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Lady Mieren told us of the 10 Maxwells that survived. She never told us why they kept facing the centre compound. I am here to do so.


The 4 pilots sat glued to the screen, watching in horrified fascination as a file opened, showing the project that was forgotten, or at least that is what the scientists wanted to believe. The nine tests before, (Them being Honoo, Mizu, Daichi, Kaze, Kage, Juuryoku, Denki, Chikara and Terekineshisu to Terepashii) and ten of the whole lot had survived.

Now the four stricken pilots hade to deal with the tenth 'test', and weren't doing it well. On screen was five tanks, similar to the 'birth tanks' that the others had been in, and instead of embryos were almost fully grown human beings.4 males and one female stood there, floating gently in the green liquid. As they watched, one of the bars suddenly dropped rapidly, causing the doctor that was in there to shout in surprise. This caused four more doctors come rushing in, one for each of the subjects.

All the doctors clustered around one of the male subjects; apparently this was the one flat lining. Suddenly, they all stepped back, looking sad. One of the younger doctors went to the control panel, pulling down a lever. The liquid in the tank lowered, draining away from the body. The other four convulsed, apparently feeling their brothers agony. The other doctors went to a control panel each, trying their best to make the tests stop their convulsing.

Purple liquid flushed down from the tops of the tanks, mingling with the green, obscuring the tests from view. The other subject slipped to the floor, after the tanks glass had risen. He stood up slowly, almost dead, and began to laugh.

"You shall never control us. What you did to the others we felt, and we hate you for that. Will you feel our PAIN?" the last word was a whisper, but by the look of it, it had hurt the doctors like nothing else. He laughed again, and about twenty soldiers ran in.

It took two hundred shots to kill him.

The doctors went back to the others, trying to find the flaw that had taken their brother, and unfortunately for them, they never found it.

It would be their downfall.

The screen suddenly changed, showing two of the four test subjects, sitting near a computer, one with his hand on the others shoulder. The other male hand his hand in the computer. Quite suddenly, the computer exploded, sending shrapnel every where. One of the doctors made a note on his clipboard. He nodded to the other doctors, getting two of them over to where he was standing.

He nodded to the tests, and told them to make how it was before. One of them growled in frustration, and the computer resurrected its self in front of the startled doctors. The doctors made a note in the clipboard and walked away.

"Test subject one seems to be getting stronger. We may have to eliminate him." The one that spoke suddenly stooped, and turned around. "You!" he pointed to the one that made the computer explode. "Come with me. We have something we want you to do." The one that was spoken to stood up, and followed the doctor, awaiting his orders.

The screen abruptly changed again, now the subject was on a cliff face, one side surrounded by water, the other side by fire. "We want you to fuse the two energies, 02, to see how capable you really are." One of the doctors said, and the subject nodded. The test raised his hands over his head, frowning in concentration.

The waters surged up, wrapped around him and lifted him into the air. The fire rose, lancing out, and hit the water. There was a noiseless explosion, as the fire and water energies mingled. The subject lowered himself to the ground, holding his hand out. The ball of energy settled into his palm, like a trained bird might return to its owner's hand. He clenched his hand into a fist, and the light spurted between his fingers.

That wasn't what was so shocking. The thing that startled the pilots as much as the doctors was the fact that the subject no longer resembled Duo in any way.

He was pure albino.

He turned his now ruby red eyes to the doctors, and walked towards them. In his hand he still held the energy, and suddenly stopped in front of the doctors. "Very good 02, you have improved beyond what you were supposed to do." one of them said, making a note on his clipboard. The subject nodded, and dropped the energy. The doctors turned around, motioning him to follow.

The screen abruptly changed again, showing the other subject, 01. He was in a large room, with a block of Gundanium sitting in the middle of it. One of the doctors near him motioned to the block. "We want you to melt that metal without using fire, 01." He said, moving away. 01 nodded, and raised one arm to shoulder height. Shadows lanced from his out spread hand, hitting the block with full force. He frowned in intense concentration, and the shadows became darker, more powerful. Suddenly, under way to much pressure, the Gundanium shattered, shrapnel flying every where but the subject. The shadows raced on, splashing soundlessly against the wall.

"Very good 01, please return to the main compound" one of the doctors said, making another mark on the clipboard. The subject nodded, turned and walked away, shadows racing after him.

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