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The pilots watched, seeing the tests display all the powers the others had. All of them. Honoo, Mizu, Daichi, Kaze, Kage, Juuryoku, Denki, Chikara, Terekineshisu to Terepashii and showed the ability to control Time. Test after test rolled on, stunning the pilots even further.

A few miles away, the ten Maxwells groaned.

"They aren't supposed to know about them." Derrick said.

"And now they do" Duet replied.

"We can't tell them now, it would cause too much trouble" Duo said, shocked at the info now rolling down the screen.

"We need to find them NOW!" Donovan said, trying without much success to stop the info flow in the computer.

Dustin and Darren just nodded, shock beyond words, and this is Maxwells we're talking about. David and Daniel just stood there, trying to comprehend what had happened. Demitri was just sitting there, to shocked to move at all.

Dante shoved Donovan out of the way, and was just able to stop the computer before it exploded from the overload.


Treize to received this info, and passed out again, just like any man faced with two more Maxwells to worry about.


Quantum errors... divide by two hold the errors. Floatation point 22.6 over the cheese.. Invalid argument. Game over.

This was presented to the pilots after the file had closed it self. They just sat there like stunned mullets.


I'll interrupt here. *Throws stunned mullets at the pilots.* There. I have had my fun.


"Wow" Quatre said, eyes wide in disbelief. Trowa nodded, just sitting there. Wufei looked pale, and was shaking. "Hn" was all Heero could say, shaken beyond words. He closed the com down, and was finally able to say something. "Well, how do you think we will be able to find them?" he said, sitting back down. "Ghn!" was all Wufei could say before passing out. "How could we? For all we know, they could have died by now!" Quatre said, at least he was able to make some sense.


Ten black clad lunatics grinned in the darkness. "Well, the race is on" Duo said, looking at the others. Dante nodded. "Let's see who finds who!"


*Nearly on the other side of the world*

Two white figures grinned at each other. "Well it seems they got the info I sent." One said, turning away from the window. The other grinned. "Wanna send some info on where to find us?" "Sure! But first, lets eat, I'm starving!" and with that, both went into the dining room where a computer sat. Wearing identical grins, they moved into the light. Both were albino, with startling ruby red eyes. Wearing similar to the Maxwells, one of them sat at the table and pulled the com towards him. Typing a command in, he stretched. "Time for torture Raen!" The one named Raen nodded. "Too true Raedyn!" Raedyn laughed. "Let's see how the pilots cope with us." Grinning, he sent an e-mail to the pilots. That message was:

*~ we wish to talk ~* Sent by Devastation and Despair.


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