Why does my heart cry?
I am not supposed to feel like this
Why do I even try?
Its not like I am missed

He looks at her with such lust
But when he looks at me
I feel even lower than dust
He would have no hint of glee

He said he would always care
He had lied to me though
The pain is all too much to bear
Now my life will be rough

I will NOT give in
Not to anyone unless its him
He will not be forgiven
I dont want to stay this grim

Hear my cry
Inuyasha save me
Can't you even try?
I want you to see

Look at the pain you've caused
I feel broken
My life is on pause
I want you to open

But in the mean time
I want you to think
That I wont spare you a dime
Not even a damn blink

OK OK I know its gay as al hell but can i pleaze have positive feedback.