Okay people! Let's get this summary set for this chapter! Summary: Rikki is finally going into her meeting with Magneto. When she's recruited, she learns of something evil but gains whatever Magneto decides on. But that prize will be a great gift that Rikki would ever receive, and the other catch is a secret no one should learn of.
When Remy grows even more suspicious of Rene's secrets, he sends Rogue after her to get some of her memories. What will become of Rene?

Chapter Five: Suspicion

"Rene! Where have y' been?!" called a worried Remy.

He rushed over to his little sister and hugged her for a moment until she decided to speak.

"I'm sorry, Remy. I-"

Remy laughed. "I don't need an explanation soeur. Y' need to go to your meeting."

Rikki blinked for a moment then remembered. "Oh yeah!"

She then began running off towards the conference room. But before she entered the elevator, Rikki turned around to face her brother and Pyro then smiled.

"Hey Johnny, thanks."


Rikki took a seat where Magneto had showed her to and took a deep breath of hope. His helmet was finally off, revealing his silver whitish hair, gleaming at the brightened lamps above them.

"Rene, I'm glad you've decided to come and join the acolytes. But, I'm wondering why."

She just looked at him for a moment to think. She had to come up with a good reason.

"Because one, for my brother. I've wanted to be with him. Two, I need a job with a good pay. Three, I needed to move out of the Louisiana area anyway since I'm despised there besides our guardian."

Magneto nodded and continued on. "Well Rene. After inspecting through your past and your plans along with your fighting skills and tactics, I've decided to allow you to join."

Rikki smiled proudly until Magneto gave her a slick grin of demise. "But there's two catches Miss LeBeau." He paused, making Rikki gulp. "I need to fix your powers. And. you know the second catch, correct?"

Rikki bit her bottom lip tensely. She knew exactly what Magneto was talking about and felt tears stinging her eyes.

"I thought.. Y' would forget."

Magneto moved his hand over to Rikki's chin, lifting it up so his eyes aligned with his.

"You honestly thought I would, Rene?"

She nodded with her eyes closed, trying to prevent her tears.

"Well then, let's tweak your powers a bit."

As Magneto stood up, Rikki's eyes shot open. "What do you mean? What are y' gonna do to me?"

He turned a bit, just enough to see her. "I want to bring out your true powers. What you have now, which is your electricity, is just a beginning stage. Your powers... are similar to my daughter's powers." He shuddered for a moment.

Rikki stood up. "Y' mean my powers are like Wanda's?"

Magneto nodded as Mastermind stepped out of the shadows with his eyes glowing a light blue.

"Now, Miss LeBeau, if you don't mind, we'll just change your old powers to your new one."

~*~An hour later~*~

"I hope Rene passes." Said Remy as he lifted a card out of his hand and handed it to Piotr.

Pyro scribbled several notes down on his paper and attached it to the rest of his papers on the paper clip. "Who knows? He'll probably go easy on her anyway."

"I agree. Rene seems to be a great fighter from the way I've seen her train in her spare time. To admit, she's a lot like you, Remy." He paused then looked away from his hand. "Got any fives?"

"Sorry mon ami." He paused. "It's been too long."

Suddenly, the sound of shaking cups and furniture startled them. Pyro looked at the glasses in the sink as his eyes widened. Piotr leaped up and started looking around for any signs of the cause.

"I think you spoke too soon!"

Pyro stood up and looked towards the elevator. Out of the elevator came Rikki with not really any expression on her face. Remy moved over and stepped in her way, making her stop.

"Did y' get in?" he asked excitedly.

Rikki looked up and smiled. "Yep. I'm in."

Piotr stumbled away from where he was and walked over to Rikki.

"Rikki, did you start that shaking?"

"Yes Colossus. The Crimson Witch did." Said a gruff voice.

The acolytes turned around and saw Magneto come out of the shadows. Pyro arched an eyebrow at his leader and crossed his arms.

"Crimson. witch?"

"Yes. Rene has no more control over electricity. She has hexing powers like the Scarlet Witch."

