Title: Rose-Whip Part: 01/? Author: HeeroGrl195 Fandoms: Buffy the Vampire Slayer / Yu Yu Hakusho Pairings: none the moment Summary: Xander dresses up as something other than the soldier on Halloween that leaves some interesting changes. Note: I know the idea's been over-done, but I just couldn't stop myself. ^_^; Disclaimer: Don't own!



"Wait till the girls get a load of me." Xander smirked giddily to himself, nearly bouncing up and down in pent up excitement as he skillfully twisted and tamed his long locks into the appropriate position.

Though initially being blackmailed into this whole Halloween-drag-a-bunch-a- kids-around-trick-or-treating deal by the troll Snyder, Xander couldn't help but feel a growing sense of eagerness swell deep within his being, a sense of rightness.

This was his chance. A chance to play, to become someone else, someone , and not the useless zeppo he was so often referred to.

While he knew they didn't truly mean to keep him at arm's width with all the slaying and researching, Xander couldn't help but flinch or barely keep back hurtful tears each time one of his 'so-called' friends sent him out for donuts or coffee.

It was sadly laughable how they'd send him out to fetch things, like a pathetic puppy waiting just for a scrap of attention or love, at 'night', by 'himself', while keeping himself 'alive' and 'safe' the whole time, and then to expect him to stay out of the slayage .it was just plain fucked up.

So even if it was just for the night, a few hours of probable Hellmouth twists, turns, and skewers, it was still an escape. An escape from the normalcy he called life that Xander was willing to play along with no- matter what the outcome.

Shaking himself out of his ever-growing depressing thought's, Xander gave one last tug at his now perfect silver hair and smiled evilly into his bathroom's mirror.

The person that stood before him was almost unrecognizable. Long, silver locks cascaded down his back in elegant waves. Fluffy bangs slightly covered golden-slitted eyes. Two triangular ears perched upon the top of his head in perfect symmetry. A set of pearly, white fangs just barely touching his bottom lip when he smiled.

It was a strange yet alluring site to behold.

'Ethan sure did know his stuff when he made this outfit.' Xander commented silently as he absent-mindedly ran his fingers up and down the smooth felt of his tail.

"This is going to be f~un!" The Zeppo sing-songed out as he easily exited from the bathroom, to his bedroom and slipped on a pair old sandals.

Straightening the silky-smooth toga like outfit he was adorning, and putting the final touches of his costume on, the teen was finally ready to depart.

"Watch out comes Yoko Kurama." Xander laughed lightly, while absently-mindedly running his tongue over his fake canines.

Gently securing a long-stemmed, red rose behind his left ear Xander happily left for Buffy's house never knowing that this night, of All Hallow's Eve, would be his last.