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Chapter Seven: A Date with Avalanche


The Cajun immediately shot up and looked at Rogue strangely. He blinked several times and sighed as the sunrise light came into focus. Rogue's grey eyes weren't angst-like usual, they were worried.

"What is it, Cheri? And what are y' doin' back here at the base?"

"Don't worry 'bout me! Yuh need ta worry about yer sister!"

Remy shot Rogue another strange look as if she had came from another planet. Instead of saying anything else, she handed him the newspaper and flipped to the second page. Remy's demon like eyes widened at what he saw. In big bolded letters, it read: "Big time millionaire's long lost daughter finally comes back!". His eyes skimmed through the article. It wasn't as bad as he thought it would be. But he knew he shouldn't let anyone else know of this.

"Has anyone else seen this paper yet?" he asked frantically.

Rogue shook her head and began reading it out loud.

"A miracle event happened last night when Warren Worthington's adopted daughter, Belle Nicole Worthington finally returned last night around midnight. Her father said that she left again last night and will supposedly come back soon. Reporters are now trying their best to look for Belle's present situation and are on the look out. At this very moment."

Rogue offered the paper to Remy as he took it from her. His eyes seemed a little more aggravated than it was when he first heard the headline. Suddenly, Rogue gasped and snatched the paper from him. He looked at her strangely.

"What got y' startled, Cheri?"

Rogue's eyes widened. "Oh mah gawd! Remy, this headline's gonna be on duh news right now! An' guess who's in the kitchen with the plasma screen television right now!"

Remy immediately stood up. He knew who exactly was down there at that very moment. He walked up closer to Rogue and whispered in her ear, making her shiver with pleasure.

"Thank y', Cheri."

As Remy moved away with such speed, he gave Rogue a quick kiss on her purple lips, making her blush as red as a strawberry. She giggled for a moment then collapsed on her bed, infatuated with the moment that had just occurred.

"Oh yeah! The plasma television is free!" called a happy Piotr as he saw Pyro on the kitchen counter eating a muffin.

The Aussie's lime green eyes wandered over to the Russian and he sighed with such depression, catching his attention as he reached for the remote.

"What's wrong, Johnny?"

"Nothin'. Just turn on the television. I gotta find out what kinda' weather it is today."

Piotr raised an eyebrow. "You going out?"

Johnny nodded. "Yeah. I'm goin' with Remy to the mall. He wants to get somethin' fer Rogue fer Christmas."

The Russian gasped with surprise, making Johnny arch an eyebrow.

"I forgot Christmas was this week! Ugh, this is horrible! I didn't even start shopping for any of you yet! Do you think I could come along?" he begged.

Johnny sighed sarcastically and stole the remote from his hand. The television blinked on, showing a young woman with a stack of papers in hand. Johnny placed the remote down on the counter next to him and began chewing on his muffin again. Piotr went over to the fridge and grabbed the orange juice carton, while listening to the young woman speak.

"Oh my, just now I received word from Worthington-"


Suddenly, the television was shut off. Johnny shot an evil glare at Remy who stood, panting hard as he held the remote tight in his hand.

"What the 'ell was that for, Remy?! I was watchin' that!"

Rogue came rushing out of the hall Remy came out of with the newspaper in hand. She stopped in her tracks and noticed Johnny and Piotr were in the room also. Quickly, she smiled sheepishly and tossed the newspaper in the garbage.

"What are ya' guys hidin'?" he asked suspiciously.

Piotr stood frozen, hoping Remy or Rogue would answer Johnny's question. He seemed quite irritated, reminding him to not interfere. Suddenly, Johnny reached over to the garbage and popped it open. Remy tried to shoot his hand out to pull the cover down, but he had already seen the headline. He just stood there frozen, his eyes widened in sadness and surprise.

"Belle's here? Why hasn't she come here?"

They all remained silent as he pulled the article out of the garbage, skimming through it. Finally, Rogue's southern accented voice broke.

"Because she's afraid."

Pyro gave Rogue a look at could break her heart. "Why would she be afraid?"

They all stayed silent again. Waiting for someone to respond. Finally, their wishes came true. But sadly, it wasn't who they all wanted most.