Remy didn't know what to say. He was surprised. in the good way, and the bad way. The good way was that Rene was now a powerful and useful token to the team, and the bad way was that he feared it would change her, knowing Magneto and his threats.

"Now Rene, if you could go into your room, your uniform's in there. I'd like you to try it on."

Rikki nodded and walked off into the hallway towards her room. Right when she was out of their sight, Remy went up to Magneto and grabbed the collar of his uniform.

"What did y' do to her?!"

Magneto arched an eyebrow. "I just brought out her true powers." His eyes wandered to Remy's hand that still held onto his collar. "I suggest you let go, Gambit before I decide to do something that may affect you both."

Remy scoffed then released his hand with a light push. He started walking past them with his mind set on finding out what exactly happened. Pyro sighed and gazed off to the side. What was to happen to them?


"Please tell me soeur. I need to know." Begged Remy to his little sister.

She looked at herself in the mirror, wondering to herself how the outfit was on her. It was an outfit that was a black mini dress that reached above her knees, with a red bow in the middle of her upper chest. Rikki looked over and saw the matching black go-go boots and started putting them on.

"Rene, what did Magneto say?"

She zipped on one boot and started on the other. "He just helped me bring out my actual powers, Remy! Stop being so paranoid!"

Remy sighed and headed for the door. "Okay then. I won't botha y' then. But if he does anything wrong, y' come and tell me okay?"

Rikki nodded and stood up in front of the mirror again. "Yes, Remy."

As Remy opened the door to leave, he turned around and smirked. "I bet you'd havta beat guys off with a stick wearing that."

Before Rikki could react to what her brother had just said, the door had shut. She dropped herself to the ground with her legs into a W shape. Her face towards the ground and her eyes gently closed.

"You just don't know, Remy. You don't know what's going to happen."


It was around 9:00 when Magneto decided to make the acolytes go on a small mission. They were all outside the newest museum that held responsible of a jewel known as the "teardrop". This is known to have great healing powers and supposedly has a great affect on mutants. Rikki stood staring out to the distance again as the others began choosing their team members. Pyro was captain of the defense team while Mastermind was in charge of the theft team.

"I shall bring Colossus and Gambit. Meaning Pyro gets the Crimson Witch."

Pyro turned to his partner and walked over to her with his sly smile. "You're lucky ya' got me sheila!"

Rikki tipped her head down a bit. "Yeah."

As Gambit, Mastermind, and Colossus entered the museum, Pyro and Crimson sat on the fountain side talking about the mission. Until Pyro decided to change the subject.

"Hey Crim, can I ask ya' a question?" he asked.

She nodded with no sound.

"What did Magneto really do to ya'? I mean, your brotha's worried to death 'bout it."


"Ya' don't havta answer. I was just curious."

"No, I'll tell you. Since you well," she paused and started kicking her feet up and down against the cemented fountain. "Wait, never mind. He told me not to tell."

Pyro grinned, determined to find out what she was hiding. "Aw come on. Ya' can tell me."

Rikki shook her head quickly. "No. I'm not putting you in danger!"

"Danger?" Pyro grew even more curious when Rikki said that.

Suddenly, the sounds of running came to distance. Pyro stood up and shot out a burst of flame.

"Finally, some action!"

Crimson got into fighting position until she saw the X-Men come out of the shadows of the woods. A flame shot out, rising to the starry black sky as Crimson jumped up to the top of the statue fountain. Two people came over to fight her, Wolverine and Spyke. She gritted her teeth as Wolverine shot up to try and claw her down. Crimson raised her hands towards him and sent him flying into a tree, bending his metal claws connecting to his knuckles. A loud irritated growl escaped from him as Spyke decided to try.

"Get ready to get spiked!" he called as a raid of spikes came out of his forearms.

Crimson smirked, feeling the adrenaline rush through her body. As she dodged the spikes with ease, an intense sensation surrounded Crimson's hands as a purple ray of light shot out of her hands, making Spyke slowly come to a stop. The young Cajun girl gasped at her new found powers.


"That was way too easy." She shouted excitedly.

