left. Remy moved his shoulder around his sister and gestured her to go inside.

"Agh! Get away from me! hairball!" screamed Rikki when Sabertooth grabbed her leg.

He was still covered with his catnip powder, he began purring loudly when he held onto Rikki's leg. Remy had quite a fit when he saw what he was doing to his sister's pants.

"Get offa' her!" he yelled.

"But she smells so good!" purred Sabertooth.

Pyro laughed as he tried to pull him off. "That's because it's your catnip dip-shit!"

Rikki sighed and looked to Remy and Pyro with a sincere look of anger.

"I suggest you all move." She paused and looked to Remy as they backed up. "You're gonna enjoy this!"

She gritted her teeth as her fists tightened. A shocking noise along with static shocks were floating around her as her hair floating gently like the breezes were right underneath her. Her eyes changed from sweet innocent looking, to a scary surprising yellow that sent shivers up and down their spines. Finally, a bright light came, still with the loud shocking noises. Pyro covered his eyes with his arm as Remy did the same, hoping the bright light wouldn't blind them. When they heard a "thump" sound, they opened their eyes and saw Sabertooth lying on the ground with his eyes widened and his hair sticking up and poofed out. Rikki gasped, realizing she had used too much of her special mutant powers. Sabertooth began to whimper, still motionless.

"Aw!" Rikki crouched down enough to see him and clasped her hands together. "Please don't cry!"

Pyro started to snicker and walked up behind Sabertooth. "Ya' look like an electrocuted poodle!"

Remy arched an eyebrow with a smirk. He knew very well Sabertooth deserved it. But that wasn't what got him thinking. "So Rikki, y' can conduct electricity?"

She nodded. "But I think we should worry more about your friend, Remy. He's in shock."

"He's in shock alright. Literally." Laughed Pyro as he dragged Sabertooth into the hall.

As Pyro dragged the shocked acolyte down the hall, Rikki stood by Remy as he chuckled at this new founded ability by his sister. She looked at him strangely.

"What's so funny?" she asked.

Remy arched an eyebrow and smirked. "So catnip IS da new drug. I know now what ta get Sabes and Pietro for Christmas."

Silly huh? I know it wasn't all that funny. was it? I dunno. I'm the one writing it. I thought it was kinda' funny when they mentioned catnip was the new drug. Heey, maybe it is! I gotta go find my cat's catnip then! I'll write the next chapter soon so keep checkin' it out! Reviews please and thanks!