"I am sorry to disrupt this conversation, but I have a mission for Pyro."

The acolytes and Rogue turned to Magneto who had his cheesy smile on. Johnny sighed and leaned against the counter.

"So what do I havta do?"

Magneto's smile faded a little. "I need you to go get Rikki from her room and go find Mystique. She's the one that supposedly made Sabertooth kidnap the mages last time and I want to know why."

Remy looked to Rogue with an undecided look. His gut twisted with regret as Johnny went off into the elevator to Rikki's room.


"Who is it?" said Rikki's familiar voice.

Pyro froze for a moment as he shivered. That voice did sound familiar. But ignoring his thoughts, he responded.

"It's Pyro."

"Uhh Pyro?" she paused. Her voice sounded quite surprised as loud crashing sounds and footsteps were heard inside the room. Pyro arched an eyebrow, wondering what could be happening. "Umm hold on a minute! I'm almost done!"

Another sound of crashing followed by several stomps, Rikki finally answered the door with her face hidden by her black hat she wore when they first met. Pyro checked her out for a moment. She had a black mini skirt dress, a white mini coat that ended just below her breasts, and black ankle boots. Rikki reached her finger gloved hand out to him and laughed.

"Sorry I took so long!" she quickly regained composure. When she tried to lift her eyes to him, she quickly backed down knowing what Agatha had told her not to do. "Umm, so what did you want?"

He grinned a bit. "We havta go on a mission. We gotta find that blue sheila."

Rikki grew a little more flustered and jumped away from her door, closing it shut. She grabbed her purse from the side door and pulled out her car keys.

"So whose car are we gonna take?" she asked as they started down the hall.

Pyro shrugged. "Wanna take mine?"

Rikki nodded, agreeing not to take her car. Again, Agatha's voice echoed in her head. (Whatever you do child, do not let him see anything that may remind him of you.)


The swift winds blowing across their warm faces were shivering cold that night. Rikki sat on the passenger side, looking at the other cars speeding past while Pyro steered the wheel. Her eyes glanced away from the road and watched Pyro. His orange red hair blew wildly along with his black sweatshirt's hood. Her eyes went down, knowing he wore dark blue baggy jeans and black skating shoes that looked in perfect condition.

"Hey Rikki, can I ask ya' somethin'?"

His voice made her jump a little. She turned away to the side and grasped her hands. "Sure."

"Have you ever lost someone close to ya'?"

Rikki stayed silent, knowing not to respond. He continued on.

"I'm sorry for askin'. I guess that is a pretty sensitive subject."

She nodded not knowing whether or not to agree or disagree with the idea.


They hopped out of Pyro's thunderbird and walked along the brotherhood driveway. Rikki gazed at her watch.

"You know that they might be sleeping. It's 9:00."

Pyro smirked and knocked on the door. "The brotherhood? Sleepin'? I don't think so, sheila."

The door opened to Lance. Rikki gave Pyro a: "hah, I was right!" look when they watched Lance yawn sleepily.

"We're sorry to wake you up, Lance. But we were wondering if you knew where Mystique was."

"Oh hey, Rene!"

Rikki and Pyro both looked to the stairs. There was Wanda heading for the door, excusing Lance back to his room to sleep. She smiled gently at Rikki as she cracked one nervously.

"Mystique left to the pier just a while ago. She said she had some business to take care of with Nightcrawler."

Pyro nodded. "Thanks. We'll be leavin' ya' alone now."

Pyro headed off to the car while Rikki stayed put for a moment. Wanda tipped her head to the side wondering what she had stopped for. As Rikki's mouth opened to say something, she shook her head quickly, waved to her friend, and raced off after Pyro to leave.


They arrived at the Pier dock, searching the area for Mystique or Nightcrawler. After an hour of looking, Rikki sat at the end of the dock, giving up hope for looking herself.

"Ugh, I give. Mystique could be anywhere. Let's just wait until she comes to us."

She heard Pyro's footsteps coming closer and stopped just two footsteps away. There was silence. The sound of the water falling into itself sounded sweet to Rikki's ears. Her feet started slowly kicking up and down at steady paces, proving she was bored.

"I did lose someone close to me, Pyro."