Pyro sat down on the fountain side again, patting the dirt off of his uniform. "Easy for ya' ta say."

"We got it. Now let's get going back to the base." Said Mastermind as they walked out.

Pyro stood up as Rikki did. As Rikki followed Mastermind and Piotr into the black corvette, Remy slowly came to a stop by Pyro, pulling him to a gentle stop.

"What's wrong?" asked Pyro as he faced Remy.

The Cajun sighed. "I'm worried about Rene. Something's goin' on and she won't tell me. But I'm thinkin' of an idea."

Pyro arched an eyebrow of curiosity at his partner. He had a sly but worrisome smile that spreaded onto his lips.


It was around 11:45 when Remy dialed a number on his cell phone. Everyone else was hanging around the base, talking or training, which was what his sister was doing. Finally, the phone began to ring, signaling the call was going through. Then someone picked up.

"Hello?" said a female voice.

"Bonjour Cheri." Said Remy quietly.

"Oh, it's just you. Whut is it now?" Her voice sounded hasty.

Remy tipped his head to the side and looked at his deck of cards. "I was just wonderin' if y' could do me a favor."

"Unda' one condition."

He silenced himself then folded a handful of cards into a fan. "What is it then?"

"Yuh need ta stop callin' meh. Logan's gettin' suspicious about us talkin'."

Remy pursed his bottom lip at the sound of the girl's voice. She seemed somewhat disappointed but adjusted onto her plan.

"Okay then, Cheri. Here's the plan.."

A couple minutes later, Remy walked in during Rikki's training session. She was controlling her powers accurately and gracefully, he felt no need to disrupt. Well, until a chair came flying right past him. The sound of Remy's boots screeched against the polished floor, catching Rikki's attention. She was still in her uniform, but her hair was up in high pigtails.

"Remy? What are y' doing here?" Her voice seemed very surprised.

He walked up closer to his sister, his eyes watching the weights fly around the room then drop in the corners of the room. "Nuthin. Just wonderin' if y' wanted ta walk around the park with me."

Rikki stared at him for a moment, which was blank. Her unexpressed smile slowed turned into a loving smile as she walked towards her brother.



The street lamps were dimmed a bit inside the park's playground area. Laughter was heard from the siblings that walked along the concrete sidewalk, shoulder to shoulder. Rikki was enjoying her time with her brother as he did the same towards her until he decided to stop. Rikki looked around and stopped where she saw the swing set.

"Ah! I haven't been on a swing in such a long time!"

She raced over and quickly sat on one, starting herself up and back as Remy walked over and sat on the slide bottom. He looked at his sister with a sincere smile with her giggles. Making him think twice about his idea. He slid up his trench coat's sleeve and gazed at his watch. 12:00. It was time for the plan to finish up. Remy stood up and turned to his sister.

"I'm gonna get some ice cream, soeur. What flavor y' want?"

She thought for a moment then smiled. "I want Strawberry. What are y' getting?"

"I'm gonna get French Vanilla. I'll be right back okay?"

As Remy went into the forest, towards the shops, Rikki stopped herself on the swing. Her feet slid against the graveled ground and thought to herself. Suddenly, a rustling sound in the bushes startled her and made her jump up.

"Is anyone there? Remy?" she asked.

Her voice echoed, sending shivers down her spine. Rikki moved closer to the bushes, examining them carefully. Suddenly, a bare hand reached out and held onto the side of her neck. A scream was released from her, making her vision blurry until she had blacked out. When she fell straight to the ground unconscious, Remy came running out of the shadows of the forests and came to his sister's side, holding her up. Rogue closed her eyes shut and began blinked frequently. Remy looked at her and wondered what information she had received.

"Cheri? Did y' find out anything?" he asked.

Rogue nodded quickly clenched one hand to the other. "Oh yeah, and don't think yuh even know half of the stuff she knows!"

Suddenly, Rogue felt faint. Remy carefully placed his sister down and went over to Rogue as she fell into his arms. He shook her gently, awaiting a smart remark from her.

"Cheri? Y' alright?" he stopped shaking her and sighed. "They're both out cold."

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