Pyro's eyes looked from the water and to Rikki. He arched an eyebrow and sat next to her, listening to her as she continued on.

"He was always there for me. He was everything I wanted in a guy. But something happened. Now I don't even think he cares about me anymore." She let out a fake laugh. "For all I know, he could've forgotten what we had."

Pyro didn't bother looking at her. He had this strange feeling to just not look at her. And if he did, something bad would happen. Rikki's voice started again, breaking his thoughts.

"But now, everyday, I feel like he's always with me. Like as if he was some kind of guardian angel. But in reality.."

She was silenced then started laughing quietly to herself. Pyro smirked sadly until he heard sniffled coming from his right. He lashed around and saw Rikki with tears streaming down her eyes, both crying and laughing quietly. He didn't know what to do. He felt so empty looking at her cry. It reminded him so much of "her". Finally, he had the courage to say something to her.

"I'm sorry, Rikki. Ya' didn't havta bring. it up ya' know."

Rikki had stopped her laughter. It was now just several sniffles, with several tears staining her cold flushed cheeks. She quickly swiped her tears away and took out her cell-phone. It was on vibrate mode, so of course Pyro didn't know. Rikki flipped up the cover and answered it.

"Hello? Yeah, we're at the pier." She glanced off to the side. "A fancy ball? Uhh I don't..fine. We'll meet you there. You better get me a nice dress, Piotr!"

Rikki closed the top and placed it back in her dress pocket. Pyro looked at her strangely.

"Lemme guess. Mystique's at a ball and Magneto wants us to get her there?"

Rikki sniffled again and nodded. "Yeah. Jason and Piotr are going to meet us in the café next to the dance studio to give us our outfits."

Rikki stood up excitedly as Pyro smacked his forehead in disbelief. "Oh gawd."

She smiled at little. "It'll be fun. But if you don't want to. we don't have to be partners."

Pyro let out a laugh. "Okay fine. I'll be your partner."

As he left back to his car, Rikki followed behind. She swallowed hard, realizing what choice she had just made.


As soon as they entered the café, Mastermind quickly handed them their outfits. Piotr stood behind nodding at Rikki's dress agreeingly.

"I figured you would like that dress, Rene."

She turned the dress to its front. When her eyes examined, she instantly fell it love with it. It was a satin olive green dress, no straps with a silver silk starting at the middle of her hips and spreading down into an isosceles triangle, making the dress fall straight to the ground long.

"AW! I love it, Piotr! Thank you so much!" Rikki immediately ran in between Piotr and Jason, heading into the bathrooms to change.

Pyro turned his outfit around and sighed with relief. He looked up at Piotr with a smirk. "Thank you for getting black.. Not green."

Piotr pointed at Mastermind who already left the area. "You should thank him. I was going to get you grey."

Pyro gave him a shocked look. "Grey!? What the 'ell are ya' thinkin'!?"


The whole time they walked out of the café and into the stage studio, Rikki was either next to Pyro hiding her face in some way, or ahead of him. The sound of her black high heels lightly tapping against the concrete seemed like music to their ears. Suddenly, a quick shriek came from her. Pyro quickly looked to her and saw a guy with brown hair run into her. He helped Rikki up then arched an eyebrow with a smirk.

"What're you doing here, Rene?" asked Lance sheepishly.

Her face turned pink for a moment then normal color. "Ohh. umm. Pyro and I are attending the ball!"

Pyro just walked on and stopped next to Rikki. She turned her face away quickly, making her curls bounce on the top of her head.

"Well, Lance can be your date for the night. I.. got stuff ta do."

Rene swallowed as Pyro started for the entrance. She reached her hand out like she was helpless.


Lance watched him enter the glass tinted doors then turned to Rene. "Does he know yet?"

She shook her head. "I guess you are my date for the night." She said with a smile.

He looked at her strangely as if he was to beg. "Is that. a bad thing?"

Rikki's smile grew into a sly looking smirk. "Are you still after Kitty? I don't want to disrupt anything."

Lance laughed and walked ahead of her. "Hmph, I got over her! Pietro and the others talked me into giving up on her. Figured she's too... well, you know."

Rikki smirked again and linked her arm onto his. "Then it's settled! Let's go!"

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